Adorable Consort – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Unfavorable time to graduate and met being plotted against

The days passed, one by one. The entire Chu family was urgently and secretly preparing for Elder Chu’s seventy years old huge birthday celebration.

If this was set in previous years, it simply wouldn’t be this bustling and lively. Only, because the little Miss was bestowed marriage to Prince Ying, in passing, they received the benefit from this light. Normally, those high officials and nobles basically won’t come to Chu Manor, now every one of them had sent an invitation card. They wanted to climb onto Chu family’s new connection to royalty, this all of a sudden lit up Chu family’s prestige. As a result, Elder Chu, with a wave of his hand, ordered this time’s birthday feast to be arranged without restraint.

But also because of this reason, Chu Qing-Yan saw the certainty of this opportunity. Because she knew, on the day of the birthday feast, the entire Chu manor would certainly see an endless stream of horses and carriages. At that time, the chance of her and her parents slipping away would be greatly increased.

On the surface, Chu Qing-Yan seemed calm, in fact, her heart had gradually become impatient with the approach of time. She was looking forward to it, at the same time, slightly afraid, from the curiosity of the dreaded unknown.

However, fortunately, she was only a child, no one would notice her change in mood. Only, she could feel that the people guarding her courtyard seemed slowly to become more relaxed. She guessed that it ought to be because tomorrow was Elder Chu’s seventy years old huge birthday feast. There wasn’t enough manpower, so they were all transferred.

Even though this was what she thought, however, Chu Qing-Yan’s heart felt faintly uneasy.

She lifted her head to look at the gradually darkening night, her heart had a feeling of wrongness that was unable to be clearly described. However, tomorrow was the opportunity for them to escape, no matter what unforeseen event occurred, nothing would change her resolve.

Consequently, she carried a bag on her back, and stealthily opened the window. She waited until there was no one around, stepped on a chair and, with great effort, climbed out. Tonight, she still couldn’t escape, but she must deliver these disguises and clothing she had prepare these days to her parents’ room. Otherwise tomorrow, there might not be enough time to wear it.

What Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know was that when she left in the dark, a person hidden in the corner revealed a smile that harbored ill design. Afterwards, this person followed furtively.

“Honorable Fire Spirit, the little Miss from Chu family is being followed by someone.” The black-dressed person on the roof looked at the group of people on the ground, and couldn’t help but to report this to the person in front of him.

“What does it have to do with me?” Fire Spirit lowered his head to look at the little shadow traveling back and forth on the small path, revealing a disdainful expression.

A drop of cold sweat emerged from the black-dressed person’s forehead. Honorable Fire Spirit, are you certain you are here to protect the little Miss from Chu family. Clearly, you promised the honorable Water Spirit that you would protect her well. Only then did the honorable Water Spirit allow you to come over to Chu family tonight. If there was a slip-up, I reckon honorable Water Spirit would cut your corpse into pieces!

As if he had sensed the strange expression from the subordinate, only then did Fire Spirit return to his senses. He actually went as far as to say what his true feelings were. He lightly coughed twice, then gave an order. “Chu Family’s little Miss seems to be in danger, we should quickly follow and have a look!”

Another drop of cold sweat emerged from the black-dressed person’s forehead. Honorable Fire Spirit’s speed at changing his face was really too fast!

Chu Qing-Yan was entirely unaware of the danger that was drawing nearer, bit by bit. Mother Chu opened the room’s door. Chu Qing-Yan saw Mother and in elation, wanted to take a step forward, but saw Mother’s complexion instantly became pale.

Just when she was feeling bewildered, the red light from flames started to extend out from her back. Lengthening her shadow in front of her. The light dyed mother’s pair of alarmed eyes red.

Now, only two words remained in Chu Qing-Yan’s heart, not good!

They were discovered.

As if to confirm her thoughts, a laughter sounded from her back that carried hidden daggers.

“Qing-Yan, so late at night, to not sleep, what are you planning to do by running over here?”

It was Second Aunt’s voice.

Chu Qing-Yan gave a blank look, immediately tightening her grip on the bag. The panic on her face was hidden immediately. She used a meaningful glance to calm her mother in front of her. Afterwards, she unhurriedly turned around. Moreover, she continued to carry the bag on her back.

Chu Qing-Yan smilingly turned around, just so happened to meet Second Aunt’s insincere smile that was brightly lit by the torch. That ridicule in her eyes seemed somewhat sinister in the dark night. Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze lightly swept around, outside of this decrepit little room, was already surrounded by a densely-packed group of people. Now, Chu Qing-Yan understood in her heart, it seemed that this time, they were already prepared and was waiting for her to walk into this trap. She lifted up an eyebrow, don’t know where she went wrong.

“Second Aunt, this niece hasn’t seen her parents in a long time, therefore, I specifically made a trip to visit them.” Since the other side asked a question they already knew, the answers to it, then, she would also lie through her teeth.

“Chuckle——” Madam Xing took a step forward and her chief female servant Bao Chun lent an arm, supporting her. Step by step, they approached like malevolent spirits in the night, making threatening gestures as they neared their prey, “Qing-Yan, you really think my pair of eyes are blind? Don’t think I didn’t see the bag in your hand. Bao Chun!”

The ice-cold smile on Madam Xing’s face turned ruthless and teasing, suddenly bursting out, so Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but to recoil back a step. However, her little person’s strength wasn’t enough and the bag in her hand couldn’t escape Bao Chun’s interception. In one grab, she pulled it away.

“Open it!” Madam Xing gave a cold hmph. Immediately after, Bao Chun tore open the bag, the two items of clothing were shaken out and fell to the ground.

Madam Xing stepped on those two items of servant girl and servant boy’s clothing. Looking down at Chu Qing-Yan, with a smile that wasn’t a smile, she said, “Qing-Yan, you tell Second Aunt, what do you plan to do, visiting your parents in the middle of the night with these clothing?”

Chu Qing-Yan frowned and looked at the clothing that had gained a footprint. The expression on her face was already replaced with a pitiful and wretched one, “Second Aunt, Qing-Yan, seeing that parents didn’t eat well and don’t have warm clothing, so thought of bringing these clothes for parents to wear. I ask Second Aunt not to blame them.”

Madam Xing turned her gaze to look at her husband’s oldest brother’s wife, with a despising expression, “Elder Sister, you tell me, has Chu family treated you unfairly? Actually asking Qing-Yan to do such a stealthy thing. If this was spread out, would Chu family even have any dignity left? You also came from a prestigious family. How could you not have considered even this point?”

“Second Aunt, you are not allowed to scold my mom!” Chu Qing-Yan stifled her own mood, flattening her lips to say.

“Adults are speaking, little kids mustn’t interrupt!” Madam Xing angrily glared at her.

Mother Chu promptly stepped forward to protect her daughter, with trembling lips, said, “Second Younger Sister, it was me that didn’t educate Qing-Yan well, don’t blame Qing-Yan.”

“Mom——” Chu Qing-Yan felt somewhat sad.

Mother Chu shook her head at her, at this time, it would be best if they could bluff their way out. Otherwise, don’t know what kind of punishment was waiting for her entire family.

Chu Qing-Yan understood Mother’s way of thinking of wanting to keep the peace and patch up quarrels. But she knew, this matter wouldn’t be that simple. Otherwise, Second Aunt wouldn’t have intentionally kept watch here.

As expected.

Madam Xing pretended to be in an awkward position and shook her head, “Elder Sister, it’s not thar younger sister doesn’t want to help you. Rather, the parents already knew about this matter. Consequently, I will trouble you guys now to take a walk with me!”

All of a sudden, Mother Chu’s face lost all color, whereas Chu Qing-Yan clenched both hands into tight fists. It seemed that they couldn’t avoid this calamity.

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