Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Flame Lion

The 3 people kept moving forward, on their way there are some unlucky big and small beasts, but they were all basically knocked out by Chu Jing Tian with one punch. Compared with those low level beasts, Chu Jing Tian was more like a beast. After an hour, he has filled his basket. Dragging a dozen tied big beast plus the full basket on his back, even if it’s Chu Jing Tian, he felt kind of hard moving forward. But Ye Wu Chen insist to keep moving so Chu Jing Tian had no choice but to move.

Walking deep into the forest, it sounded more silent. Another half an hour passed, Chu Jing Tian finally sits on the ground and grasping for breath said. ”How about stopping here? If we continue moving forward, it is the place which the Flame Lion hunts. I can run if I am unable to defeat it, but you and your little girl may get in trouble.”

“Flame lion?” Ye Wu Chen realized that it is the mentioned level 10 Demon Beast that Chu Jing Tian can’t subdue. He looked into the distance and asked. ”What is the place that is beyond the Flame Lion’s territory?”

Chu Jing Tian took a light relief and said. ”It is the edge of this isolated area. It is the terrible barrier which only lets people in but not out, even my grandpa……”

Ye Wu Chen kept quiet then pulled Ye Ning Xue and moved forward.

“Hey, buddy, it is dangerous there!” Chu Jing Tian instantly ran after him, just then, a roaring sound of a lion was heard. Chu Jing Tian was astonished so he sped up his steps and stood in front of Ye Wu Chen. ”Brother Ye Wu Chen, we have entered the flame lion’s land, you and little girl escape now!”

Just then, another roaring sound came. A tall lion over 2 meters whose body burns flame all over it, came into sight. It gets exceptionally angered when it comes across its enemy. It roared with anger while it saw Chu Jing Tian then it dash its body straight to him. Without even getting close to him, it has already enlarge its mouth, then a huge fireball rush out.

The cautious Chu Jing Tian took a side jump and managed to dodge the fireball, he then took up his iron sword and was about to stab the Flame Lion when his eyes suddenly narrowed and realized Ye Wu Chen and Ye Ning Xue stood behind his back, hurriedly shouting. ”Dodge now!”

Flames were coming to them, Ye Wu Chen was about to take Ye Ning Xue and dodge when a strange feeling controlled his mind, his eyes moved and then he even extended his hand to catch the flames.

The flames that even Chu Jing Tian dare not to touch were caught directly by Ye Wu Chen, then it died out fast when it touched a flashing blue light on Ye Wu Chen’s hand just like how flames touched cold water.

Chu Jing Tian widened his big eyes as if he saw the most unexpected thing in the world.

Ye Wu Chen took a look at his palm…… intact, not even a hair was hurt. He only felt the warmth of the flames but not its scorching hotness.

Not only Chu Jing Tian but also the Flame Lion were all astonished. The Flame Lion growled and fired out 3 fire balls to Ye Wu Chen, then it ran to him with a heavy momentum, yet it forgot its original target.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t catch it with his hand this time, and didn’t even dodge. The 3 fire balls just directly hit his body and made him step back 3 steps in succession, but it didn’t hurt him at all, even his clothes didn’t get burned. Facing the Flame Lion, he waved both hands to form two cold ice spikes, then cast the ice spikes to the Flame Lion.

Ice Spike magic, on Tian Chen Continent, is the lowest level magic of the water element, it can be used by a Rank 1 Water Mage, normally, Ice Spike will be melted before getting close to a Rank 10 flame lion. However, the two ice spikes ran extraordinary fast, just a moment, they mercilessly stabbed into the Flame Lion’s weak eyes.

After a miserable roaringhe Flame Lion heavily fell down. Chu Jing Tian would never miss such an opportunity, he suddenly jumped up, focusing all strength on his hands, then after the loud lion’s roar he stabbed his iron sword into the Flame Lion’s throat. The Flame Lion due to the pain it couldn’t resist at all, its throat was cut through easily. It stopped moving after a fierce struggle.

Chu Jing Tian took out his iron sword, poked the Flame Lion then laughed. ”It died? So easily? I still remember that I didn’t succeed in killing it even though I fought it many times but instead got several clothes burnt.” Chu Jing Tian thumbs up to Ye Wu Chen. ”Brother Ye Wu Chen, you are really amazing. I was thinking of stabbing its eyes before but I didn’t succeed even once. But you hurt its two eyes without any problem…… hmm, are you a Water Mage?”

Ye Wu Chen’s face looked pale, shaking his hands. ”It is just a coincidence, maybe I know a little about water magic, but at most know how to use basic ice spikes.”

Ye Wu Chen told the truth, because he had felt that in his body a particular power was used to form two simple ice spikes.

“Brother Da Niu, how about you taking the Flame Lion back first? Ye Ning Xue and I still want to hang out here, it is safe now anyway.”

Ye Wu Chen absent-mindedly seemed to say this in a plain decisive voice.

Chu Jing Tian was startled at first, then nodded. ”Alright then. I also feel a bit tired with so many stuffs, but promise me to come back soon.”

Soon, he put the flameless Flame Lion on his shoulder and dragging his spoils in his back. He then tried to sneak back to see what Ye Wu Chen was about to do.

“Let’s go.” Ye Wu Chen took the small Ye Ning Xue and walked towards the distance with a attentive face. After walking around 100 meter he, all of a sudden stopped, because he felt that a transparent wall stopped him. After pondering, he suddenly lifted up Ye Ning Xue then put her 10 meters away and seriously said ”Just stay here and do not move.”

Ye Ning Xue nodded her head timidly, then with her unblinking eyes watched him go back to his original position.

This is the barrier which isolate here from the outside world?

Ye Wu Chen inhaled, concentrating his attention then with great efforts controlled several air flows in his body. He concentrated the strength of Wu Chen spell on his right hand and let his whole right hand be covered by a transparent light. He made a low sound, then form his palm into a blade then with full strength cut the transparent barrier in front of him.

There is no unexpected crushing and booming sound but a slight sound, after the sound, he was bounced back by a huge force. He rolls on the ground then after a few breath stood up, while his left hand held his painful right hand with cold sweat on his forehead.

“Brother!” An anxious yell, Ye Ning Xue ran to him hurriedly, her small face full of panic. Ye Wu Chen smiled and looked at her tearful eyes, then said in a gentle voice. ”Ning Xue, don’t worry about me. I am fine, I was just bumped by something.”

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