Adorable Consort – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Hearts wishes to see each other again

Water Spirit took a glance at her master’s gloomy expression, and she nodded her head. She wanted to speak, but paused for a while. She was thinking of what to say so Master wouldn’t be angry. And at this moment, Fire Spirit took the lead to speak, his tone full of rage.

“This Chu family really didn’t put our Highness in their eyes. It is merely a very, very small declining family, actually dared to disobey the imperial edict. Openly being disrespectful to Your Highness, Your Highness, let Fire Spirit take some people to let them see your strength. Let’s see if he dares to insult you like this in the future!” Fire Spirit made a bow of respect towards His Highness, grabbed his weapon and was about to walk out.

“Halt.” Xiao Xu started to talk, his tone carrying an unquestionable command.

Fire Spirit was unwilling but his body obediently stopped. He looked at his family’s master very angrily and indignantly said, “Your Highness!”

“What do you want to go and do?” Xiao Xu glanced at him and picked up the teacup on the table. That gloomy expression was slowly being hidden by the dense fog from the tea.

“I——” Fire Spirit was stopped and stumped for words by these subsequent questions from his master.

Xiao Xu drinked a mouthful of tea, before his gaze landed on his subordinate’s body, in a low tone, he said, “Could it be that you want to massacre the Chu family? Afterwards, the entire city will once again talk about how Prince Ying always does vicious things. Being brutal and cruel? If you really want to do things like this, this king doesn’t care.”

Fire Spirit was stumped for words, immediately returning to his senses after seeing Water Spirit looking at him as if looking at a fool. He immediately knelt down to beg for forgiveness, “Your Highness, subordinate didn’t consider everything, and almost implicated you. Subordinate asks to be punished!”

Although Water Spirit didn’t agree with the methods Fire Spirit just suggested, however now, she walked forward to plea for leniency, “Your Highness, although Fire Spirit is a bit impulsive, but it comes from his loyal heart. Beg Your Highness not to be angry.”

Xiao Xu waved his hand, “Get up.”

Fire Spirit and Water Spirit exchanged a glance, before getting up from the ground. Just now, His Highness was already somewhat angry, but now, he looked like a person that wasn’t bothered. This made the two of them, who had followed His Highness at his side since childhood as his confidants, somewhat at a loss.

“Your Highness, should we just be annoyed and let a very small Chu family humiliate us?” Although just now, Fire Spirit did let his emotions affect his decisions, but who could bear to suppress their anger when such a thing happens to them. In fact, Water Spirit’s heart also had a pit of fire. Although normally, His Majesty didn’t like His Highness, but if His Highness respected the emperor a little, then this marriage would be dissolved. Never expected that the Chu family would also hit a person when they are down, secretly moving to fool Master. Water Spirit also couldn’t bear it and wanted to say something.

The corner of Xiao Xu’s mouth lifted up then down, revealing an indifferent sneer, “The imperial edict only granted the marriage with Chu family. It didn’t indicate which miss, even if we complain all the way to Father the Emperor, the Chu family also occupies the side of reason.”

Fire Spirit tightly clenched the sword hilt in his hand and said unevenly, “ Your Highness, these pent-up, unspoken grievances, could it be that we’ll just have to forget it like this?”

Pent-up, unspoken grievances? Xiao Xu frowned, soon after, his gaze turned to the darkening sky. His mysterious ink-colored glass-like eyes turned even darker. Slowly, he opened his mouth to speak, his tone soft and shallow, “You guys shouldn’t forget the first several times, whether this miss from Chu family can live to that day is still unknown. However, it seems that Chu family is also an option, otherwise, they would still be concerned about this king’s imperial consort position. Choose who is still choosing, from this king’s perspective, there is no difference.”

This even-toned and indifferent sentence, make both Water Spirit and Fire Spirit’s eyes go red at the same time. Momentarily, their gazes turned away. Water Spirit bit her lip, she was so angry that she became speechless. How difficult and exhausting was His Highness’s life for these past few years, everyone with eyes could see. In her heart, she really felt His Highness’s sacrifices were not worth it.

Inside the room it was silent for a short period, no one spoke.

Water Spirit took a glance at her master who was contemplating matters, and her eyes moved, “Your Highness, don’t know if we should go scout out that little young miss from Chu family. I heard she grew up on the outside, she had only been welcomed back to Chu family several days ago.”

“A ten-year-old ignorant child, what could she have to look at?” Fire Spirit couldn’t help but to mumble to himself.

Water Spirit glared at him, “Don’t speak nonsense, in the future, this is our princess. Moreover, aren’t you only a few years older than her!”

“A few years older is still older, I can protect master, what can she do? Could it be that when the time comes, she would want Master to go coax her, a little baby doll!” Fire Spirit was somewhat disdainful, taking out his anger on Chu family’s conducts and deed on Chu Qing-Yan’s body.

Water Spirit shook her head and turned to say to His Highness, “Although she is only a ten-year-old girl, but if we go and have a look, our hearts will have a base.”

Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow, ten years old, couldn’t help but make him recall that little girl called Cai Cai that he met a short period ago. Don’t know if after she received those silver bank notes, was she able to live a good life? Once this thought appeared, he immediately let it go. She saved him, and he gave her money that she needed the most. This business was settled. He, Xiao Xu, really didn’t like owing others’ a favor.

“Since nothing matters, taking a walk is also good!” He originally wanted to refuse, but thinking better of it, Xiao Xu still nodded and stood up.

Once Fire Spirit heard this, his lips twitched, Your Highness, what was this ‘nothing matters’? Her Highness the Empress must be anxious from waiting in the imperial palace! But from beginning to now, His Highness didn’t show any intention to enter the palace. Fire Spirit couldn’t help but to shut his mouth and quickly follow.

Water Spirit released a breath in relief, at last, she was able to persuade His Highness to go out and move about. After changing into black clothing from head to toe, pointing to a few people to bring along, she tightly followed the two people ahead.

Consequently, a party of black-dressed people gradually vanished into the darkness of the night.

Old residence at Chu family.

Chu Qing-Yan took advantage of Shan Cha sleeping, afterwards, she softly and quietly exited the room. Avoiding the two parties her aunt had arranged nearby to spy on her, based on the route she used these several days, she very carefully walked towards the house where her parents lived.

Two short and one long soft knocks on the door, this was the secret signal she and Mother had agreed upon.

Very quickly, the door was opened from the inside by someone. Mother Chu’s head stretched out to scout, then pleasantly surprised, she led her daughter inside. She sized her up and down to say, “Cai Cai, these several days, you didn’t come over, did they make it difficult for you?”

Chu Qing-Yan entered the room and, in passing, immediately closed the door. Having heard what Mother said, she smilingly shook her head, “No one made it difficult for me, they merely won’t let me go out and move around. In terms of food and clothing, they hadn’t decreased it.”

“Then that’s good, that’s good!” Mother Chu let out a breath of relief.

And at this moment, Daddy Chu, who was minding his own business playing, saw daughter came over, and he immediately jumped up to step forward. He happily held his little daughter’s hand and spun around in circles in place, “Cai Cai, Cai Cai, you came!”

Once she saw her parents, Cai Cai’s heart was exceptionally overjoyed, she held Daddy’s hand, eyes curved from smiling, “Daddy, daughter came.”

Mother Chu, seeing this, couldn’t help but smile, “Cai Cai you might not know this, your father, for the past several days, made a racket daily about wanting to see you. Your mother used every reason and was able to stop him. Otherwise, like a wisp of smoke, he would have gone to look for you.”

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the foolish, simple-minded Daddy, and her whole heart was moved. She shook her head once again, “This time, daughter also secretly stole away to run over and see Daddy and Mommy. Before we escape Chu family, it’s best that we don’t meet in public. Otherwise, we could attract Chu family’s attention.”

“Then, Cai Cai running out tonight, is it because you thought of an idea?” Suddenly, Mother Chu’s eyes lit up.

Chu Qing-Yan pursed her lips and smiled, her eyes were full of craftiness, “Of course I did.”

Inside the room was full of elation. But, no one sensed a pair of mysterious ink-black glass-like eyes that had a trace of peculiar expression flinting through them.

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