Adorable Consort – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Pack your bags and please be on your way

After returning to Prince Ying’s Manor, Xiao Xu had just sat in a chair when a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Paying my respects to Master.” After the shadow appeared, he immediately kneeled down in salute.

Xiao Xu raised his eyebrows, saw a travel-worn subordinate, and then folded back his sleeves while saying, “Get up.”

Once Fire Spirit saw the person that came, his hairs immediately stood up, “Earth Spirit, weren’t you still in Qin Ling just a few days ago? How is it that you came back so quickly?”

“If I still haven’t returned, then the consequences would be beyond repair!” The person called Earth Spirit eyed Fire Spirit with a mocking gaze.

Normally, these two people always found each other disagreeable. Every time they came across each other, they would always quarrel. Xiao Xiu had already gotten used to this. He lifted up the lid with an unruffled calm manner amongst chaos, and then gently covered the teacup.

“What do you mean beyond repair? Are you scolding me indirectly?” Fire Spirit heard the fighting opposition in his words, immediately, his hair fried (1) and he was on the verge of exploding. If the other party dared to say one word of yes, he wouldn’t hold back anymore.

Earth Spirit looked at him disdainfully, not wanting to continue this dispute with him. He immediately turned back around to face his master with a solemn and respectful face to say, “Master, His Majesty stuffed this marriage to you using stiff arm tactics, why didn’t you resist? You clearly know that if this marriage was to be completed, your position in Western Xuan empire would——” Earth Spirit looked at his master in front of him who had an expression that was submerged in water, the rest of the words got stuck in his throat. With hate and regret, he continued, “Highness, you repeatedly conceded, but they were never content with your concessions. Is Your Highness still going to continue to endure it? The princess consort position, whether it is light or serious, it’s not like you don’t know!”

“Do you want this king to defy the imperial edict?” Xiao Xu wasn’t enraged by what his subordinate had said, instead, he only calmly inquired.

“Don’t need to defy the imperial edict, let this subordinate get rid of that Chu family’s Miss. If there isn’t a bride for the bestowed marriage, then the wedding won’t happen!” Earth Spirit revealed a bloodthirsty, cold smile.


“Nonsense!” Xiao Xu slammed his teacup on the table with a ‘bang’. His voice was not loud, but it was enough to cause the people at the scene to lower their heads in fear.

Even though it was Earth Spirit, he still couldn’t help but to kneel down, he bit his lips and stubbornly lifted his head to look at his master in front of him, “Master, this subordinate is not making trouble, it’s just that I can’t stand aside and helplessly watch you——”

“Silence. Since when were you guys allowed to question this king’s matters?” Xiao Xu coldly looked at him, “Earth Spirit, don’t forget your identity.”

Earth Spirit lowered his head, gritting his teeth to say, “This subordinate doesn’t dare.”

“This marriage has already been finalized. Even if there is no Chu family, there will still be the Li family, Lin family and the Chen family. Therefore, this king will not allow you guys to intervene!” Xiao Xu said in a slow and irrefutable manner as his gaze swept over everyone. Soon after, he flung his sleeves and left.

Not only did Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit hear the resoluteness in his words, they could also detect a trace of sorrow.

That’s right, ah. Even if they wipe out Chu Family, Western Xuan’s Emperor would chose another candidate.

A feeling of melancholy filled their hearts.

To Chu Qing-Yan, the issue that stumped her the most wasn’t the fact that she was about to move to Prince Ying’s Manor. Rather, how was she supposed to live together with the emotionless Highness Prince Ying.

Although the other party’s temperament was clear and cold, with a moving voice, it nevertheless could freeze people ah!

Boo hoo, boo hoo, Chu Qing-Yan finally had an urge to cry but lacked the tears!

“Cai Cai, isn’t it difficult for you?” After Mother Chu received the news, in contrast to Chu family’s heaved sighs of relief, Mother Chu drew in a breath, her heart full of worry for her daughter.

Chu Qing-Yan never thought that her own mood could be exposed so quickly. She instantly retrieved her sorrow and composed herself. She pretended to be fine and said, “Mother, you do not need to worry. This daughter of yours is so cute and smart. I’ll definitely live comfortably and leisurely in Prince Ying’s Manor. As long as you and Daddy are living well in Chu family, your daughter will feel even more at ease!”

Mother Chu revealed a smile only after hearing this. After glancing at her husband who was staring at the mother and daughter pair’s conversation with eyes opened wide, she gently patted her daughter’s hands, “Cai Cai, you needn’t worry. Mother will take good care of your father. Come, mother will help you pack your things.”

Chu Qing-Yan propped her chin up with both hands while her mother was on the side packing her clothes. In fact, there really weren’t that much clothes to take along, but she didn’t want to hurt her mother’s caring gesture. Perhaps, if she could do something for her at this moment, then her mother’s heart wouldn’t be so sorrowful.

At this time, Daddy Chu moved closer with a face full of grievances.

“Cai Cai, where are you going?”

Hearing this, it suddenly dawned on Chu Qing-Yan that daddy still didn’t know about the matter of her moving out of Chu family. She unconsciously turned her head to face him, and in a serious manner, responded. “Daddy, I will be moving to another place to live and probably won’t be able to see Daddy very often. You have to listen obediently to Mother’s words and don’t make her angry. If anyone dares to bully you, don’t be impulsive, just save it up and wait for this daughter to come back and vent it all for you!”

Daddy Chu was all smiles as he nodded his head, but could immediately feel that something was wrong. He pitifully tugged at Chu Qing-Yan’s sleeves and asked, “Can’t you bring Daddy and Mother Dan along? Daddy doesn’t want to part from you.”

Originally, she thought that she had persuaded her father, how was she to know that he would finally catch on now and react? Chu Qing-Yan looked at Daddy’s cat-like, dejected and naive expression and couldn’t help but sigh. In an apologetic tone, she said, “Daddy, this matter, daughter can’t make the decisions, after all, that place isn’t our territory. However, this daughter promises, if one day, your daughter is able, this daughter will definitely fetch you and Mother over to live together.”

Only, will that day ever come? Chu Qing-Yan also couldn’t be certain.

“ Cai Cai ah, are you going to live together with that bad person?” Father Chu suddenly asked.

Ever since he heard the rumors spread by the servants, her father had already categorized Prince Ying as a huge evil person wicked beyond redemption. Chu Qing-Yan recalled that tall and lanky figure that approached with his back to the sunlight. As for wicked beyond redemption eh? She couldn’t see it. Only, for no reason at all, he would incite fear in people!

“Uh-huh.” Chu Qing-Yan nodded.

“Then, Daddy will become your bodyguard and won’t allow him to bully you!” Daddy Chu said with an earnest face.

Chu Qing-Yan with a ‘pfft’ laughed, “Daddy, Cai Cai can protect herself. You only need to protect Mother and that would be good!”

Daddy Chu was being swayed by his daughter and embarrassedly rubbed his head. He foolishly laughed, “Cai Cai is so smart, she can protect herself well!”

However, after saying that, Daddy Chu just turned around and ran off. Chu Qing-Yan was already familiar with this kind of behavior from her daddy. Only, in the blink of an eye, Daddy once again ran back, only now, he had a wooden stick in his hand, “Cai Cai, I’m giving it to you to use for self-protection. If anybody dares to bully you, then beat them with this stick!!”

“Alright!” Chu Qing-Yan’s face gave off a divine radiance as her father solemnly handed over that stick!

It was easy to say it like this, but could she really do it?

The answer was no.

As for Prince Ying dispatching people to pick her up, Chu Qing-Yan was opposed to it in her heart.

But, that day would eventually come.

See, it had already arrived.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the two imperial bodyguards who were guided to stand before her. She recognized these two people. They were the ones that accompanied Prince Ying to the birthday banquet at that time.

“Ninth Miss, it’s time to get on the road.”

Get on the road?

Get on what road?

The Soul Breaking Road?

Chu Qing-Yan’s head started to get big.


1) Hair fried: Think of cartoons where the characters gets very angry and about to burst, their hairs would stand on end as if electrified.

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