ATG Chapter 108 out!

Hi all, sorry for the wait! Most of the move’s done and the little things left are only minor! I keep my word (or try to) so ATG’s still going to be hosted at wuxiaworld even when I move websites since I’d be rude for me to leave. It will still be as usual, the chapters will be updated here a bit later than wuxiaworld or else I’ll feel like I’m leeching off Ren’s readers. Chapter 108 is out and will be updated on the website tomorrow. Hopefully… remind me if I forget!

Here’s the link

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8 Responses to ATG Chapter 108 out!

  1. Kazekid says:

    Yay first chapter release on the new site!

  2. libraryrocker says:

    I miss the “like” button

  3. crazy says:

    ’bout time man!

  4. Daniel says:

    Rens website is crap, stupid virus ads poping all the time on my phone , cant read anything. He is just using you, free content – profit

    • LightofAsura says:

      Or you just have a “crap”(y) phone? If you can’t read it on your phone why not use a computer? Don’t have one? It’s sad how you complain about someone taking time out of their lives to give us (leechers) free content. People donate, and basically pay him to translate, but the majority just mooch off of him. The ads are there for, oh i don’t know to keep the website up, he pays for those servers, out of his own pocket. The Ads help him pay for it. Virus? clearly you have no idea what you are doing/are talking about. Must be nice to talk shit online, when you yourself contribute nothing to help him.

  5. Benjy says:

    Big thanks for the chap…. please more chap… I can’t hold it anymore

  6. jacobpaige says:

    I’m surprised that he’s not worried about divine retribution. He has wiped out entire cities before and is likely to do so again.

  7. DK says:

    Thank you! ATG has quickly became my favorite. I still love the other ones, but this one does it for me. The only bad part is I blasted through the 100+ chapters in a span of 4 days. I’m glad someone decided to translate ATG! Thanks!


    P.S. I love you and I will offer my third born. I would offer one of the first two, but my wife didn’t like the idea. Besides the first two have been corrupted. 😉

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