Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Ye Ning Xue

The girl stepped back subconsciously but didn’t escaped like what she did just now. She sees his face even his eyes clearly under faint light. He is good-looking, she can’t help thinking of this. His eyes that are full of sadness and vicissitudes seemed not to match with his age, but wouldn’t cause hatred at all, on the contrary, even were filled with breathtaking evil charm as if people would be addicted to it when they had a look at his eyes.

They looked at each other for a long time, the girl stared at him as if her soul were taken out, looked at him and then timidly looked at the fruit in her hand, swallowing. She then slowly held her fruit and timidly said to Ye Wu Chen timidly. ”Elder brother, would you like to eat this?”

Ye Wu Chen couldn’t help to laugh, then squatted himself down and shook his head with a smile. He then reached his hands to slowly get closer to her face and gently touched the two terrible scars on her face. At this time, weak colorless light shined from his fingertips. The girl was completely shocked, widening her eyes and mouth. She even forgot to dodge, standing still as if she was immovable.

Several seconds later, Ye Wu Chen took his hands back and frowned. He asked, ”What is your name, little sister?”

The girl was still shocked till several seconds later, she said in a weak voice, ”I…… I don’t have a name.”

“No name? Where is your family? Why would you show up here?”

“I don’t have a family…..I have been here since I woke up, so I have no idea of what happened to me. ”The girl shook her head. His gentle voice slowly made her beating heart calm down.

“You can’t remember what happened, right?”

The girl got shocked again then nodded with helpless eyes. She has no family, no past memories, she even forgets her name. Almost every person here hates her, hitting her with sticks or stones when they meet her. But she can only try very hard to escape and hide then cry in an empty corner. She just instinctively tries to survive, even if no companions, and no goals.

“I see” Ye Wu Chen smiled to her again, they shared similar experience. both showed up inexplicably, both lost their memories. This might be called doomed destiny. Some tender affection came out of his bottom of heart, so he said, ”Do you want to have a brother who won’t make you starve or even be bullied.”

The girl looked at him in surprise with her vacant face, at this moment, she had no idea on how to answer this.

“Let me be your brother okay? I won’t allow you to starve or be bullied.”

The girl widened her eyes, and totally felt all at sea holding the fruit which is even bigger than her palms. She felt bitterness from her heart and eyes, even something from her heart was rising. She cowardly said, ”May…… May I? They all hate me, hit me, because I….”

Ye Wu Chen stood up and took her small hands. ”Follow me, from now on, you are my sister. No one can bully you without my consent.”

The girl stared at him and felt the warm from the strange hand which was holding her left hand. Unknowingly she found her eyes were all tears.

He took her hands and promised to protect her when she felt vacant in head, when she was hated, when she thought she was discarded by the world. From that moment, his image was branded deeply into her heart, permanently. She could not stop her emotional attachment to him just like how people got addicted to the most poisonous of opium in the world.

Just from this moment, Two courses of life which are impossible to cross finally crossed together.

Ye Wu Chen had no explanation to the old man and Chu Jing Tian why he took her back. But they didn’t ask more or object to it. At that night, the bed that he has slept for 10 years becomes the girl’s first bed. Ye Wu Chen stood outside the room looking at the boundless sky silently as if thinking of something.

In the silence, he stretched out his left arm and used the fingers on his right hand to slightly swept over it. All at once, a short cut showed up on his arm and began bleeding. He then used the fingers on his right hand to touch the cut, but the cut surprisingly disappeared and did not even left a trace.

He put down his hands then frowned with confusion. In his memories, he knew that he has such kind of magic, but why he could not remove her scars just now?

Was that really a scar?


Hearing a sweet voice, Ye Wu Chen turned his back and looked at the girl who only revealed her half face then said to her, ”It’s late, why are you still awake?”

After a short hesitation, the girl said with an eager face. ”May I sleep on the same bed with you, brother?”

“Alright.” Ye Wu Chen promised and smiled. He would never like to see any disappointment on her face, or to see her inferiority because of her hair color and scars. At least, he has to let her know that he will never hate her or reject her.

“Really?” The girl said loudly with excitement. She was then picked up by Ye Wu Chen and put on the shabby wooden bed.

“Fine, little girl, now get ready to sleep.” Ye Wu Chen hugged her in his chest and said this in a gentle voice like doting on a cute baby.

“OK!” She replied happily and moved her body closer into his warm chest. And finally, she found a comfortable position and lazily closed her eyes. However, tears stains were continually showing up on her smiling face, she just felt so happy that she could not help shedding tears.

“What name should I call you?” Ye Wu Chen talked to himself while touching her long white hair. The girl looked up on him with a confused look. She has extraordinary white skin and releases her snow-white skin luster in the dark night. Ye Wu Chen frowned his eyebrows and whispered, ”Your skin and hair are all snow-white like frozen snow, how about calling you Ye Ning Xue? Do you like it?”

“Ye Ning Xue……” She repeated it in a low voice and nodded heavily, ”I like it so much because it is my brother who gives me this name.”

She has never slept so peacefully like tonight, no misery, no coldness, no fear, because she has someone who can protect her—her brother.

Ye Wu Chen dared not move his body until she fell asleep. He finally sighed and looked into the sky with fascinated eyes till he slowly fell asleep.

Who am I…

The next morning When Ye Wu Chen opened his eyes, he saw Ye Ning Xue curling up in his chest like a lazy kitty and sleeping well. Ye Wu Chen can’t help but smile, lying in bed, he kept motionless and listened to outside voice in order not to wake her up. It is really more noisy in the daytime than at night. And it may be breakfast time so it sounds slightly restless. By chatting with Chu Jing Tian yesterday, Ye Wu Chen knew that there are hundreds of people here during the years’ of reproduction. They scattered in several areas and nearly had no communication. There are around 30 people (kids and adults) in the place which Chu Jing Tian lives. Usually, the 30 people sit and have meals together.

Being woke up by the noise, Ning Xue Slowly opened her hazy eyes, then began to look for Ye Wu Chen in panic while she happened to see Ye Wu Chen look at her with a funny look. She also smiled gently then curled up into his chest again and finally closed her eyes comfortably.

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