Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Legend of the Woman of the Divine Wrath

Chu Jing Tian finally couldn’t restrain himself from being quiet, and he suddenly jumped towards him with glittering eyes then said with an eager face. “Brother Wu Chen, I never thought you are so powerful, how about exchanging pointers between us?”

Wu Chen smiled then shakes his head.

Chu Jing Tian rubbed his hands with an itchy heart. He inherits Chu family’s natural instinct of obsession with fighting, but in this sealed space the only opponent is his grandpa and without a doubt he is defeated every time. Now another strong man comes, how can he give up such a good chance?

He just wanted to continue to pester but hearing a light cough from grandpa. “Da Niu, you should not force him to fight with you.”

Chu Jing Tian had to stop pestering and revealed unhappiness on his face. But soon he rolled his eyes and said, “Brother Wu Chen, now that you are this strong, how about hunting with me together in the future? There are many kinds of beasts in that forest, and a flame lion which is a Rank 10 monster, even such a strong man as I, can’t win over it. But with your company, I guess we can have the honor to eat its meat.”

Rank 10?

On second thought, Ye Wu Chen smiled. “Okay, let’s go now.”

“Now?” Chu Jing Tian felt surprised but then nodded excitedly. “Alright, let’s go now.” After saying this, he immediately took the bamboo basket that he takes every day on his back, because he was very worried that Ye Wu Chen would go back on his words, and then picked up a rusty sword to put into the basket.
Grandpa Chu said nothing but looked at them with a smile.

Ye Wu Chen bent down to Ning Xue. “Did I scare you just now?”

Ning Xue heavily shook her head, “Not at all. Brother did that to protect me…… Brother, they all hate me but why are you still so nice to me?”

Ye Wu Chen gave a gentle smile to her. “Because you are my sister.”

He straightened up. “Come and hunt with us.”

Ning Xue answered innocently then walked behind them. Chu Jing Tian scratched his head as if he wanted to advise not to take this little girl in case she gets in danger, but finally said nothing since he was afraid Wu Chen wouldn’t go with him.

On their way he two men talked with each other at times but it was just some boring topics. Ning Xue walked just behind Wu Chen, her crystal-like eyes were observing the surroundings with curiosity. When they reached the edge of the forest, Ye Wu Chen eventually said: “Da Niu,the Rank 10 you mentioned was divided by martial arts ranking?

“Martial arts? What is that?” Chu Jing Tian widened his big eyes but immediately understood, “Yes, it exactly explains the power ranking in Tian Chen Continent.”

No martial arts here? Ye Wu Chen frowned his eyebrows and asked. “Then what does the people usually practice in here?”

Chu Jing Tian scratched his head, “Too many. They study sword, bow and arrow and high speed assassination…… Oh, some people even study magic, in a word, too many. But generally speaking, most people study swords, anyway, sword is the king of all weapons.”

“What about the rankings?” Ye Wu Chen asked while thinking about it.

“Hmm, judging by power, we ranked from Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3….till Rank 10. You are already very strong if you can reach Rank 8. But over Rank 10, those people are taken as super strong, according to the realm, they are Spirit Realm, Heaven Realm and God Realm. You are the king of the heroes if you reach Spirit Realm, a Grandmaster if you reach Heaven Realm, the King of the World if you reach God Realm. According to grandpa, there are only four deity level experts who reached God Realm in the whole Tian Chen Continent, they are without exception, living a godlike existence.” Chu Jing Tian said with admiration.

Ye Wu Chen nodded. “The four should be the supreme power of the whole Tian Chen Continent.”

“No!” Chu Jing Tian shook his head, “There is still another one. She is the most powerful in the whole continent. No one knows her name because she never talks and her weapon is called [Divine Wrath], so people call her [Woman of the Divine Wrath]. Grandpa told me that she has the nature to massacre and to kill lots of people. The four deity level experts joined hands and finally caught her through demon lock magic. And she was finally stuck in Devil’s Tower and locked with indestructible demon chains , even god couldn’t destroy the demon chains. Even if she was stuck in the tower, nothing could hurt her, not even a sword, gun, fire and water.”

“[Woman of the Divine Wrath]? She is a woman?” Wu Chen was surprised by it.

“Yes. But things didn’t stop there, some evils who were kept here died in a night since she was locked in, even the trees and flowers around the Devil’s Tower dried up and died. What is more, since then no matter who entered into the Devil’s Tower, they either never went back or return with bloody face and bite people like a madman then died no more than half an hour. No one knows what they saw inside, since then no one dares to go inside. Later, there is a saying in Tian Chen continent, ‘We would rather go into a prison than be lock in the Devil’s Tower’”

Chu Jing Tian took a long breath and continued, “So the [Woman of the Divine Wrath] is the most terrible person. I could imagine even with my toes that the devil woman must have eyes like bells, a big mouth full of blood, wide face and big ears, in a word, too scary, even though I never saw her.”

Ye Wu Chen nodded, the [Woman of the Divine Wrath] and Devil’s Tower, he kept the two names in mind.

“Da Niu, what rank did you reach according to your power?”
“I…… Barely reach rank 10.” Chu Jing Tian scratched his head with some dissatisfaction as if he was very unsatisfied with his power, because his grandpa set a high standard for him, which made him think his progress was always slow. But at such a young age and already reached rank 10, comparing him with the people outside he could be taken as a genius.

“How about my power? What rank did I reach?” Ye Wu Chen asked.

Chu Jing Tian widened his eyes and looked all over him then shook his head, “I can’t judge. Generally speaking, it can be easily judged by certain level’s features when you reach certain level. You can crumb stones into powder, at least reach level 6, but I couldn’t feel any feature of you…… hmm, it is just like you don’t have any power and you look more like a scholar.”

Chu Jing Tian feels more confused when he looks at him, but finally he can just sigh, maybe it’s because he is not that powerful to get insight into this.

Ye Wu Chen gave a faint smile and moved his mouth. “Your prey is coming.”

“Prey? Where?” Chu Jing Tian asked with confusion then realized the sound behind him and turned his body back immediately, held on his iron sword, whispered, “It’s strange that brother Wu Chen’s ears are more alert than mine.”

Judging by its steps, it must be a big beast. Chu Jing Tian screamed with excitement loudly and ran to the beast according to its sound, then left a word, “It must be a big one, it’s dangerous for you to go, so I will go instead. I will be back soon.”

Chu Jing Tian subconsciously took the effeminate Ye Wu Chen as a scholar that grandpa often said.

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