Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Light Punishment

“Alright, get up now otherwise we won’t have any breakfast to eat.” Holding her, Ye Wu Chen sat up then patted her small face gently. She had delicate white skin like snow, and, at first glance, her small face looked cute like a doll. However, the two long scars completely disrupted her beauty. They looked like someone had compulsively dug out two dirt-colored ravine on a flawless white snowfield. (Editor’s note: Harsh much?!?)

“Breakfast?” Ning Xue opened her eyes and looked at him at a loss. ”We have something to eat in the morning?”

Ye Wu Chen’s heart suddenly hurt a bit, but he smiled. ”Ning Xue doesn’t eat food in the morning?”

“Yea.” She nodded with her sleepy eyes, ”Because… I couldn’t find anything to eat. Except at night…… brother Da Niu would give away fruits.”

Ye Wu Chen delicately used his hands to arrange her hair and clothes. All the while, Ye Ning Xue was watching him carefully, as if she was enjoying the very sense of his touch. Wu Chen put her onto the ground then took her hands. ”Let’s go. I told you that I would not let you starve any more.”

The ground, which was empty last night, is now filled with people of all kinds including the elderly, full-grown adults, and children. Their coming,however, immediately attracted most people’s attention immediately. Right away, their eyes showed unfriendliness, several kids even made exaggerated sharp sound……

“It is… It is that ugly girl!”
“She is coming again… Dad, I don’t want to see her, she looks so scary!”
“Come, let’s hit her, hit her!”

Not only the children, even those adults, who wore shabby clothes, showed obvious disgust. Ye Ning Xue’s face became pale, and she hid her weak body behind Ye Wu Chen. She then tightened her hands around his clothes, and while her eyes were sparkling with tears.

Noticing several small stones were thrown at them, Ye Wu Chen frowned his eyebrows, then proceeded to catch all the coming stones. He followed by throwing those very stones back to the children who threw them. The children were stunned for a moment, then simultaneously cried out loudly. His manner was like stirring a beehive and inevitably caused some people to shout at him, soon an irritable middle-aged man shouted loudly. ”What are you doing?!” Then the man immediately threw the bowl in his hand down towards Ye Wu Chen.

Chu Jing Tian was about to step forward but was stopped by grandpa Chu who shook his head solemnly. Chu Jing Tian felt very confused, but he never felt the need to go against grandpa, so he had to sit there and kept his silence.

Grandpa Chu narrowed his old eyes, carefully watching Ye Wu Chen’s every move. Others didn’t look carefully enough, but he clearly saw that those stones were flying to the lower part of his body. Ye Wu chen had just casually waved his hands, but those stones seemed to act like magnets and flew into his hands, rather than actually being caught.

Grandpa Chu clearly knew that he could deal with the problem easily by himself, but Ye Wu Chen didn’t reveal any power from start to end which he found odd.

The middle-aged man’s hands were tightly holding Ye Wu Chen. Suddenly, Ye Wu Chen’s eyes became cold, and he bend his wrist. Hearing a crunching sound, the middle-aged man’s right hand broke, and he screamed like a dying pig. The group quietly started to mess before them. Then, several people came at Ye Wu Chen all together, while the rest threw the things in their hands at Wu Chen and Ning Xue.

Ye Wu Chen gave a contemptuous laugh,gently let go of Ning Xue’s small hands, then stepped forward. His right hand grabbed someone’s right arm, while his left hand grabbed that person’s left hand, then incredibly used his slim body to threw out that person till he heard two crunchy sound of bones breaking. Another person was tripped by him, as Ye Wu Chen took a casual step forward and stepped onto that person’s ankle. It was as if he was using some uncanny power to break his left foot bones.

The things that were being thrown, returned at high speeds back to where they came from, directly at their throwers face. He didn’t use his full strength. In the end this much strength wouldn’t really hurt them, but they would be in agony for quite a few days.

Instantly, several adults and middle-aged men all fell into the ground, covering their wrists and ankles, and showing painful faces. Those aggressive children, who had gotten purple bruises on their face, now cried out even more loudly after seeing their fathers got beaten up. Only those trembling old men and several frightened women were not hurt at all.
“You…… Why did you hurt us?” The middle-aged old man who first attacked asked with pain.
“Because you offended me,” Ye Wu Chen answered coldly.
“We just wanted to drive the ugly girl away.” The middle-aged man pointed at Ning Xue.
“Oh? I am her brother, drive us away if you want.” Ye Wu Chen said.

The middle-aged man widened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong? You dare to not do it now?” Ye Wu Chen laughed and stepped onto that man’s chest, looking down to him. ”Exactly. She is weak and not able to resist. You are stronger than her, and this is the reason why you gave yourselves the right to drive her away and bully her? Ok, now I am stronger than you, does this mean that I can bully you like you do to her? I can even kill you easily. If you treat her like this, then how can you complain that I treat you this way?”

He kicked that middle-aged man away then lifted up a child who looks 7 or 8 years old, shouting. ”Stop crying!”

The child was so frightened that he stopped crying immediately and looked, looking at him with two eyes that are filled with tears.

“Who is your father?” Ye Wu Chen asked coldly.
“It is him…… him.” The child wanted to cry but dared not cry, he sniffled softly with his nose and pointed to the man who had his ankles broken just now.
“Did he ever teach you not to bully?”
“He, he taught me.”
“Then why did you still bully her?” Ye Wu Chen pointed to Ning Xue.
“Because, because she looks too ugly and others bully her, so……”

“Oh? I will make you look like an ugly monster and let you feel how bad when others bully you, will it be okay?” Ye Wu Chen stretched out his fingers and moved slowly on his face. The child was so scared and burst into tears, ”No, I won’t, I won’t bully her any more……”
Gently putting him onto the ground, Ye Wu Chen walked to his father without any emotion. ”Since you taught him not to bully, and he bullied Ning Xue for such a reason, why didn’t you stop him? He is a naive child, but you as an adult also bullied her., Or are you a naive child as well? Now that you treated a 10 years old child like this, then you shouldn’t blame others for treating you this way too. What, you want to banish me now? Would you like it if, if I beat you everytime I see you!”

The middle-aged man moved his lip for a while but could say nothing. This was, because he clearly knew that Ye Wu Chen was definitely not joking., This sense of terror spawned from just judging by Ye Wu Chen’s cruel expression.

“Let it go.”

The old man finally stood up and said in an mild way, ”Young man, they are really wrong, but they are not bad people. They did it out of instinct. I guess they won’t do it again. I will ask them to apologize to Ning Xue, and you can let it go this time just to do a favor for me, is it okay?

Ye Wu Chen turned his back, and the anger on his face vanished at once. He, then he smiled. ”Grandpa Chu saved my life, I won’t go against your will. But it is unnecessary to apologize. If it happens next time, I will hit them again, hehe.”

He used his foot to stretch a stone bowl then held in hand while, flatly saying. ”This time it was just a small lesson. I will crush his bones if I ever come to know someone who bullies Ning Xue from now on!” He tightened his right hand, and that hard stone bowl was crushed into powder. Finely powdered stone flowed from his fingertips, which frightened their faces with pale face. The rest who still tried to rebel, were directly scared silly, so they finally had to keep quiet.

“You can go now.” The old man waved his hands. This place was a complete mess, so he guessed that no one would continue eating.

People leaved in a hurry. Ye Wu Chen took Ning Xue’s hands and walked towards the old man, ”Grandpa Chu, I am sorry for bringing you trouble.”

The old man didn’t nod or shake. Instead, he sighed. ”It is human beings’ instinct to reject ugly things. They are wrong, but we can not blame them for everything.”

Ye Wu Chen nodded. ”Yeah, I know, so I just gave them a light punishment. It is useless to reason with those isolated people, so I guess violence may be a better way to make them remember it.”

The old man smiled, but made no comment.

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  1. Rinna says:

    Hmm…What kind of instinct would make a grown adult hit and bully a child? Definitely not a survival one.

  2. Uzu says:

    I know, right? They want to starve and torture a child for no reason from the get go, and they’re “not bad people”? What kind of retarded judgement is that? It terrifies me when I consider a world full of good people who do this kind of shit (kinda reminds me of our own world, but that’s a beehive I’m not gonna poke).

  3. Cam says:

    It seems pretty normal civilizations morals develop over time.

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