Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C17

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Chapter 17

Translator: Kourii

Editor Raven, Kourii

Author: — By no means this restless feeling is love.

* *
I’ve heard about Imouto-dono from Taurus relentlessly.

The beauty of humans all arrive to one point, and my research is about ‘The Creation of Perfect Life’ is to be brought to realization. This was probably thought as an overestimation by my family and the topic was always dropped halfway, whenever I brought it up.

[Nice to meet you, I am called Altirea Wisp.] Alty

The girl who came from the East Empire was exactly the one Tourus only praised about.

Her hair shined as if it was gold in it, and skin so white that makes you doubt if she really was born from the womb like others.

Or so I say but she isn’t to the point of being incomparably beautiful among the neighboring young ladies.

Should be among the more beautiful ones, I’d say.
By the way, the top of the most beautiful is the woman knight drawn in a certain painting.

However, regarding spiritual and reality there is a clear line.

[The reason I’ve come here is to learn alchemy.]Alty

Her eyes shone with a strong determination as if they are made out of jewelry.

The me who thought “She is just a child who tagged along with her father to play.” was completely taken surprised when I heard that.

[I want to broaden my knowledge other than my doll magic. Also, I think Phillka-sama will also recieve benefits by teaching me .]Alty

[What do you mean?]Phillka

At the moment we were on the second floor of our mansion in the royal capital.
The mild sunlight makes the corridor shine.

[All of my doll move on their own free will. They will surely be helpful if you want to create life. — Please look over there.]Alty

Looking over at where she was pointing at, my eyes widen with surprise from what I saw .

There are over twenty fluffy dogs, tanukis(racoons), and other creatures in my house. The garden looks like an ‘animal village’ in the fairy tales. They were always tottering here and there under the shade of the tree when sunlight was hot.

But today was different.
They are doing something they’ve never done before.

Swoosh, swoosh.
The sound of footsteps
There was no disorder.

Across the garden, they weren’t disorganized and were in orderly ranks.
From bears to rabbits, big and small animals are marching while keeping their pace.

What, is this.
It’s as if I’ve entered a fairy tale.

Two dogs were leading in front . There were also dolls who were riding on their backs.
On the left was a knight who was holding a bright red sword.
On the right was black robed gentleman.

Before long the march was divided into two.
The knight side and the gentleman side passed by each other at a distance that looked like almost bumped into each other.

At that moment, the gentleman turned and glanced towards this way.

— It is magnificent isn’t it?
I felt like I’d heard that voice.

[What is this….]Alty

The one who muttered in disbelief was actually the owner of the dolls, Altirea.

[Hm, didn’t you order them to do this?]Phillka

[I just told them to get along with the animals and surprise Phillks-sama though….] Alty

[Not to march like an army to the residence.] Alty

The animals at my house are only tamed by me and my mother.

It’s surprising enough that they were tamed but to think they would listen to the dolls.

[To draw the attention of the owner by violating the order. Aah, Imouto-dono has such good servants.] Phillka

While speaking with the bearings of a genius, I actually was desperately suppressing the urge to shout out loud.

Magic dolls are only able to follow simple orders from their owners. They can’t think nor move by their own will.

This is no longer in the same league of doll magic.

Imouto-dono might have unconsciously touched one of the mysteries of alchemy, the creation of life.

The other day, I recall Solute-dono did ask for my opinion on Imouto-dono’s magic.

Agreed. The empire which would crush talented individuals to keep the peace would never have someone to measure this power.

[…..About teaching you alchemy, would you let me think about it ?]Phillka

Me putting on airs again, what a bad habit of mine.

Actually, I really want to take her in as disciple.

I was always alone ever since I was born.

Due to my unbeatable talent in alchemy, my relations with family fell apart and I ended up unable talk with other people.

The ones around me are only animals, weirdos, and those woman who are aiming for the position of ‘the genius alchemist wife’.

I would surely live my life alone and die alone.
I’d already decided that.

But I’ve finally found another genius.

One who is the same as me.

….I was so happy that I couldn’t help but to boast about it to my pen pal.

* *

At the beginning, it was pure joy .

Nevertheless, I wonder when that changed.

The gentleman doll seems to be called Kajero.

He came here as he was worried about her.

(Ojou-sama, this is a book about the story of the earlier Phillka-sama that was found alongside the old book store in the outskirts of the royal capital.)Kajero

(Thank you, Kajero. ….Phillka-san, have you ever bought it to read?)Alty

I might have to make a deal with the doll or so I was told through telepathy.

(Umu, I also want to get my hands on one if possible.)Phillka

(I predicted you would say that. It has already been arranged. It would be delivered to the workshop by tomorrow.)Kajero

(As expected of Kajero. By the way, that frayed spot on your sleeves, what happened?)Alty

(I was dragged into a fight of a stray dog and a girl.)Kajero

(Come here for a bit. I’ll fix it for you.)Alty

Between Imouto-dono and Kajero or the other dolls, the inseparable relationship they share seems to exceed even that of a master-servant relationship.

I’m really envious.
There was also my family, although it has been helplessly broken apart, it did exist.

I’m really envious, terribly envious–or so I thought.
……I too, want to become a doll.

I want to only think of you, to become the only one for you, to be praised by you.

I want bonds.

Lock you in some narrow place somewhere, so that we could only see each other, and melt there together forever.

What a disgusting and selfish feeling.

It really makes me want to bang my head on the ground and smash my brain out.

I took a few deep breath to hold down that urge.

* *

[I didn’t think that you would be able to create a golem on the first month.]Phillk

[It’s because Phillka-san is good at teaching.]Alty

It was after returning from the Louivas residence from the workshop.

It was already late into the night.

[Then, good night.]Alty

Altirea turned her back and walked away.

Really makes me want to grab her small shoulders and drag her into my room.

(…..Please have a good night. Phillka-sama.)Kajeeo

As I was thinking that, Kajero gazed at me and it was so sharp as if penetrating me.

Kajero was standing behind me and also looking at Alty’s back.

As if a loyal subject protecting the princess.

No, it was exactly that.

(Aah, good night. Also, thank you.)Phillka

Thanks to you, I have refrained myself from committing mistakes again today.

* *

Author: Next is the story of the sister who suddenly came back home unexpectedly.


**TL Note: Points you might be confused about in this chapter.

1. They are in Phillka’s mansion like house in Malgaroid’s royal capital. The mansion has a garden that has lots of animals that are tamed by only Phillka and his mother.

2. The dolls, Walf and Kajero, tamed the animals and led them on a march not that the dolls themselves are marching.

Kourii: Sorry if this chapter is confusing as even I have to read it a few times to really understand some lines.


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