Adorable Consort – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – Parent’s emotions were boundless like heavy rain

When Xiao Xu followed the Yu Lin soldiers into the palace, the gates of the imperial palace closed behind him.

He didn’t pause, slowly following behind palace people leading him towards the imperial study.

When he arrived in front of the imperial study’s door, the eunuch waiting told him that His Majesty went to the Bright Dawn Palace and hasn’t returned so he asked him to wait here.

Bright Dawn Palace was younger brother Fourth Prince’s palace.

His gaze swept the heavily guarded surroundings, then he lifted his foot and was about to walk away.

“Your Highness Prince Ying, where are you going?” That waiting eunuch immediately obstructed him and asked anxiously.

“This king wants to go to Bright Dawn Palace to visit Fourth younger royal brother. Why do I still need your permission?” Xiao Xu’s cold eyes swept by.

That eunuch was scared until he trembled. Outside rumor said Prince Ying’s gaze was extremely cold, one glance over would scare a person to death. Although the rumors spread was somewhat exaggerated, the image seemed to be true.

But his orders were to guard Prince Ying ah, if he was to run off, then how was he to explain this.

If seemed as if his thoughts were seen through, Xiao Xu’s lips hooked into a cold sneer. “What? In your eyes this king had already become the assassin that did the deed? Don’t forget this king’s identity. As long as the final conclusion is not set, if this king wants to go anywhere it will never be your turn to block this king.”

That eunuch was scared and immediately withdrew. What Prince Ying said was correct. His Majesty only summoned Prince Ying into the imperial palace and hasn’t convicted him of a crime. So he could not rashly offend Prince Ying, otherwise he wouldn’t even know how he died.

With no one to block his path, Xiao Xu took large strides towards Bright Dawn Palace.

Just now along the way here, he saw how tight the security in the place was. He guessed that this time’s assassination wasn’t a small matter. But compared to the suspicion, he was more worried about the condition of Fourth younger royal brother’s injury.

The little child that loved to tease him had now grown up. But his temper of appearing in front of him from time to time still hasn’t changed.

When he found out that Xiao Ran had an accident, his heart jumped up. Only he knew with Father Emperor and imperial concubine at his side, it could be assumed to be more useful than him being at his side. But when he neared the imperial concubine’s rear court, he still couldn’t help but be worried.

He arrived at Bright Dawn Palace which was brightly lit. On the window were reflections of people’s figures moving back and forth. In the doorway of the Palace hall, imperial physicians entered and exited with hurried expressions. Everyone was holding their breath, afraid of disturbing the current atmosphere.

Xiao Xu stood outside the palace waiting for the people inside to pass on the message he was here.

However he waited and it wasn’t the eunuch that came with the summons, rather it was Father Emperor wearing bright yellow royal robes from head to toe.

He lowered his voice and asked. “Father Emperor, how is the condition of Fourth royal younger brother’s injury? Is it serious?”

Western Xuan Emperor silently endured the anger in his chest, his chest violently moved up and down. “Serious or not you should be very clear right? Actually dare to appear here!”

Xiao Xu heard this and frowned. “Father Emperor, in the end, what is the condition of Fourth royal younger brother’s injury?”

Now was not the time to ask why Father Emperor’s attitude towards him was always so nasty. He was most concerned about the condition of Fourth royal younger brother’s injury. Seeing Father Emperor so angry, it may be assumed he wasn’t injured lightly.

“Refrain being so hypocritical. Your temperment, how could I the emperor not know!” Inside he didn’t know whether his beloved son would live or die, his heart was already ruthlessly hanged up. Seeing Xiao Xu his anger all of a sudden exploded out.

“Father Emperor——” He only want to know the condition of Fourth Royal younger brother’s injury.

“Kneel down!” Western Xuan Emperor ordered, not allowing him to explain.

Xiao Xu was stumped for words for a split second, immediately pushed aside his robes and kneeled on the ground. The stone bricks in early autumn had a slight chill but fell short of the chill in his heart right now.

He watched that bright yellow figure storm off and the corner of his mouth hooked into a trace of self mockery.

Inside, the Bright Dawn Palace resonated with Western Xuan Emperor’s snarl. “If Ran’er can’t get out of the danger, I the emperor will bury you all with him. What’s the use of I the emperor raising you guys!”

He suddenly remembered that at that time Father Emperor didn’t step foot in his palace hall for three months and everyday after morning court, he would stay in Moon Palace hall to look after fourth younger royal brother. He wanted to get Father Emperor’s attention in the frigid winter so he took cold baths to freeze himself to catch a cold. Mother Empress ordered people to let Father Emperor know and only got one line of properly recuperate from Father Emperor. At that time, he didn’t understand and thought he didn’t perform well enough as a child. After recovering from the cold, he had a strong determination to succeed, he studied, practiced his characters and martial arts with great effort. But when that great fire was ignited and it was uncertain whether he would live or die he only got Father Emperor to stop by for a moment before he hurriedly returned to Moon Palace, because that year, the three year old Fourth Prince ate something bad and got a stomach ache.

The eunuch, palace maids and imperial guards standing in attendance at the palace gate cast him strange glance. He, the grand stately war god of the nation, the prince birthed by the empress, was berated to kneel. Perhaps this was a rarely seen scene since the establishment of the Western Xuan empire!

He suddenly recalled that being given punishment by kneeling, this wasn’t the first time.

Only everytime, it had something to do with Fourth younger royal brother.

Mother Empress said the chief culprit of all the disaster was Fourth younger Royal brother but he knew it wasn’t.

If it was not for Father Emperor who gave all his paternal love to Fourth younger royal brother, then he was unlikely not to see him.

A lightning pierced the horizon, as if aware of the nervous atmosphere in the imperial palace. At the same time it hit everyone’s heart, giving rise to burst of shivering and fear.

Very quickly a downpour without the slightest prior hint started to fall.

The pea sized raindrops hit his face, shoulder, hand and it ought to hurt. However he didn’t even feel it when he was campaigning outside, he often had to fight in the deep winter of December, despite the extreme sun or torrents of rain he still had to advance forward. He was already used to it.

In front of his eyes, a pair of delicate and expensive boots appeared and he lifted his head. Among the haze from the downpour, he saw an undeniably furious Mother Empress.

“Mother Empress, the rain is very heavy, you shouldn’t stand here and get wet.”

“Son is kneeling here, do you think mother empress can rest at ease inside the palace?” Empress Liang couldn’t contain her anger and said.

“Mother Empress, this son is unfilial and made you worry.” Xiao Xu’s gaze hung down slightly, the rainwater flowed down following his cheek. It landed on the ground, giving off ripples.

“If you really don’t want this palace to be concerned, you should go explain it to your Father the emperor. Wash away his suspicions of you!” Empress Liang said.

Luo Yun who was holding the umbrella immediately patted Empress Liang on her back, to help her release the gas from anger.

“Mother Empress must not get angry.” Xiao Xu pursed his lips. “Father Emperor is still very angry, not matter what this son said it would be useless. Wait until Fourth younger royal brother’s injury stabilized before speaking of this.”

“Xiao Xu will you only be willing if you have angered Mother Empress to death? Based on your ability, how could you not find who the assassins were after investigating? Mother Empress doesn’t believe it!” Empress Liang, fuming with rage said between gritted teeth.

“This son still don’t know the overall situation, so does not know who the assassins were.” Xiao Xu’s gaze flashed slightly in the end he still lowered his head.

“Good, good, good——” Empress Liang said good three times in a row before tossing her sleeves and leaving.

Xiao Xu’s gaze followed the leaving figure of Mother Empress, his heart was somewhat bitter. His heart did have a target for suspicion, but he couldn’t——

He had the heart but was powerless.

Faced with a Father Emperor that firmly believed he was the assassin, the more you said would only be tantamount to covering it up.

He raised his head. Bright Dawn Palace these three words in the moonlight shone weakly, flashing with specks of light.

Bright Dawn, these two words was ones Father Emperor chose for Fourth younger royal brother, representing the brightest stars.

Maybe in Father Emperor’s heart, Fourth younger royal brother was the brightest star in his heart.

The moon on August fifteen was very round, illuminating the ground. The moonlight reflected on the water’s surface made people feel an intense chill.

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