Hi all, alyschu here. Alyschu&Co (I guess we’re stuck with this team name) has moved! I wanted to make a post after I’ve uploaded all the chapters but the front page looks a bit empty so I’ll release this earlier than intended! Here’s a little background rambling sidestory yada yada on what happened here.

I planned on moving to a new custom domain soon because there was the possibility of my team picking up more manga/manhua projects so a typical wordpress theme just wouldn’t cut it. Then I realized that I could make the new website a little hub for any translators who are familiar with the language they’re working with. I know there are sites that follow translators but we might as well all group together at a single website (derp).

At the moment, I have asked a few different translation groups if they wish to host their translations on this website and the ones who have answered have mostly accepted. My scheme is as follows.

1) Hopefully get a good manga reader format (plugin) for slime and our future projects
2) Cross-readership means more readers for everyone’s translation and the other translations hosted on the website. It’s rather hard to find (and remember!) the websites of casual translators especially if they have life going on. I know there are websites that keeps feeds on everyone’s blog, but feel like everyone’s all in their separate world so this is a place in which readers don’t have to open multiple tabs. And if a project gets dropped on the website, it would be easier for me to contact the translator if they don’t wish to publicize their contact information (I have all their contact info, HAHAAHA) and give someone else a faster verification of whether they should pick it up or not. They would in turn, leave an eternal footprint on this website unless their translations have been licensed by an English publisher.
3) Hopefully seduce some novel translators into translating manga/manhua/comics by helping them buy the raws of the series they’re interested in (Some have already expressed some interest in this!!)
4) Any translation group on a project with a consistent schedule of chapters per week can activate their own bonus chapter event if they feel up to the task.
5) Any donations made to a translation group on their pages will go to directly to them.

Number 4 and 5’s just there because that’s what my team’s doing and it may as well extend to all translators on this site.

If you’re a translator/translation group and you’re wondering why you weren’t asked to join here are some reasons why you weren’t asked:
– alyschu thinks you are awesome and is afraid of being rejected
– alyschu can see through your heart and know that you don’t want to join
– alyschu has only asked a few translation groups alyschu is currently reading from to test the waters for the first launch
– you already have a custom domain which means you’ve paid for your site, so thus you don’t need me

If you’re a translator/translation group (who translates anything into English) who wishes host their translations here, feel free to email me. Requests will only be considered if you are the translator/group. To ensure a medium amount of quality, 3 translators/editors/proofreaders/bunnies on this website have to approve/like your translation. ^.^

I’d prefer that translators completely move in with us but I don’t really mind or care if you continue to host it on your personal blog/site/anywhere as long as you stay here… forever!

I hope for some scanlation groups to join us in the future because I notice that very rarely do people visit small scanlation group websites and tell them how awesome they are so they end up disbanding due to apathy or real life. Ads will be present (someday) to fund for website costs and if there are any extra that trickle along, they will be for the purchasing of raws, novels, or possible ice cream parties. I may be dreaming too big here, but success usually has to start somewhere!

Best wishes,


ps. Joining Moon Bunny Cafe is by no means throwing away your masculinity for there are werebunnies and cute bunnies. The site is still slowly getting prettier by the moment so keep your eyes wide open!


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37 Responses to HELLO WORLD!!

  1. Executor says:

    Moon Bunny of Death! Congrats!

  2. angra says:

    does this mean your leaving http://www.wuxiaworld.com/ for atg?

  3. Wytchlord says:

    Moon bunnies .. does that mean you make a longlivity pearl which extends our lifespan?

  4. OverTheRanbow says:


  5. MShinoda says:

    keep up the good work, fan of your works

  6. anon says:

    did you make this just because of the number of people mistaking you as a male? or did you make it for all the female translators being mistaken as male?

  7. Zuward says:

    I want to know is alychu wordpress is going to be destroy.

  8. Kazekid says:

    Congrats on the move! clap clap clap. I like the formatting of the new site.

  9. Majin says:

    Please change the font! It’s hard to read content now.

  10. iamsleepless says:

    Congrats for the new site and keep up the good work!!!
    Looking forward to the collaboration of more transaltion/scanlation groups…. 😀

  11. Mech@ says:

    where’s the subscribe button?

  12. Cupcake ninja says:

    Alyschu’s really stepping up. I feel that eventually it’ll be him and Ren vying for control of the world. ‘Course, Ren has the lead in his pursuit of world domination but Alyschu will probably catch up soon. There are still a lot of TLers who haven’t sided with Ren, hiding in the shadows just waiting to be touched by Alyschu.

    • WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

      just saying but aly is lass, not a lad…

    • joeglens says:

      I don’t think so since Wuxiaworld is limited to chinese Xanxia/Wuxia novels only, unless he will change that stance.

      while moon bunny cafe will span multiple genres on Jap/Cn/Kor and different mediums WN/LN/Manga

      Alys will definitely hold the title world domination

  13. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    Idk how this will sound but i will say it anyway..
    i only read until the point of you wanting others to post their translations here.. ain´t that destroying the whole point of translation nations.. since they are trying to do the exact same thing and already got 4 novels there, (ST,SS and two others i don´t really like even tho they got updated more ofter..) but idk, you do as yea want, lord al

    • alyschu says:

      Hello, I was about to say that I’ve never heard of it until I googled it, then realized that the lightning background looked vaguely familiar.. LOL.. Anyway, they only have Chinese webnovels there. I’m doing novels/manga. Once I get a good manga reader plugin set up on the site, maybe scanlation groups may wish to join~!

      • WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

        Ooh lord al, didn´t yea parents teach yea that living under stones is disrespect full to other lords.. but can´t say that imma not interested at the scanlation part, what if one would do the Transcending The Nine Heaven manga, so good yet the group quit

        and a tip, i tried reading some of the novels posted in this page but it´s impossible, why the heck did yea need to go with demon black colored letters, only blind people would be able to say it were readable..

  14. Naszrador says:

    Nice Project. If the translators move completely or post their chapters pretty much at the same time on both sides(theirs and here) it’ll really reduce the number of sites to remember. There are already more Novels hosted than I thought. Wait a year and your gonna reach the number of Baka-Tsukis LNs ^^
    And the mangareader reader is already better than on quite a lot of other sites, simply because it displays the whole chapter at once and you only have to scroll down.

    Oh well, I justed wanted to wish you all luck with this site. I am fond of it already.

    • alyschu says:

      I have not actually installed a manga reader plugin yet and am just currently pasting the images on the page, but thanks! lol

  15. RWX says:

    Looking great, Alys! 😀

  16. libraryrocker says:

    Well, alys is amazing as usual….

  17. Firelordeg says:

    I liked the site the way it was the other day over how you have it now the bold dark print was easer to read and the larger next/back buttons where nicer too

  18. Dant says:

    Congrats for the site! Cute name 🙂

  19. Aldheild says:

    Awesome! I just spent 30 minutes feeding that not-a-bunny, I feel so fulfilled!

  20. xxpointblanqxx says:

    Great idea w/ this!
    It’s always better to have more places like TranslationNations/WuxiaWorld since it makes it easier for all the readers to find the wonderful novels.
    Since you are doing manga/manhua and LN/WN I really hope you can separate the two genre’s to make finding them easier.

  21. the book says:


  22. Solo says:

    Hei, thanks for scanlating Slime Datta Ken!
    Do you actually mind uploading the chapter to some OCH as an archive?

  23. Kamijou says:

    Thank you for the scanlations, and the SFX (@Xant)

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