Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: A Dragon Getting Out of The Sea

The sky is just turning bright in the east. Ye Wu Chen stood up lightly and blankly stared at the sleeping Ye Ning Xue. Two weird scars damage her beauty, but she has the most innocent heart. He gently kissed her face then reluctantly walk outside.

“You are leaving?” The old man sat on the stump which he has been there for many years, with his walking stick in hands gently striking on the ground. Chu Jing Tian stood in front of Ye Wu Chen with unwillingness on his face then a moment later said with eager eyes. “Brother Ye Wu Chen, are you really leaving?”

Ye Wu Chen nodded his head, ”Take good care of Ning Xue for me. The road ahead of me is probably full of danger, I can’t take her with me…… I will pick her up when I get everything settled. If you can’t wait, you can take her to find me as well.”

Chu Jing Tian was about to vow to ensure when the old man said. ”Don’t worry about this. We won’t leave here within 3 years, and won’t even let Ye Ning Xue be bullied.”

“3… 3 years?” Chu Jing Tian widened his eyes staring at the old man and his tears almost dropped. “Grandpa, are you… serious? 3… 3 years!”

The old man ignored him then turned his palm up to the sky. It was a black thing that was thrown to Ye Wu Chen. Ye Wu Chen took it and saw a black ring which didn’t look special except a tiny word “楚” sculpted on it. (TL Note: “楚” read as Chu)

“What is this?”

“It is a storage ring which is not counted as rarity on Tian Chen Continent but should be of some use for you.” The old man said peacefully.

“Storage ring?” Suddenly astonishment crossed his eyes, he nodded then wore it on his left index finger. ”Thank you grandpa Chu, I must someday repay your kindness to me”

“Repay? You actually already repaid it.” The old man said while smiling. He broke the [Barrier] which set them free from the “cage” and gave them a reborn freedom. This is real kindness.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t argue more with him, he slowly turned his back then gently waved his hands. ”Grandpa Chu, Brother Da Niu, take good care of Ye Ning Xue for me, we shall meet again soon.”

He didn’t look back but slowly walked away. Chu Jing Tian suspended his hand that was waving to Ye Wu Chen in the air, with tearful eyes saw Ye Wu Chen’s shadow disappear from his sight.

“He just left us?” Chu Jing Tian was nagging with reluctance when he suddenly thought of something, so he jumped to the old man and distressingly asked. ”Grandpa, is it true that we won’t leave here within 3 years? But I……”

“It’s true, at least 3 years or we will never go out.” The old man said calmly with profound eyes.

Chu Jing Tian almost knelt to the old man. he has been stuck in such a god-forsaken place for 15 whole years, he has been looking forward to his dream of someday getting out of here, but that day miraculously came but getting such a result. If the old man does not agree, he cannot escape no matter what method in the palm of his hand is used.

“He is like a dragon getting out of the sea, while you must be like a fierce tiger going downhill. Before you become a fierce tiger, you are not allowed to get out.” The old man was sitting there then stood up while he said this without mercy.

“A fierce tiger? When will I become fierce tiger?”

“When you get a little understanding of Heaven Realm, you can get out of here.” The old man looked into distance and said with a calm and dignified voice.

“Heaven Realm…… But I couldn’t even reach spirit level in the past 5 years, how will it be possible to reach spirit level then break through Spirit Realm and reach Heaven Realm within 3 years?” Chu Jing Tian said this with grievance on his face.

“Humph!” The old man was always calm but gave a cold hum sound this time, and yelled.

”Each generation of our Chu family must stand on the highest peak of the Dao of the sword on Tian Chen Continent. Your father died young, now we have pinned all hope of Chu family on you. If you have no confidence in reaching this goal, how do you deserve to be a descendant of the Chu family and Chu Cang Ming’s grandson namely my grandson?”

Chu Jing Tian shamefully lowered his head and dared not to say even a word.

The old man suddenly use his walking stick to strike the ground, with a crashing sound, the walking stick turned into 4 pieces. A slender sword which shines with faint blue light showed up in the old man’s hands. He yelled in a low voice then the sword burst into blue light. The blade which was less than 1 meter shone an over 1 meter blue light, even the slender sword body expanded 3 times.

“From today on, this sword belongs to you. 3 years later if you are not powerful enough to deserve the sword I will take it back.” The old man swung his arms, then the sword turned into a blue arc and fell down into the ground in front of Chu Jing Tian. Chu Jing Tian immediately pulled it out and his arms was trembling with excitement.

“Cang Ming Sword… known as the magic sword.” Chu Jing Tian was so excited that with glittering eyes he even wanted to kiss the sword in his hands. He was only excited but not cautious or afraid at all, which made the old man almost slap his head.

“If you win it over in 3 years remember that you use it to kill evil and help the weak. On the contrary, you have to follow it if you can’t win, you understand?’’

“I understand, understand.” Chu Jing Tian instantly answered and with his thick hands, touched the Cang Ming Sword again and again as if he was touching a girl. Finally, his eyes turned sharp and he waved his right arm to use Cang Ming Sword to draw a blue arc, then patted his chest and vowed solemnly. ”Don’t worry grandpa, I will try to reach Heaven Realm within 3 years just to deserve the Cang Ming Sword!”

The old man nodded his head then with a subtle smile on his face turned his back. He was taken as a rare genius when he got a little understanding of Heaven Realm when he was 30 years old, he reached Heaven Realm at 35, reached God Realm at 60. Now, he aspire to see his fairy tale being broken by his grandson. And he would look upon him with delight.

In the morning, a sleepy head Ye Ning Xue stretched herself then slowly opened her sleepy eyes but only to find that her brother was not here. She shrugged her mouth with unwillingness, because she could always see her brother when she wakes up every time. Lightly jumping down from the wooden bed, she fixed her hair and arranged her clothes then ran out of the house.

“Brother!” She shouted with a crisp voice but didn’t get any reply. Outside of the house, she only saw Chu Jing Tian and the old man.

“Where is my brother?” Ye Ning Xue rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“Hmm…” Chu Jing Tian scratched his head then smiled. ”He has left.”

“Left? Went to the forest? I will go find him right now.”

“No, no.” Chu Jing Tian waved his hands instantly, speaking in a halting way. ”Little girl, your brother has left here and been on the way to Tian Long country, but he said he will pick you up soon.”

Chu Jing Tian’s words were stuck in his throat and couldn’t say anything, his heart suddenly jerk heavily, because instead of sadness or anxiety he saw… fear on her face.

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