Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: For Brother

“Alas, it has been 5 years. Your mind became calm and kind-hearted. But your calm heart apparently turns upset each time you come back. You…… still can’t get rid of the thing called ‘Love’.” Granpa Long sighed.

Long Zheng Yang revealed a miserable face. “I can’t forget her……Since I saw her at first sight, I already couldn’t forget her. I secretly observe her without letting her know, each time I go to Tian Long town. Afterwards, I was not able to see her face, but I still felt satisfied if only I could hear her voice. As long as she accepts me, I will really give up everything as grandpa told me.”

“Hehe, that girl named Shui Meng Chan makes you so obsessed with her, she definitely is not an ordinary girl. I really would love to meet her if I didn’t escape from the secular world. Every hero fails to pull through beauty pass, you shouldn’t be blamed if you are addicted to love, but…… the wicked ways” Grandpa Long raised up his head and looked into the sky then gave a deep sigh.

Long Zheng Yang touched his forehead and took a deep breath, still with a miserable face, because he was addicted to a girl whom he shouldn’t fall in love with.

He came to his grandpa for 2 reasons: First, practice his heart, Second, escape from his feelings and try to forget. However, love is like a poison, during those 5 years, he not only failed to forget, but also felt more sad when he thought of this each time.

“Yang Er, you don’t have to stay here from tomorrow on. Go back. 5 years is enough. Staying longer will just waste your time and affect your prospect.”

Long Zheng Yang looked down and replied: ”Ok… Just, I am just reluctant to leave you, grandpa.”

Granpa Long patted his shoulders and smiled. ”If you worry about me, you just come back and visit me more often when you have time. Yang Er, now that you can’t remove her from your mind, neither escape from your true feelings, then don’t escape. An old saying tells: True man will never be tripped over by love…… Hehe, ridiculous. If a man can’t protect his love and has to give it up, he will truly be a loser! Understand?”

Long Zheng Yang solemnly nodded his head. ”I got it, grandpa. I never want to give up.”

“Hehe, alright. I have another purpose to take Ye Ning Xue as blood granddaughter. If she arrives in Tian Long town someday, she will definitely be rejected due to her white hair and ugly face. This identity can protect her. Morever, you are counted as her brother and should protect her from being bullied, or I will be unhappy.”

Long Zheng Yang nodded his head again: ”I will keep it in mind that I won’t let anyone bully her because she is my sister.”

Long grandpa nodded then reluctantly looked towards that house. ”That teenager can’t survive his life till tomorrow. After tomorrow, let Ye Ning Xue stay around me. When she wants to go out someday, I will let her start for Tian Long town.”

His eyes turned deep…… According to his life experience and social status, why would he take someone as relatives easily? True reason of this even confused himself. It seemed that a voice was telling him that there was no better choice than this if he shortened distance between this strange girl and him.

But…… they still underestimated Ye Ning Xue’s persistence.

That night, while Granpa Long and Long Zheng Yang were sleeping in Long Zheng Yang’s house, Ye Ning Xue was keeping in company with Ye Ye Wu Chen. At midnight. A white small shadow opened the door of room secretly then ran towards west—- the direction of Tian Lie mountain.

She didn’t make any sound, because she knew that she would be stop if she was found.

Just, she just could concern nothing except the only hope to save her brother. If her brother was gone, she really didn’t want to live alone.

Ye Ning Xue didn’t notice that Ye Wu Chen’s mouth slightly trembled just at the moment that Ye Ning Xue tried to secretly leave…… because he wanted to make a sound then call her back.

Although he was unconscious and couldn’t control his body, but his mind is wide awake. Ye Ning Xue kept running after him at all risks, and was tripped over by his body, pulled him out of the forest with her feminine body for several hours then they were saved by grandpa Long…… He could hear every word they said and even every tiny sound. He even felt each drop of tears from Ye Ning Xue, which made him heartbroken.

Now, she was starting for Tian Lie mountain to steal the Tian Lie bird’s egg, regardless of her life, just for him to live several weeks longer.

Chaotic air was still crashing in his body as if those chaotic air was about to crash his body into pieces. This was killing pain, but far beyond his heartache.

Xue Er…..He called her name silently, an indifferent heart was filled with a strange thing bit by bit.

The ground was totally bright when it was shined by a round moon hanging in the sky. Night was cold like water, silent but terrible.

How could it be possible that a 10 years old girl was not scared at all? Her heart turned painful when she recalled the scene that she was lying in her brother’s arms and falling asleep comfortably the day before yesterday, so she began to speed up her steps.

When she came at the foot of the mountain, after running for an hour her whole body is wet due to sweat. She had to go up bit by bit after failing to find the mountain pass and tried not to make any sound, because all beasts in Tian Lie mountain were asleep, she would fall in danger if she wake them up.

The mountain was neither high nor steep. Most beasts had mild temperament. But no matter human beings nor beasts dared to get close to the top of the mountain, because it was the territory of the Tian Lie bird. Even though it was said that it wouldn’t attack human beings, few people were bold enough to bet their lives to try. For beasts, they even dared not to get close due to the Heavenly Beast’s vigor.

Sharp rocks and tall or short brambles scratched on Ye Ning Xue’s face and left a scar. She tried hard to hold her surging tears in her eyes even though she felt pain. Then she climbed up step by step and she wouldn’t allow herself to step back at all.

The God of Fortune seems to blessed her, because she didn’t alarmed or encounter one beast on her way up. She felt exhausted when she eventually get to the top of the mountain, but she desperately still held her heavy breath for fear of startling something.

Ye Ning Xue hid herself behind a big stone and secretly watched everything at the mountain top. It was flat and large at the mountain top.

A big bird nest located in the middle of the mountain top, however there wasn’t a giant bird in the nest as she imagined but a white round ball that reflected strange light under the moon.

Ye Ning Xue’s heart started to beat quickly and she slowly came out then quietly walked to the bird’s nest. Then she gently put that white egg into her arms, and finally gave a satisfied smile on her face.

Just then, an angry bird screaming came from the sky. Suddenly, a shadow covered the moonlight. Ye Ning Xue hugs the Heavenly Beast’s egg more tightly since it was the only hope to save brother. Then she looked up to the sky but was ghastly pale with fear.

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