Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C21

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Chapter 21

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven


Author: You might have forgotten but the genre is romance.


[–Yaa, Am I late?] Feria


The next day, me and Feria-san met each other at the clock tower of the royal capital, *Malgarest.

[No, I just got here.] Alty
[That’s great. What a cute one piece! That ribbon on the back makes you look like a fairy.] Feria
Feria who said that was wearing the same traveling clothes as yesterday.

But if you were to look carefully, there are some parts that are different like-

[You are wearing a red scarf today. It looks good on you.] Alty

[Thank you. It’s a date with a lovely princess after all, I tried putting it on to get me psyched up.] Feria


Feria-san had such a smile which made the girls who were walking on the street can’t help but turn to look at her until they were out of sight.

[Well, then. Shall we go, Altirea-san?] Feria


[Please, just Alty is fine. All my close friends call me that.] Alty

[No, to not use honorifics towards a lady who isn’t even an acquaintance, even if towards a younger party, is ….] Feria
[Isn’t it just fine? We are both girls, right?] Alty
A casual phrase came out of my mouth.

However, it seems like it has a bigger meaning to Feria-san as she blinked her eyes in surprise and looked as if she was perplexed about something.
[Aah, that’s right, now that you mention it.] Feria


She mumbled happily.

* *

I have mentioned it before. That I was also an *Ouji-sama character in my high school days. Being admired by the girls around me in their shrill voice was so pleasant that I wasn’t able to stop acting like one even at graduation.


On the other hand, I also wanted to be looked at as a girl.


It was a difficult personality but it seems like Feria-san is of the same kind.

That is why I wanted to do something that I myself would find happy at that time to her.
[Wear this? Not you, but me?] Feria

The first place we visit is not the sightseeing spot “Res fountain gate” but a cloth store.
The wide interior of the store was lined with dresses and hats, and elegantly dressed ladies can be seen from time to time.
[Since you’ve already in the royal capital, you no longer have to dress like a boy, right?] Alty


[That is right, but….] Feria

Feria-san might be saying that, but her eyes betrayed her. They were glued to the tunic and skirt that I brought out.

[It’s because I’ve been wearing this type of clothes for years already that I just don’t feel familiar wearing girly clothes.] Feria
[No way, that’s not true. Feria-san, I’m sure it’ll look good on you since you are so beautiful, or…is it that you don’t like it?] Alty


I tried begging with an upward glance.

I do feel too much of a *burikko, but to achieve my purpose, I won’t back off.
[It’s only this time, okay. Only this once.] Alty

Anyway, I should keep insistently pushing her.
Since she wouldn’t be able to refuse unless her heart really disliked it.

My old self was also like that.

Feria-san sighs as if she had given up.

[ OK. But please don’t laugh at me later.] Feria

While Feria-san was changing behind the curtain of the fitting room, I idly look around the store.

The guy talking closely to the female owner, I feel like I’ve seen him before….


Aah, our eyes met.

He nodded as a greeting. I also responded courteously.
He walking here.

I wonder if we are acquaintances. He was a young man with a bright smile.

He has short trimmed hair and his skin look a bit tanned wheat color.
Who was he again? I feel like it’s stuck at my throat.

[Long time no see, Altirea-sama. It has been 2 years, hasn’t it?

Do you remember me? I’m *Hial Talbot.] Hial
I remembered.
He is the eldest son of that wealthy merchant, Mr. O’ak Talbot, who was eating Karaage together with Els at the party.

His father’s left an impression so strong that his presence was hardly noticed, but I do remember having talked with him for a bit.


[I never thought I’d see you in a place like this. I am acquainted to this shop owner as we are wholesaling the empire’s clothes.  Are you not here with the Wisp duke?] Hial
[Yes, I have come here with someone I know.] Alty

[I see. They seem to be in the fitting room I suppose. *Oya, isn’t that one piece the one made by miss Will Ridel?] Hial
[Yes, you really seem to know it well.] Alty
[The ribbon at the back is pretty noticeable, and it’s also handled by our business, you see. Actually, my daughter really likes it. Aah, that’s right. Among the clothes delivered here today, there is one which is handmade by miss Will mixed in.] Hial
Mr. Hial went back to the female owner while leaving me behind. With the chance of selling something, a merchant acting quick like this is really merchant-like. *

[This is the newly made one. Actually, it is made by magic threads.] Hial
And so, the browned skin merchant came back.

[…. How is it? Is it not weird?] Hial
It was at the same time that a sleek lady came out from behind the curtain.

* *

Both of us went quiet at the same time.
But our reason was different from each other.


Mr. Hial was fascinated by Feria-san who was dressed as a female.

His mouth that should be eloquent, could only stumble around with [ah, Etto, that-].

His face was also boiling red.

This is my first time seeing someone falling in love so easily like this.
Feria-san also seems to be fascinated. However, it isn’t Mr. Hial, but the new work of Miss Will.


It’s only natural that Feria-san is attracted by it. This is the kind of cloth that I really really wanted to wear in my previous life though I had to give up on wearing it as it felt like it didn’t fit me.
A red checked *salopette skirt, the straps are crossed at the back and below there, blooms a big ribbon.

With that, it somehow became the design of the ‘Red Riding hood’.
However, Feria-san let down her gaze in disappointment. The dress was too small for her tall stature.

…well, Mr. Hial’s love should be taken care of by himself as a man. Though he does have a child, his wife did ran away, and he doesn’t seem like an unfaithful person.


Let’s leave it at that. I want to grant Feria-san her wish.

There is a way.

The magic threads used in this dress is to prevent wrinkles and dirt, but the size can also be altered by using magic on it.

As for why I know about things like this, it may have been obvious already but Will Ridel is me.

Strictly speaking, it’s a name created for selling the clothes made by me and the dolls.

….. It is actually an insurance for when the Wisp house collapse if according to the original game scenario.

So that I’d be able to live with the familiar handicraft I used to do in my previous life.

Now, it should be the dolls at the Wisp house who made the clothes according to the design left by me, and handing it to Talbot in a route that is impossible to track who miss Will Ridel is.
I never thought I would see it in a foreign land like this.

Author: Genre: Romance (excluding the main character)


TL’s note:

*The royal capital name in the previous chapters was Malgares(t), but then in the next chapters it turned into Malgareas. Opt for the names in the poll below.

*Ouji-sama=prince. Don’t ask why I don’t TL it as prince cuz Ouji-sama sounds way better at least for me.

*Oya=sth like ‘hmm?’ which is sth like an expression of surprise.

*Hial Talbot, romaji ‘ヒアル・タルボ’

* With the chance of selling something, a merchant acting quick like this is really merchant-like. => this is the literal translation with no changes whatever from ‘モノを売るチャンスとなると素早いのは商人らしいといえば商人らしい’ You’re welcome for any better ways to phrase it.

*Salopette had to ask google sensei. Hardly ever heard of the term. T,T. here a pretty pic of the most similar I found.


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