Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C23

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 Chapter 23


Editor: Raven


Author: Two years ago, the day he got his body until now.

Before moving on to Altirea’s story, I would like you to read his, Kajero’s story.




If he were to recall his distant memories, what he’d get is nothing but fear and grief.
*Cursing, curses, evil spirits of rivers and mountains. Leading and seducing those as the king of all evil spirits.

Hated by an exaggerated name, he had long since given up on seeking warmth from anything.
Given a body of fabric, what he first saw was her figure.
There stood a mesmerizing beautiful girl spitting a soft humane smile.
–Hello, **It’s a pleasure to meet you. (TL: as in Hajimemasite.)
Even though what she said was normal and was out of courtesy, but he still felt the warmth in it.

However, for that reason, he’d felt like he had finally gotten the existence he’d been yearning for.
The warmth that he’d thought he’d never get in all eternity was now wrapping him all around.

…Hence, he would throw away his “Until now”. With just “From now on” is fine.
At that moment, he was reborn.

As just a doll with eternal loyalty for his one and only master.
Or so he had decided in his heart.

…That was the moment when the doll named Kajero was born.

* *

The architecture technology in the alchemy kingdom Malgaroid was far above The Empire standards, so a 5 or 6 stories tall buildings lined up all around in the royal capital, Malgarea is an obvious thing.
However, urban planning seems to be a bit lacking as it is confusing and easy to get lost or end up at the place we started, the sight of houses shadowed by tall buildings.
This shop is not in a bad position as others in the worst scenario, but it can get very dark depending on the position of the sun.

And currently it is like that.

I and Kajero are silently continuing the needle work in the dimly lit room.

I didn’t use lighting magic as the work seems about to be finished.
Then Kajero asked me after a while

(Ojou-sama, to you what kind of person is Miss Feria?) Kajero
No, I predicted this development.
–Ever since last night, you have been dazing off to the distance.

Silence has continued since the previous conversation but there was an omen floating around, mixed in the atmosphere.
(Etto, how do I say it, let’s see.) Alty

(Please could you be precise. Ever since we have been with Miss Feria, I can assume from your expression that something is not right.) Kajero

It’s because she resembles the previous me…. I did not say that.

If I did, it would become necessary to explain about my past life as well.
(Forgive me for assuming baseless speculations.) Kajero
Stopping his hands and giving a beautiful bow. His voice became rigid that I had to wait for his next words.
(Is Miss Feria perhaps related to Ojou-sama’s past?) Kajero
… Probably at this time, my expression might be wooden stiff.

Knowing that I tried to force a smile to fix it, but it might have looked even more unnatural than ever.
As intelligent as he is. There is no way, Kajero would not have noticed it.
(There is no way that’s right. Yesterday was our first meeting you know.) Alty
It was easy to figure it out that this was a lie.

(Eeh, it is just as you’ve said.) Kajero
Kajero, in an meticulous and composed way nodded his head.

(Miss Feria has been on a wandering around for  two years but she has never  stepped into the Wisp territory. The relation to Altirea Wisp at most, can be said that you just have the same ancestor.) Kajero

I can’t help but feeling caught right at his doorstep.

I wonder why he intentionally called me “Altirea Wisp” instead of the regular “Ojou-sama”.


The reason was soon revealed.
(How about Ojou-sama yourself? You have lived for a longer time than Altirea Wisp, the ‘you’ living in that body?) Kajero
I was stunned for a moment because of the inevitable situation.
I intended to hide my reincarnation. As I thought of the frightening possibilities, I decided to hide it until I come to a proper conclusion of it.

Knowledge about the original story can be deviated with foreseeing the future or clairvoyant, but as I thought it was impossible.
Kajero is much more clear headed than I am, so it isn’t strange that such a day would come.

(Please do not misunderstand me, I have no intention to investigate ‘what’ you originally were.  Just that I could not believe in my blind guess was correct.

When Ojou-sama was looking at Miss Feria, I can clearly see nostalgia on your face. As if you were trying to get back something that you have lost long ago, and giving it someone else-or so.

It felt like that.

If it is just my delusion,then please don’t mind it.
If it is really the truth, please give me some kind of order.
No matter what kind of existence ‘you’ are, my bond with you is absolute.

Let’s work together to clear your lingering attachment.) Kajero
Aah, un.

I am self-aware. That this is just a terrible self-satisfaction.

By comparing my past self as Feria-san, I am trying to achieve the feelings that the past me have not experienced.
…. I’d always wanted to try making a fairy tale dress that would fit the tall me.
Then I have no right to complain about The Wandering Earl or the original Elstat.

Aren’t I same as the people “who want to look properly at themselves” or “the boy who was unable to give up his dream”


A mass ego tied to one’s past.
Because I know that, that I remember my reluctance after I’d already asked Kajero for his help. That whether it is alright to involve him in my selfishness.

…. Tte, what am I doing, trying to be a good child.

After all the trouble and things, I have caused to the dolls.

They always work hard for my sake, haven’t they?


Nevertheless, to think that I didn’t want to outright order them, what a selfish thing of me.

I really hate it.
I have become no good for the past two years.

To think that I was in remorse and have not recovered for the past two days.

However, that is why.
At least at this moment, confidently and boldly, I can say it outright.


Making father acknowledge me as a doll master, and repelling the wandering earl–Just like my actions two years ago, while moving the dolls with a clear goal.
(I, the past me, things that I hadn’t done, I want to do them all for Feria-san. Kajero, would you lend me a hand?) Alty
It was me who said that but I still feel like I am being ridiculously selfish.
Am I correctly seeing Feria-san as herself?

Let’s be careful.
Properly separating the past from the present, I want to get along with Feria-san. I don’t want to make our relationship where I force my ideals on her.

Today has only just started. It isn’t even noon yet.

Let’s talk lots and lots. Let’s start from that.
…. As the sun moved, the room got a little brighter.


Author: The first half’s turn around…I suppose.

TL’s Note:

* 祟りて呪う魑魅魍魎。誘いて惑わす万魔の王。Cursing, curses, evil spirits of rivers and mountains. Leading and seducing those as the king of all evil spirits. =This is the best TL I can think of and might not be right, *sigh* just the Kanji makes my head hurt.


**K: Did you enjoy this chapter? Well I did. We finally got to see Kajero’s side.

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