Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Are You Insane!

“After all, those were only your guesses.” Ye Shui Yao faintly said, but she didn’t blame him. Besides from not looking at him, she didn’t appear particularly strange. As if the matter from last night didn’t even happen. The two persons remained absolutely silent.

“I’ve never doubted my own guesses. Furthermore, those weren’t guesses, but rather…… facts!”

“…… What will you tell mom?”

It’s been a long time since Ye Shui Yao had spoken so many words. Previously, even though she was talking to her parents, she was unwilling to speak and would only nod or shake her head.

“Is older sister worried about me?”


“Don’t worry elder sister, Ye Wu Yun is a lenient and magnanimous person, why would he do something like talk about me behind my back. He would only stay silent, then afterwards, he would ‘accidentally’ let the servants know and it would ‘accidentally’ spread to others. But they also shouldn’t have enough time to attend to me for these two days.

Ye Wu Chen picked up the invitation on top of the table and opened it —— this probably shouldn’t be called an invitation, but rather an invitation letter to watch the competition on the day after tomorrow. Because those matches would be used to select Tian Long Country’s most talented rising star, some of them would probably become top level experts of Tian Long City in the future, and some might even serve the country and become the country’s pillar of support. Aside from that, these kinds of competition to determine the strongest have always produced incomparably wonderful matches, which people could only see once a year, who wouldn’t want to watch? Therefore most of the nobility will be present on that day, and even countless of people would travel far and wide to come and watch the matches. And the Ye family, being a huge clan, were naturally invited.

However, this invitation included every member of the Ye family and only he was excluded.

“It seems like that I’ve already been forgotten. Older sister, you might as well watch the matches, every young genius of Tian Long City will be there, and older sister might even be able to find someone she likes. Oh, and by the way, I might also come and watch.” Ye Wu Chen seemingly casually said.

Ye Shui Yao: “……”

The two persons ran out of things to say and the atmosphere became quiet. After a long silence, the mood became increasingly awkward. Left alone in the silence, not remembering something was impossible.

“Cough…… that, older sister, last night’s matter……”

It was as if Ye Shui Yao was electrocuted, her cold voice interrupted him: “Get Out!”

“Oh…… we are siblings after all, looking should be fine……”


A black ink slab smashed on the place where Ye Wu Chen was sitting before, but Ye Wu Chen had already panickedly escaped.

“I really should never mention this matter again…… that was such a huge piece of marble ink slab, and yet it had been thrown with enough strength to smash a hole through an ordinary person’s head. Women really are frightening things.” Ye Wu Chen fearfully thought after escaping from Ye Shui Yao’s courtyard.

He could say that he understood the ancient and modern world, but the only thing that he couldn’t understand was a woman’s heart. Because when he was only 7 years old, he had subconsciously learned not to go near them. He was still a blank sheet of paper after ten years after he turned 7, and the only change was that his mental attitude, which laid dormant within his body, grew and matured.

As expected, the news that the small young master had unreasonably beaten up the eldest young master had started spread during the afternoon, and in addition, he also threw extremely revolting insults at him. This matter was naturally spread out by Ye Wu, and he even said that the eldest young master had strictly prohibited him to tell others, but he was really feeling a bit indignant.

As a result, this matter naturally reached Wang Wen Shu’s ears. But this was her recently regained son which was extremely pampered by his mother, so how would she be willing to blame him, she merely consoled Ye Wu Yun with a few lines but Ye Wu Chen didn’t even say a word to him and he acted as if nothing happened.

But General Ye and Grandpa Ye were both busy and it was unlikely that they would return for the next two days.

Ye Wu Chen was looking forward to seeing how much longer Ye Wu Yun could endure silently, however, when the day truly comes that he can’t bear it any longer and he exposes himself, Ye Wu Chen would lose an excellent toy. How could he live a boring life without any embellishments.

On the next day, Ye Wu Chen took Ye Qi with him to shop around Tian Long City again, he walked through every place that he’s visited and hasn’t visited before and firmly remembered the layouts and locations of various buildings and shops. In the evening, he gave Ning Xue a bath, and afterwards, he quietly went out for another round trip again, but this time, when he passed by Ye Shui Yao’s bedroom, the window on the roof were closed tightly.

When he returned, Ye Wu Chen was holding a gilded paper within his hands, it looked exactly the same as the piece of paper from before on top Ye Shui Yao’s table, it was the invitation letter for the competition tomorrow. The only difference was that the name Ye Wu Yun was written on top of it.

The matches tomorrow really couldn’t be watched unless one was wealthy, because the emperor will be attending, the security can’t show any negligence and no unauthorized person will be present. But the people showing up would have both power and influence, and most of which are Tian Long City’s princes and dukes and the nobles, but it will also include every provincial governors, the wealthy and etc…

And the Ye family, being such a huge family, will naturally receive the most solemn of invitations. By using very rare gilded invitations.

Ye Wu Chen pressed his finger on top of the character “Yun”, and his fingertip shone with unrecognizable colorless rays of light. As his finger moved, the pitch-black writing also disappeared in succession, until no trace of it remained. The paper was spotlessly white, but there were no signs that it was damaged.

Ye Wu Chen wrote “Chen” where the character “Yun” was before, and afterwards, he put his brush back, yawned, and went to sleep.

It was already late when Ye Wu Chen woke up the next morning, he heard the sound of Xiao Lu knocking as she said: “Young master, the madam has already went out and won’t be returning until evening, breakfast is already prepared, so please get up Young master and Young lady Ning Xue……”

“I understand, you may come in.” Ye Wu Chen weakly said as he rubbed his still sleepy eyes, he flicked his finger and the tethered door opened.

It was already time for the matches to begin, but Ye Wu Chen didn’t seem to be in a hurry, he allowed Xiao Lu to clothe him and tie his hair, and afterwards, he leisurely ate breakfast with Ning Xue, he was about to leave the Ye mansion, but unfortunately, he came across Ye Wu Yun as he was also about to leave.

Ye Wu Yun had a stiff smile as he asked: “Younger brother Wu Chen, are you going shopping again?”

“Oh, didn’t someone say that the royal academy would be holding a competition? I’m just going to take a look.” Ye Wu Chen casually said without raising his eyes.

“This…… Younger brother Wu Chen, it isn’t an ordinary competition, you won’t be able to get in without an invitation. Younger brother Wu Chen you seem like as if you……”

“Are you insane? With my Ye family’s strength, where in the entire Tian Long City can’t I go? Anyone who dares block me, I’ll have his head!” Ye Wu Chen looked at him with contempt and coldly snorted afterwards, he took Ning Xue and took large strides forward and paid no attention to him again.

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