Adorable Consort – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Two people’s silly talk interaction

When the servants passed and saw who came, they immediately ran far, far away in terror to avoid him. Chu Qing-Yan sighed. Was the person in front of her such an evil demon, detestable to this point?

At this time, she surveyed her surroundings and noticed that the more they walked, the more remote the area became. A sense of worry couldn’t help but to emerge from her heart. Where on earth was this guy who didn’t breathe a word taking her to? She wasn’t dumb enough not to notice when he sent Chu De-Chang away, let alone to say that she would believe this person had the leisure to carefreely stroll around Chu Family.

However, this person’s surroundings seemed to have condensed into a lump of ice, emitting cold air and distancing him from human contact. Consequently, she had the heart to inquire, but didn’t have the guts to say it.

Afraid that the other party would be unhappy and then snap her neck, after all, her arms and legs were short, her neck was so slender that it wouldn’t be able to withstand such wreckage.

Xiao Xu, who continued to stroll forward, realized that the sounds of footsteps behind him seemed to get farther and farther away, and couldn’t help but to stop his footsteps and turn around. He saw that little girl (1) holding her skirt up and running to catch up, but without much success, because his pace was too quick.

Xiao Xu watched as that little girl he had seen a few times before being unflustered, now anxiously trying to catch up, and couldn’t help but feel a little pleased. As a result, he good-naturedly stood under a famous tall tree to wait for her.

Xiao Xu couldn’t be blamed for calling Chu Qing-Yan a little girl. Even though Chu Qing-Yan had grown up in Mao village since she was small, she had done a lot of hard manual labor, not to mention that she had climbed mountains and waded through rivers. Although her age was small, her stature was already considered top-notch compared to those girls who were raised in a lady’s chamber.’

But standing before Xiao Xu, she could only reach his chest, so she was still too short. Xiao Xu needed to lower his head every time to look at her, moreover, Chu Qing-Yan had a petite face, so in Xiao Xu’s eyes, she was still just a little girl.

When Chu Qing Yan continued running to catch up and finally saw that glittering white gown, she finally let out a breath of relief. Only after she was able to stand steadily, did she realize something was wrong. She lifted her head immediately and she saw that tall silhouette looking even taller as the shadow was elongated under the sun and reflected on the ground near her feet.

That shallow gaze was like the ripples of blue waves in winter, beautiful yet cold.

It was clearly warm spring, but Chu Qing-Yan still couldn’t help but shiver. However, she seemed to have seen a strange light flash past. Was that a smiling expression?

However, when she wanted to look at it more closely, the other party’s gaze had already swept past her and turned towards a pond under the bridge; afterwards, he didn’t say a word.

Not, saying, a, word?

Chu Qing-Yan was immediately stupefied. Did he want to perform a mime show with her?

“Your, Your Highness, are you tired from walking? Do you want to go sit in the pavilion over there for a moment?” Although she wanted to ignore him, after all, he was still a guest, and she herself might need a bit of his power for the later part of her life. As a result, Chu Qing-Yan racked her brain and finally came up with an opening line that didn’t sound that bad.

Hearing this, Xiao Xu retrieved his gaze and once again looked at her. Marching and fighting in an army, walking a hundred li (2) a day was normal. How could he be exhausted just by walking this little bit of road? Thinking about it, the tired person should be her, that was more correct! A female’s physical strength inherently was weaker than a male’s, let alone to say someone so young. Xiao Xu saw that her head was full of sweat while she still pretended to look relaxed. Xiao Xu felt that this little girl really was quite cute.

He didn’t think that she’d take the initiative to speak. No matter how high and respectable the person’s status was, they would at least answer. It’s a pity that this person was already beyond the understanding of a normal person. He only looked at her and didn’t reply. It almost made Chu Qing-Yan misunderstand that there was a flower blooming on her face that caused him to be so focused that he ignored her question.

Although the other person didn’t cooperate, she couldn’t just continue this ‘big eyes staring into small eyes’ situation!

“First time meeting, if there is anything that Qing-Yan did poorly, hope that Your Highness will forgive.” Chu Qing-Yan could only continue to politely say.

First time meeting?

Xiao Xu couldn’t help but to lift up the corner of his mouth. Counting this time, he had met her more than three times.

The other party didn’t seem to want to speak, his expression also becoming a bit weird. Chu Qing-Yan broke out in a cold sweat repeatedly. It seemed like there was something that amused him which made her feel weird, she clearly didn’t do anything ah!

Just when Chu Qing-Yan continued to rack her brains, the grim Yama finally opened his venerated mouth.

“You are 10 years old?’


This person didn’t just open his mouth, once he does, it astonishes people.

Although Chu Qing-Yan was surprised by him, her conditional reflex answered first.

He already knew the answer to his own question, but even with personal confirmation from her mouth, Xiao Xu’s eyebrows still wrinkled.

Chu Qing-Yan put on a clever and lovable expression, while secretly observing the other person. When she saw a look of displeasure flash through his eyes, she immediately hung her head down and couldn’t help but sigh lightly. She already had an inkling that if this noble Prince Ying knew of her age, he would definitely not be happy.

There was a modern saying that all men loved one particular detail. When they’re young, they like girls younger than themselves, when they have professional success, they like girls younger than themselves, by the time they’re middle-aged, they like girls younger than themselves. When they are old and grey and can be with anyone, they still liked girls younger than themselves. In fact, a man in his lifetime still was very faithful in this aspect. All their life, they would like girls younger than themselves.

But the current circumstances weren’t exactly the same, if it was any other man, they also wouldn’t want to marry a woman who’s still a small child.

Just like her and Xiao Xu.

It could be assumed that when the imperial decree was given, this person was forced to accept it.

Therefore, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but obediently keep her mouth shut. She could boast that she was not considered bad-looking, but she still had self-knowledge that no man would fall for the ten-year-old her. So, in order to avoid being scolded, she quietly assumed the role of a beautiful girl, ah more accurate to say, beautiful baby doll!

Seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s changing expression, Xiao Xu knew that she had misunderstood something. However, he had never been a person who liked to explain things, so he only stood under the tree with hands behind his back. He then tossed out a piece of news that broke apart the beautiful doll’s feeling of self-achievement.

“Today, go back and pack your things. Someone will come fetch you tomorrow.”

“Fetch me?” Chu Qing-Yan was stupefied at once.

“Father Emperor has already given the imperial decree to have you move into Prince Ying’s Manor. Since no auspicious date has been set, let’s set it for tomorrow.” One thing that Xiao Xu couldn’t stand was repeating himself, but Chu Qing-Yan’s expression seemed as if she was struck by lightning and it amused him. Therefore, he didn’t mind if she suffered another bolt of lightning.

(Author has a hand over forehead: First meeting. Of course, with regards to Little Cai Cai who was kept in the dark, it’s still the first meeting. Oh mighty confident yet mad Highness, do you really think it’s good to do it like this?

A certain Highness: Oh? You have an objection?

Author: Cough Cough, don’t really dare…..

And so, the author ran away with a saucepan lid on his/her head. Therefore, Little Cai Cai, you should hope for the best!)

A pity, the other party had flung his sleeves and left, his footsteps were so quick that she simply couldn’t catch up. Therefore, after she finished digesting this news, Chu Qing-Yan had already given up on chasing after him.

Thus, in Chu Qing-Yan’s impression, this husband-to-be of hers had only said three sentences to her.

First sentence, he was displeased with her age.

Second sentence, he ordered her to move.

Third sentence, he was disdainful of her IQ.

Chu Qing-Yan blushed with shame. This ghostly-faced Yama apparently wasn’t easy to get along with!

(Author: Your Highness, see, look how you’ve scared our Cai Cai!

A certain Highness didn’t say anything further and directly used his weapon, isn’t it because you, the author, wrote it like this?!

Author once again runs away with a saucepan lid on his/her head, along with a burst of strange laughter like Zu Lan (3)——)


1) little girl. Actually, Xiao Xu called her 小不点 which is kind of like a nickname, calling someone a little person, a little child, little tadpole etc.

2) li – one li is equal to 500 meters… too lazy to convert.

3) Zu Lan – Chinese first name is 祖蓝, this actor’s last name is 王. I don’t know much about him… maybe he is known for his strange laughter? Funny, we share the same last name.

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