Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“How…… how is this possible? Something is crashing inside his body, which totally made his internal organs chaotic and injured. However, there is another force struggling to protect him from being hurt. Maybe… maybe someone used black magic on him?”

“Yang Er, in your opinion, do you think he can still recover?” Grandpa Long asked.

Long Zheng Yang shook his head: ”It is already an unbelievable miracle that he still keeps breathing. Totally recovery, no way! There is also the possibility that he may use up his last life breath.”

Ye Ning Xue’s suddenly couldn’t stand firm, her wide-opened eyes turned dark grey. She could only look at them with her dull wide-opened eyes and give an almost desperate whisper: ”Save……save my brother……”

“I have never heard of a disease like this, let alone met it. Maybe there is a hope to save him if Xuenu who is called the greatest doctor in the world is willing to help.” Long Zheng Yang mused.

The greatest doctor in the world…… Xuenu?

Ye Ning Xue hurriedly asked because she seemed to grasp the last straw: ”Where is she? I am going to find her, she can definitely save brother’s life, definitely!”

Grandpa Long gave a bitter smile and said: ”Xuenu does master incomparable medical skills which has been recognized by people. Even if a learned doctor still feels ashamed when he or she meets her. It is said that as long as a person still keeps his/her last breath, she can make him/her recover within a month. But the problem is that she has been living at Xuenu peak which is located in the northern of Cang Lan country all year round, and she only steps onto a continent once a year. What is worse, initiative patients have always been kept out of her house, even if you are a royal relatives of Cang Lan country. Little girl, even though you are willing to beg her, it is still very far away from Cang Lan country. According to your ability, we have no idea when you will get there, sigh! Even if you can support far distance, your brother can’t.”

Her last slim of hope was mercilessly extinguish. Ye Ning Xue moved her lip then clenched her small fists, trying to control her tears.

“Oh, grandpa. There is a method to continue his life. Spirit beasts, heavenly beasts, god beasts have strong vitality in their eggs which can extend a week or even a month life of dying people.” He asked Grandpa Long with inquiry eyes.

Long grandpa shook his head: ”I know there are a few eggs of Spirit Beasts and Heavenly Beasts, but it takes a month to go there and back, moreover…”

They are just strangers, is it really necessary to sacrifice those rare eggs to save this strange teenager?

Ye Ning Xue kept staring at them, her two small hands held her clothes tightly. Long Zheng Yang felt not at ease while being stared so he turned his face with pity: ”I just went to Tian Lie mountain today and found it was laying eggs… sigh, if I was able to kill a Heavenly Beast, I would definitely help him.”

Grandpa Long shook his head and patted Ye Ning Xue’s thin shoulders: ”Tian Lie bird is mild so it won’t attack people initiatively. But once someone touches its eggs, he will be killed with cruel attack. Heavenly beasts are so strong that we can’t resist against at all.”

Ye Ning Xue kept silent then she raised her head after a short silence and gave a smile with gratitude: ”Grandpa Long, brother Long, really thank you two. You are a very nice people. Not only you didnt hate me, but you also help my brother and I so much, I really appreciate it.”

Grandpa Long shook his head then smiled: ”It is not us who help you but yourself.”

“I really appreciate your help. If there is a chance someday, I will definitely reward you.”

“Oh? Little girl, if you really want to reward us, how about taking me as your blood grandpa?” Long grandpa smiled.

Ye Ning Xue was stunned there for a short moment after hearing this, let alone Long Zheng Yang who was even more astonished. Long Zheng Yang was about to say something when he was given a fierce glare from grandpa Long, he instantly turned his back and kept silent, but with complicated feelings in his eyes.

Ye Ning Xue knelt down to grandpa Long again, then called: ”Grandpa.”

“Aye, okay, okay, get up, get up now. You are very weak now, so you are not allowed to kneel again. Although I have a blood granddaughter who is several years older than you, she is very mischievous and unruly. It has been several years since she visited me last time, but you are much more thoughtful than her!” Grandpa Long pulled her up and looked at her with a joyful and mild face. Ye Ning Xue was about to cry while her tears dimmed her eyes: ”Finally……I have more relatives……except brother……”

“Exactly. Even though your brother is gone, grandpa will be with you as well because you are such a lovable little girl.” Grandpa Long smiled. His words immediately made Ye Ning Xue face stiff. She looked down and turned her back to look at Ye Wu Chen who was still lying there, then said gently: ”Grandpa and brother Long, can you allow me to leave brother and I alone?”

Grandpa Long nodded, giving a glance at Ye Ning Xue and Ye Wu Chen separately, then walked out with Long Zheng Yang.
When they went far, Ye Ning Xue couldn’t control her tears any more, lying on Ye Wu Chen’s body, she controlled her crying voice and tears wet Ye Wu Chen’s clothes very fast.

Just walking out of the house, Long Zheng Yang couldn’t wait to say :”Grandpa, I consider that it is not proper to let her be your granddaughter prematurely. You just met her for the first time, what is more, grandpa is…….”
Long grandpa waved his hands to stop him then said slowly: ”did it ever occur to you, what will Ye Ning Xue do according to her personality if that young man dies?”

Long Zheng Yang took a moment then said at a low voice: ”Will… commit a suicide.”

“Exactly.” Grandpa Long showed a regret face: “I am trying to give her a reason to continue living. Yang Er, when you are at my age you will know that power, reputation, wealth and beauties are all unneeded and tasteless. What is the most precious is that there is a person with you and treat you sincerely. If there was a good girl like Ye Ning Xu at that time, I would definitely discard all……When I really get insight into this, I am old and all is late. For such a good girl, how can I stand to watch her… alas!”

Long Zheng Yang was in a daze, he was thinking of something after hearing these.

Grandpa Long glanced at Long Zheng Yang then asked flatly: ”Yang Er, how many years you have been here with me?”

“5 years.” Long Zheng Yang quickly answered.

“You have been living a hard life with me and earning your own living for 5 years, I know you have suffered a lot.”

Long Zheng Yang shook his head: ”No! I Know grandpa does all these for me. During the 5 years, I really learn a lot and grow up bit by bit.”

Grandpa Long smiled then said: ”During the 5 years, you have left here for 7 times. There is another person who knows this except your family members, are you willing to tell me who he/she is?”

Long Zhen Yang turned panic and peek at grandpa’s face, he dared not answer.

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