Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C16

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Chapter 16

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven, Kourii

Author: Alty got carried away.

The me from two years ago was too distracted.

Even though I had the complete knowledge of the original story, but it was of no use.

Elstat has changed to a spirited noble youth thanks to Father.

I was an idiot to avoid him thinking that he was a boy who couldn’t forget his dream.

The Earl raised a white flag after mistaking me for someone else.

Even though I asked the mole doll-kun to dig an underground labyrinth as a precaution for a head on battle.


The current ten year old me is different.


Having just come to The Alchemy Kingdom Malgaroid, I definitely won’t sigh while lamenting [Memories of my previous life have become totally useless].

However,Malgaroid is in fact the hometown for one of the capture target, the genius alchemist *Phillka Louivas.

The 18 years old him, isn’t in the empire yet. He is still at his home.

Moreover, the Louivas house is a distant branch descended from the Wisp house, and it was decided that I am going to be staying there.

In other words, we would seeing each other often no matter what….

— Feel free to fully  use  your knowledge of the original story!

I  felt like hearing that voice from heaven.

*          *

[It really is a great to have such a reliable assistant. Thanks to **Imouto-dono, my research is  progressing well.] Guess who :p (K: Imouto = little sister.More info in the notes below.)

 Phillka-san has just returned to the workshop after finishing his lecture at the Royal Medicine Academy.

 Phillka-san is a very close friend of ***Tourus-niisama because of that he also started to call me as Imouto-dono.

 [Twenty Green potions, all are of good quality. With this I can probably start the experiment.]Phillka

 Phillka-san is said to be grumpy and eccentric and that he would not let anyone enter his workshop.

 Including Tourus-niisama.

 However, the reason I’m allowed to intrude here is because I’m something like a disciple.

[It’s way too hot outside.] Phillka

His expressions are hard to read as usual, but seems like he is in a good mood.

[I would have been dehydrated, if it wasn’t for the water spirit pendant you gave me.]Phillka

Being able to tell a joke like this which wasn’t his forte, seems like a good change. Or so I feel lately.

[At this rate, how about you just move to my country? If you need someone to look after you, just let my house take care of it. The empire is too cramped for Imouto-dono, isn’t it?]Phillka

I’m sure this is just flattery used to foster me up, but still things like this makes me happy.

I’m flattered. Let’s do my best.

*       *

The setting of Phillka Louivas in the game was《 A 23 years old special lecturer of the empire’s magic academy. A genius alchemist from Malgaroid kingdom whose clever eyes that seem to see through anything that grabbed hold a lot of hearts of the female students.》

His route was him giving advice to the original heroine often from his experience on the up and downs of life.

From the bearing of the so called “adult”.

It would’ve been great to be able to switch to Phillka-san’s route was what was usually said on a certain bulletin board.

But then the《Rune Knight Concert》didn’t end there.The love route of Phillka laid a ridiculous bomb.

At first it was okay.

Seeing his clumsy approach as someone who has never been in love and lose his composure  while doing a major confession would probably make you grin ear to ear.

But that way is even more dangerous.

He got the ****Deredere illness. (Kourii: lol deredere= Yandere. I don’t have to explain what yandere is do I?)

To the point of burning with jealousy at the heroine who only just greeted other boys. It was still fine until he asked to quit the academy and get married.

If the answer is, yes then it’s a happy ending.

If the answer’s no?

Then it’s impetuous abduction and confinement.

What happens after that is a heart breaking horror story just because of a wrong choice.

If you knew this you would definitely try to stay away from Phillka.

No matter how much of an alchemist genius he is, there is no way you would want to get close.

I didn’t do so because there is a route that ends as being friends. The heroine who received advice from Phillka became a great alchemist who had her name listed in history aka Another End.

It isn’t like I really want to master alchemy but the theme of his research is significantly related to the field of my doll magic.

If I can learn about it then I would definitely do it.

And so, I am acting in the direction that results in Another End.

The important thing is to make sure that I don’t trigger a love flag.

The solitary genius Phillka wanted a person who would pamper him from the bottom of his heart.

If I were to show something like maternal love or tolerance then I’m out.

Lightly and smilingly exchange a few words, and meticulously doing my best with alchemy.

Also carefully keeping a distance.

It was also helpful  that we used to be of the same house and he is my brother’s best friend.

I quickly became Phillka-san’s assistant.

The people of the academy seems to have been taken aback.

After all, Phillka-san never hired a maid or set up a booth because of extreme dislike of people is a well-established fact.

— Are you dating Phillka Louivas?

It’s not once or twice that I’d been asked that.

No, no, no way, no way. Unbelievable.

I absolutely don’t have such thoughts.

What’s more I’m only ten years old.

An 18 years old probably couldn’t care less about me.

Even if he were to lose control and confess to me, I’d already decided a nice refusal line “I think of myself as a younger sister to you. I have never thought of you as a man.”

*       *

……The me at that time was as if I had a flower garden in my head.

It was probably due to the incident of Elstat and The Earl being smoothly resolved.

Because of that, I was mistaken.

That the capture targets weren’t that scary.

I was stupid.

That there was no reason the story of the 15 years old heroine and 23 years old Phillka, would also apply to the 10 years old me and the 18 years old Phillka.

Incidentally, I had unconsciously applied the common sense of marriage and love from my previous life to this world.

[Ojou-sama should probably pay more attention to the feelings of the people around you a bit more.]Kajero

Perhaps, Kajero noticed the sense of crisis much earlier than me.

Also, Cactus-kun probably did too.

After all, he was picking me with his thorns as if he was trying to  tell me something.

Think carefully again, this might be what he wanted to say.

Author: Next is regarding the worries of the young Phillka.

Translator notes:

*The name in Romajiフィルカ・ルイワス

**Imouto-dono. While imouto means sister, ‘dono’ is like a way to address people in Japanese in a polite way mostly unique to Samurai’s way of addressing others. From what I know the address suffix come like this: -sama=>-dono=>-san=>-kun/-chan, depending on the degree of closeness between the speaker and the person.( well, I could be wrong but whatever.)

***Oniisama or niisama is a very polite way of calling your big brother in Japanese. Since Alty is a noble she calls her brother that, like the way Rukia calls Byakuya in Bleach xp.

****Yandere is err how to explain this…. I think the the perfect way to understand the deepness of this word is to watch and observe the heroine of the anime called…Ahh was it Miraiyuuki diary?( I forgot the name orz)

Question Time:

*1st: Should I change Imouto-dono to A.little sister-dono or B.just little sister? (Answer with Yes A or Yes B or just no please.)

(FYI, I always like to keep the adressing as it is, because it is in its own way a part of each the characters personality and uniqueness. If you were to take it out then the story would in my opinion drop in uniqueness. Well, this is just my preference.)


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