Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C22

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Chapter 22

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven

The person I asked for help to re-tailor the clothes for Feria-san is Kajero.
It might be due to the impression he gives off as an Italian mafia but for me, he is the best choice.

* *

Let me go a bit off track.

It’s about the rumor written in the letter that was sent by the dolls left in behind at the empire.
It’s written that the Wisp house’s ‘West Neighbour’, The Rasilez duke’s second daughter is an enthusiastic fan of Will Ridel. *Lermit Rasilez, 19 years old, it appears that she talked about her favorite clothes while in a party.


[You know Miss Ridel’s clothe-making style has changed since the middle of last year, right? Before it was more or less very bold girlish clothes, but now it seems to be of a calmer feel.] Lermit


What amazing insight. Indeed, ever since last summer, I have left all the sewing work to the craftsman dolls back at the mansion.

[Speaking of which, does anyone have the latest design of Miss Ridel’s clothes?

From the beginning, it gives off a different vibe. The 17 years old me, who was uneasy about growing up, had my heart completely stolen.] Lermit
Due to Miss Lermit speaking such lines here and there, the ‘first versions of Will Ridel’ were sold at pretty high prices.

But to say who had a hand in making that happen, it wasn’t only me nor the other dolls but the one and only Kajero.
* *

(It has been a while since I’ve worked with Ojou-sama , hasn’t it?) Kajero

Starting from the magic threads, the cloth came apart gradually.
(Eeh. We also used to pull an all-nighter together, didn’t we?) Alty
(*‘All Nighter’? That’s a phrase I’ve never heard of…. ) Kajero

(It means to work continuously throughout the night without sleeping.) Alty

As for where we are, it’s a room that the female owner let me borrow for a bit. She seems to be Mr. Hial’s acquaintance, from how it looks.


It’s a good idea to change the size of the dress as all the necessary tools are present here.
Feria-san seem to have run into the fitting room after receiving Mr. Hial’s feverish gaze, and didn’t seem like she would come out anytime soon, so I just let her be.

By the time she calms down, we would have finished the work.

Then let’s give her this as a present.

Giving the clothes that I wanted to wear in my previous life to the girl similar to my previous self, perhaps it’s just my lingering feelings.


Well, who cares. As my oldest brother said, “As long as one can, just do it, it’s fine even without a reason to.”
Ah, but my brother also fooled around that he made a child and it became a big trouble.
(Ojou-sama, your hands have stopped moving. My part is already finished. )Kajero

When I snapped back and looked at Kajero, the cape has been extended twice to its original size.

Moreover, the whole balance of the dress is kept as it is. Magic is really amazing.


…I would have frustratingly given up on altering it had been in modern Japan.

Just why are such adorable clothes so small?

(Please do it properly. Are you not feeling well?) Kajero
(Uun, I’m fine. Thanks for worrying.) Alty


I gently stroked Kajero’s cheek.
It didn’t feel anything like a stuffed doll, there was warmth similar to a living person.

I thought to myself again that this is such a mysterious world.

(Was it since last night? You have been zoning off.) Kajero

Perhaps I started to reminisce about my old life after meeting Feria-dan.
(…It is just like two years ago. Are you feeling ill?) Kajero

Kajero asked me anxiously.


However, I didn’t know what expression was on his face as it was blocked by the Borsalino hat.
(No, that’s not the case. Now, now, let’s continue. I will fix the shoulder straps and the ribbon, so please do the rest.) Alty
(Understood.) Kajero

Doing it together, as expected, it took no time at all.

…Originally, Will Ridel was the name of me and Kajero working together to make clothes.


But then, he went to Spiril.

No, it was indeed Kajero’s will, but I was the one who made the decision.

–I want to create a place that Ojou-sama felt it as real. To live in the present,and not in the past.
The me at that time was busy recalling my past memories back, So I didn’t notice the things around me


So that I would be able to live even if the Wisp house were to collapse, and I thought he was showing his enthusiasm.


Actually, was it really like that?





Author: Genre: Romance (The captive princess)



TL note:

*Lermit Rasilez, romaji ‘レルミット・ラジレス´

*when Alty says all-nighter, It is written in Kanji which is a more known and traditional-ish kinda term but when Kajero says ‘All-nighter’, it’s written in Katagana, which is like referring to a new term one doesn’t understand. Urgh explaining this is quite hard. I hope you get it. If you don’t feel free to ask in the comments.



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