Adorable Consort – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – To scout out Chu family’s old friends at night

“Cai Cai, quickly tell us what is your idea?” Mother Chu’s face was full of being pleasantly surprised, she couldn’t help but pull at daughter’s hand and smilingly ask. Daddy Chu felt the whole family’s elation and also pulled daughter’s hand, waving it around.

Chu Qing-Yan was infected by her parents, so her mood became joyful. But very quickly, she calmed down, cautiously looked left, then right. After she was certain no one was eavesdropping, she leaned close to mother’s ear and said in a low voice.

“Mom, isn’t Great Uncle’s seventieth birthday celebration in a few days? At that time, the manor will be very bustling and lively, with gifts and food materials coming and going. We’ll take advantage of this chaos to escape from the back door. Daughter already found several sets of male and female servant clothing, after dressed up in that disguise, we won’t be discovered.”

Mother Chu’s pair of eyes lit up after hearing what was said, she immediately nodded, only, she was still somewhat worried, “This idea is good, only, don’t know if it will be this smooth when the time comes.”

Chu Qing-Yan smiled faintly, “Mom, if we don’t try, how will we know whether it will go smoothly or not? As long as there is a chance, there will be hope. Moreover, the current situation is already the worst. Would being captured be worse than how bad it is right now? Chu family needs me to become their scapegoat, they would not dare to move against me rashly. Unless they are willing to part with their delicate-as-flowers and refined-as-jade daughters and push them into the tiger’s den.”

Hearing daughter’s solemn words, Mother Chu’s heart finally relaxed a little. Only, looking at her clever and sensible daughter, a burst of sadness once again rushed out from Mother Chu’s heart. She lifted a hand to lightly caress daughter’s cheeks that had slowly already become fairer and tenderly said, “It’s because mother is useless. A girl at your age should live a life that is carefree and without worries, and not to be drawn into this kind of crisis. Worrying about everything day and night, when his Highness Prince Ying was young, he wasn’t like this. Afterwards, don’t know what happened to cause the news and comments nowadays to be this bad. Mother also wouldn’t dare to let you face this danger if mother was able to protect you, you would unlikely have to eat this bitter hardship!”

Chu Qing-Yan knew Mother was once again blaming herself, she grinned and smiled while shaking her head, “Mom, life is just like this, not to oppress one person, it would feel uncomfortable. Moreover, daughter never felt that this kind of life isn’t good. Having riches and honor also might be trapped and distressed. All of this is not important. The most important thing is that our family is together.”

Daughter was so sensible, Mother Chu was full of gratitude.

Daddy Chu lifted a hand to wipe away the tears at the corner of Mother Chu’s eyes. He said in a deadly earnest manner, “Mother Dan, you mustn’t be anxious. If someone was to bully you guys, I will certainly not let them off! I am the mighty great tiger! Awoo——”


Chu Qing-Yan and Mother laughed so hard that they rolled together into a ball. Don’t know why, everytime, in the most serious setting, her daddy always had the ability to make people laugh.

After probing out more details with each other, and after deciding on the time to escape, Chu Qing-Yan then softly and quietly left the room. She walked towards her own little courtyard.

Fire Spirit glared at Chu Qing-Yan, furiously whispering, “This little girl doll is too undiscriminating. She actually dares to flee this marriage?”

Water Spirit watched with great relish, upon hearing what Fire Spirit said, she couldn’t help but to shoot him a glare, “You didn’t sense that this little girl doll’s age is young but handles matters with tidiness. Her thoughts are meticulous, completely unlike a ten-year-old child. I think as long as she was further cultivated, suppose after a time, her prospects would be limitless and immeasurable!”

Although he also saw it, as long as he thought of the fact that she wanted to run away, his belly would be full of fire. The Highness they revered would be so disliked by someone, how could his heart be happy! Only, Fire Spirit forgot, in this Capital, there wasn’t a family that dared to marry their daughter to their family’s Highness. Also, there wasn’t a female that didn’t fear their family’s Highness!

Just when Fire Spirit was about to open his mouth and continue to retort, he saw His Highness’s body move. It was even towards the same direction that the little girl doll went.

After Fire Spirit and Water Spirit exchanged a mutual glance, they immediately moved quickly to catch up.

Such a small figure cautiously walked forward in the night, having taken not the slightest notice that behind her followed a huge group of people dressed in black.

Chu Qing-Yan used the route she came to return. However, having walked halfway there, suddenly, from directly in front of her came several boy servants carrying lanterns. It just so happened that there were only walls here with no place to hide. Chu Qing-Yan cried out ‘not good’ in her heart. If she was discovered now, then following this, she feared the plan would run into difficulties and be stopped. Because then, Chu family would surely look after her more strictly.

Just when Chu Qing-Yan stared foolishly, not sure how to react, the several boy servants up ahead suddenly gave several muffled groans. Afterwards, they immediately fell to the ground as if drunk.

Chu Qing-Yan was dumbstruck by this situation and this turnaround was outside of her expectations. Immediately, she returned to her senses and said ‘thank you’ in a low voice. And regardless of the consequences, she ran towards her own courtyard.

No matter how foolish, she could guess there were still people nearby. Whether they were friend or foe, she didn’t know, but she had no need to doubt that they saved her. However, at this critical moment, she didn’t want to have involvement with other people.

After Chu Qing-Yan had left, a person walked out from where she stood a moment ago. Dressed in an exquisite black robe, wearing a silver mask, under the moonlight that poured down, the mask gave off a layer of hazy light. It made it hard for people to see the expression in his eyes.

“Your Highness, why did you help this girl doll who doesn’t know the vastness of heaven and earth?” Fire Spirit jumped out and asked in puzzlement.

Xiao Xu didn’t reply to him, only, this question called to mind what Chu Qing-Yan just said inside the room to her parents, ‘Having riches and honor also might be trapped and distressed. All of this is not important. Isn’t the most important thing that our family is together?’

The corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth hooked up slightly, it carried a thread of self-mockery.

Seeing their Highness remain silent, Fire Spirit tactfully didn’t ask again. However he started to bear grudges against Chu Qing-Yan. She actually didn’t put their Highness in her eyes and still dared to run away from this marriage. Next time he saw her, he would definitely embarrass her.

“Water Spirit, you will dispatch some people to stay behind at Chu family. If Chu family’s little Miss wants to leave, you will have people secretly escort and protect them.” Xiao Xu looked in the direction Chu Qing-Yan left and said faintly. There were no feelings in his tone.

“What?” Before Water Spirit could agree, Fire Spirit had already started to jump up and down, “Your Highness, what are you saying? If this little girl doll really ran away, then at that time, wouldn’t this bestowed marriage become a joke?”

Xiao Xu took a glance at him, and Fire Spirit immediately stopped speaking.

“This king’s order, you want to question it?” A leveled tone without a ripple on a water’s surface, but made a person feel fear that had no origin.

Fire Spirit lowered his head, licking his lips, “Subordinate doesn’t dare. Subordinate merely felt unfair on behalf of Your Highness.”

“This king doesn’t want to own a person an emotional debt, also doesn’t want to drag a person into a sea of fire. The candidate for princess, if this one won’t do, then exchange for another one. With regards to Chu family, this simply won’t be a problem to change the candidate. Whereas this king is indifferent to the choice.” A simple and pure person must not step into a complicated whirlpool. Moreover, she was still a child. That easy and tranquil lifestyle in Mao Village was more suitable for her.

That’s right, he recognized her. Only, they didn’t need to know each other! Because there was no need, this was merely a scene of strangers coming together by chance. Her good turn, he was willing to pay back. This way, it will really settle the loan to both parties’ satisfaction.

Xiao Xu indifferently turned around to leave.

Water Spirit poked at Fire Spirit, “Is it possible that His Highness knows this little Miss from Chu family?”

Fire Spirit unhappily responded, “Only heaven knows. I know I’m about to burst from rage!”

Water Spirit’s mouth curled, “Then you should just slowly indulge in your rage. I want to follow His Highness and go home together!”

Fire Spirit gave a snort and immediately caught up to them.

Once the wheel of fate started to turn, then it could not be stopped.

Destiny being tangled together was a preordained matter.

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