Adorable Consort – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – First time meeting, I was very well-behaved!

This person is very dangerous!

This was the first impression that Chu Qing-Yan had towards her future husband!

No, he was equally stunning!

The two impressions flooded Chu Qing-Yan’s mind.

Maybe to the people in the world, a hideous appearance was concealed under that silver mask, but the first thing she noticed about a person wasn’t their face.

Although she was caught peeping at him, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t panic in the slightest. Instead, she gave him her most lovable smile, and then looked down and started to count the number of tassels on the decorative jade pendant hanging from her waist.

She definitely had to leave a good impression on their very first meeting, so trying her best to appear well-behaved couldn’t go wrong!

Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow. He didn’t think that the girl would still be this calm under his direct gaze. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat surprised. With so many people present, he could count on one hand how many people would dare to make eye contact with him.

However, he recalled that day on the mountain behind Mao Village, she also wasn’t the slightest shocked when she discovered him under the effects of a very strong poison. Therefore, this wasn’t very surprising to him.

It was best for her not to fear him. Otherwise, how could the two of them live together in the long years ahead?

(Author: Hey, hey, hey, you haven’t met for long and you’re already thinking about the future? Aren’t you worried that this author will add in some unforeseen events to make Little Cai Cai not want you?

Xiao Xu: You dare?

Author cowardly lowers his/her head: Really don’t dare ah.)

Xiao Xu withdrew his gaze without batting an eyelash and then turned to those that had a complicated expression when looking at the him with a mask on since the beginning. Suddenly, they ducked their heads down, one after another imitating an ostrich. The corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth turned up, revealing a sneer.

Members of the Chu family who were greeting the guests from the beginning quivered after they felt this respectable Big Buddha’s powerful aura. None of them dared to breathe, even lightly.

The banquet was nearing its end and everybody had the thought of almost about to leave this abyss of suffering.

However, some people liked to continuously court disaster. At the start. they feared Prince Ying to death; now, seeing the banquet was about to end, they were unwilling to let him leave just like that.

Consequently, Elder Madam Chu tugged Elder Chu at her side, then her mouth pointed in the direction where Chu Qing-Yan and Prince Ying were. Elder Chu immediately understood her intention, following which he coughed twice and said to the already impatient Prince Ying, “Your Highness, seldom are we honored by your presence. Wouldn’t it be better to let Qing-Yan take you on a stroll around Chu Family? In passing, to familiarize yourself with this manor. What does Prince Ying think about this suggestion?”

Once he said these words, everyone present at the scene raised their heads from the dining table. They all thought that Chu Family was nothing but a worn-down, small and weak family. They never thought that the family’s behavior and conduct would be this distasteful, to actually let an unmarried girl accompany a male from outside of the family. Even if Chu Qing-Yan and Xiao Xu’s wedding contract was already set in stone, and the emperor’s pearls of wisdom also dictated that Chu Qing-Yan move into Prince Ying’s Manor, one didn’t have anything to do with the other. Displaying this kind of impatient and ingratiating behavior, to even say such things in front of so many people, made everyone exhibit looks of contempt, while at the same time pitying Chu Qing-Yan for having such a cold and unfeeling elder! Originally, getting this marriage was already unfortunate! Now, to go as far as to do this?!

Chu Qing-Yan had already helplessly placed her hand on her forehead before Elder Chu even begun to speak. To rush so eagerly to fawn over him, why did he even want her to substitute for the bride? This family was really not the same type of unusual weirdos!

When Xiao Xu noticed Chu Qing-Yan’s resentful and impatient expression of them not meeting expectations, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but to curve up. Turning to Elder Chu, he said, “Since Elder Chu has said so, then, for this king to refuse would be too impolite!”

Chu Qing-Yan covered her eyes. This, guy, can, really, talk, so easily!

But very quickly, she heard that clear, cold voice sound again, “I heard that the eldest son of the Chu Family is talented and smart. Don’t know if he will come along too? This king has just written a poem and wants to discuss it together.”

An unexpected calamity fell from the heavens!

Chu De-Chang, who was sitting on the side, having heard what was said, lost all the color on his face. Where was he talented and smart? He, by all means, didn’t want to be together with this evil prince! What if he was unhappy and then hacked him to death, what’s to be done then?

But from Chu Family’s point of view, although Prince Ying was cold-blooded and ruthless, in any case, today, he was still polite enough to visit and to congratulate him. Moreover, there were still so many guests, it was unlikely that troublesome matters would be stirred up. Moreover, able to receive recognition from a prince, in the end, it wasn’t a bad thing. As a result, everyone urged Chu De-Chang to hurry and catch up to the two people that went ahead.

With Chu De-Chang accompanying them, it wouldn’t be considered a single man and a single woman getting along together.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but lift her head to look at the man striding ahead. Just now, he was trying to save her reputation right?

It was as if Xiao Xu’s back grew eyes. When he quickly turned around, his gaze once again caught Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze. Only, this time, there wasn’t a thick layer of frost and ice in his eyes, rather, it was like clear water.

“Don’t dilly-dally!” His tone remained cold.

Chu Qing Yan was stumped for words. Looking at that someone who turned around and then continued walking forward, she couldn’t help but smack her forehead. Did she just get squished between the doors? If not, then why did she feel as if this person’s temperament had changed?

“Okay, I’m coming right now.” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have time to put up any airs of a virtuous lady. She lifted up the ruffles of her skirt and used small running steps to catch up. If she continued to use quick little steps to walk, she would have been quickly left far behind.

She didn’t know where the person who continued walking in front of her was heading. Although she had been in Chu Family for a period of time, she still hadn’t walked on this path before. Moreover, he was walking so quickly; what would they do if they both happened to get lost?

And following at an extremely slow pace behind them was the disheartened Chu De-Chang, whose head hung down. His face was filled with anxiousness and doubt, fearing that this enigmatic Prince Ying would suddenly call him over.

Suddenly, two people appeared in front of him and blocked his way. Judging by their uniform, they were Prince Ying’s attendants.

“Our master ordered: if Chu son stays here, then you will be safe and sound. If you insist on taking one step further, no one can guarantee your safety.” A black-clothed bodyguard flashed his white teeth and said in a deadpan tone.

“Yes, yes, yes!” As if having been bestowed amnesty, Chu De-Chang hurriedly withdrew to the side and under the shade of a tree, not daring to continue forward.

“Simply can’t be brought out in public, just this bit of courage and insight!” The other black-clothed bodyguard said after looking at Chu De-Chang, who had heaved a sigh of relief, with scorn. They really disdained this generation of feeble, powerless and cowardly people.

“Who cares. As long as it doesn’t affect His Highness and the little consort’s date, he can do whatever he likes!” The black-clothed bodyguard from just now smilingly said. He peeped back with a face full of curiosity. Sadly, the two people had already walked far away and were hidden away inside layers of green protective screen. “It’s such a pity that His Highness even sent us away, causing us not to be able to see anything!”

The other black-clothed bodyguard rolled his eyes at him, “How do you know His Highness and the Chu Family’s Ninth Miss are dating? Maybe he is pressuring her to let her know her place!”

“Tut, this you really don’t understand. If it was really like that, why would His Highness let that Chu family’s son accompany them? It’s clearly just for cover, otherwise, the little consort’s reputation would be damaged!” This black-clothed man said it as if he had a card up his sleeves, as if he had guessed his master’s thoughts, with an immeasurably self-satisfied expression on his face.

“….” The other black-clothed bodyguard’s face darkened immediately. In the end, he had black hair, a black face and black clothes, and it was night, finally, his entire figure couldn’t be seen.

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