Not to Compete and Create Dolls V1 C15

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Chapter 15

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven

Author: This is part 1 Epilogue.

After the earl, Rozerem duke and Elstat left, I tried to draw a conclusion about the events that happened tonight—

I’ve come to Father’s room.

I wonder if it’s because of what happened today. Father’s normal limpid expression is a little cloudy at the moment.

[Alty, tomorrow I have to go back to work, and the next time we meet  will probably be at spring.](Father)

The season has changed, as if to signal our return from the trade city Spiril.

The concert of the insects are no longer audible and only the sound of strong gales reverberated.

[Before that, let’s have a proper talk about your future.](Father)

The Future.

It’s probably about the Magic Academy.

Anyhow, it’s a topic that has been subtle for a long time.

One is supposed to enter the Magic Academy by the age of 12 , But I have no such intentions.

The Magic Academy is an institute that teaches general magic, and definitely won’t bolster towards any other fields.

Rather it’s can also be called crushing the rest of the fields.

It was also written in the story  that,The more you learn general magic, The more your unique magic lessened . Moreover in my case, I am in an even more awkward situation as I am totally unfit for general magic.

Lets take a look at The original Altirea. Although, she spent so much effort in learning general magic until  she was at the level of barely able to use doll magic, for all that effort what she got in return was a barely passable title as ‘A magic user’. The nickname ‘Doll Princess’ is still  half a  point better  than ‘The excellency Dukes daughter’.

In short, I have no benefits whatsoever if I enter the magic academy.

However, that is against the common sense of the nobles.

These kinds of objection would normally come flying.

  • Hasn’t it always been said since ancient times?

<A talent that is broken with a little difficulty is no talent.

Being able to do what others can, and also able to do what others can’t, that is what the nobles are.

A noble that can’t do what others can, is not fit to be a noble.>

Before going to the magic academy, as a dukes daughter shouldn’t I have the least ability so as to not put the family in shame?

The answer to that has already been long prepared.

  • I believe they were the words of the third emperor, Phix. He never ceased to respect what the first emperor said:

<A noble’s path is to respect the people and the territory.>

I am also aiming for it, using my doll magic.

The knights order protects the safety of the people by hunting dangerous monsters.

Kajero also played a huge role in maintaining order and security in Spiril.

Even the other dolls have achieved a lot.

To damage this talent, isn’t it like betraying The People, The Land and The Country?

How about it? This much should be able to convince you , right??

If this still doesn’t work, let’s show him the gloves that I made yesterday.

I can use general magic if I have this. It’s because there are spirits dwelling in them.

I also have another hidden card.

  • Didn’t father also not go to the academy and just concentrated on being an adventurer?

You can also say I’m thoroughly prepared.

It was also the same with the Rozerem duke and the earl.

I was already prepared before hand.

….But everything was blown away by the unexpected situation.

It is like that this time too.

Father’s statement was totally unexpected.

[Actually, I’m going to be stationed at The Malgaroid kingdom in the near future. Why don’t you come along with me , Alty? Over there is the headquarters of Alchemy, and you can also improve your doll magic there. I also want to see Tourus.](Father)

The ‘future’ he talked about is actually even nearer than I had thought.



The Alchemy kingdom Malgaroid!

It is located west across the sea the ‘ Sister kingdom’.

It is the kingdom that is said to be created by the empire’s second princess in order to avoid the conflicts 800 years ago, and the two country have completely been on friendly terms . There are also a lot of migration of the nobility between them.Also ,my brother Tourus is currently  studying there.

It’s a thing I can’t even hope for.

I originally wanted to learn alchemy. So , that I can try to make a life-sized doll and even a mechanical doll.

I am going there now!!  I want to go. Please let me go there.

Such a thing as the magic academy is already completely scattered from my mind.

*               *

Solute’s POV:

I wasn’t able to tell you today too.

Seeing you so excited over studying at Malgaroid, I thought that such a arrangement is good for now.

There is actually one more thing I haven’t told you.

You don’t have to go to the magic academy.

Just work on improving your talent.


I’m not that obliged to make you go the magic academy.

Even I  just worked as an adventurer.

I didn’t even learn a single general magic.

By applying such unique magic, it just became a make-believe general magic.


But I wasn’t able to say it.

In what way would your life be like  , by  not going to the academy.

I am scared  and  I am not even able to imagine it.

In the end, I am still a normal parent.

I want my children to be where I can to see them when I like.

A big difference to you who have sent out your dolls to different places.

Honestly, I expect great things from my child.


If Shuara was alive or I was to remarry, I wonder if it’ll be different.

I just want to become an even more respectful parent for you.


……But I’ll keep these concerns to myself.

I have to be strong in front of my children.

I guess it is probably what you call a parent’s, no, a man’s self respect.

Author: Tourus and Malgaroid have been brought up once in chapter 7. Next I will probably include the characters introduction too.

**TL note:

Kourii: I tried my best to convey the meanings to you readers. Well, there are less guesslations since I’ve asked a few other TLers abt names and stuff.

**Guestion polls time:

1st:Rate my translation from 1 to 10 from excellent 10 to very bad 0. I just want to know how my TL is like in order to improve coz you know I don’t even know if my Japanese did.

2nd:Should I create a characters index since volume 1 is finished and all? Or if anyone is kind enough to help me create one? Just a file explaining the characters name and stuff no biggy. ^^ if some really does consider to help maybe I can gift some extra chapters XD

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