Adorable Consort – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – His Majesty’s heart had grown askew

The heavy rain that covered the world was like an encircling mist and dense fog, now allowing people to see clearly the scenery far away.

The dark night of the capital enveloped in it even more, an ash colored, dark secret.

In the Mid Autumn fest night with a round moon, his Majesty’s beloved princely son was attacked by assassins. Prince Ying was summoned into the imperial palace the same night.

The great ministers that returned home from the palace banquet, all of their hearts were alarmed.

One was the son of the Empress with repeated military success. The other was the doted on and beloved prince.

No matter which one had an mishap, it would give rise to great chaos among the imperial court.

This night was bound to be not peaceful.

No one could sleep soundly without worries.

No one dared to sing loudly to their heart’s content.

No one was in the mood to celebrate.

Because there was a possibility that in one night in the royal capital, everything would turn on its head.

Everyone’s gaze all looked towards that strictly guarded imperial palace. Everyone’s thoughts all landed on that tightly closed palace gate.

Because they knew, once that palace gate opens, good and also maybe bad news would transmit out. It would indicate the path to go.

The matter of setting up the Crown Prince, these two days the discussion was in full swing. But very possibly, it would die down from this point on.

This night was doomed to be a sleepless night.

Xi Ning’s hands changed several teacups but her master had both hands clenched placed on the table. Her pair of eyes still didn’t have any spirit in them, she didn’t have any thought of resting or maybe even drinking some tea.

Master maintained this posture for more than two hours. No matter how she persuaded, master still wasn’t willing to go and rest. She could only give up and quietly stand in attendance at the side accompanying her master to wait.

“Is the manor’s gate locked?” Chu Qing-Yan suddenly asked.

Xi Ning replied at once. “No, Housekeeper Bai heard master’s instructions and dispatched people to guard just inside the door. If someone called to open the gate, they would immediately open it. They would not miss it when His Highness returns.”

Chu Qing-Yan was able to put down her heart a little bit, then asked. “Remember to keep the ginger soup in the kitchen warm. If His Highness returns, he could drink it while it’s warm. Such a big rainstorm, must be careful not to catch a cold.”

Xi Ning heard this felt somewhat sad, her tears almost fell, but she still immediately replied. “Older sister Huang Yi is looking after it. She said she will certainly keep the ginger soup warm until His Highness returns.”

Since after returning, master kept on harping on these things. Even she felt heartache on behalf of her master. She really wished His Highness would return a bit earlier to allow master’s heart to stop worrying.

Although she knew once the imperial palace gate is locked, it would be very difficult to open it again. She had already instructed Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit to make preparations from two different directions, but Big Block of Ice promised he would return, so she would hold the most optimistic thoughts and wait for him to return.

Her eyes turned toward the rainstorm that was getting stronger, the raindrops that landed crazily on the window gave off ‘bang, bang’ and ‘splash’ sounds. Her heart followed the sound to go up and down. Suddenly she felt a thin but densely packed pain, as if someone took a needle and was pricking her heart. She couldn’t help but cover her chest with her hand and frown. As if that not so good premonition has become more intense.

“Little consort!” Fire Spirit’s voice suddenly penetrated through the sound of rain, passing to her ears.

Chu Qing-Yan immediatley stood up, her gaze landed on the door. By chance, Fire Spirit’s figure rapidly rushed in at this moment.

“What matters made you panic like this?” The always smiling mischievously Fire Spirit at this moment had a somewhat urgent expression. This made her very uneasy.

“Just now news came from inside the palace, master is being punished to kneel by His Majesty!” Fire Spirit silently endured his anger and grinded out these words through his teeth.

“What?” Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but recoil back several steps, looking at Fire Spirit in disbelief. “Is this news accurate?”

Fire Spirit nodded his head with difficulty. “This came from Bright Dawn Palace, there is no mistake.”

“Where is he kneeling?” Her voice was very low.

“Bright Dawn Palace, the palace gate where Fourth Prince lives.” Fire Spirit’s hand clenched into fist, and said in extreme anger.

Chu Qing-Yan having heard this, turned her head to look at the frantic heavy rain outside. The bottom of her eyes heated up, such huge rain, such cold wind, don’t know if Big Block of Ice could bear it.

“Why?” Her voice trembled.

Fire Spirit said through gritted teeth. “Fourth Prince was attacked by assassins, His Majesty took his anger out on master. Did not allow him to explain before making him kneel. Moreover, this isn’t the first time.”

“Not the first time?” Her tone carried amazement.

“That’s right, many years before, when Fourth Prince was just born. At that time, master was also very young and not careful so he caused Fourth Prince to cry. So His Majesty punished him by making him kneel. Another time was when master first started wearing his mask, Fourth Prince came to the palace hall for a visit. When he saw the mask on master’s face, it scared him into crying. His Majesty got angry and also made master kneel in punishment. There was also…” Saying up to here, Fire Spirit already couldn’t continue. Only a cold sigh remained.

Originally he didn’t want to tell these to the little consort. But after second thoughts, master cared so much about her, he should let her understand master a bit more, so she would be more concerned about master. Because master has been alone by himself for too long.

Chu Qing-Yan’s lips pursed, the anger hovered in the depth of her eyes. Her heart ached, when Fourth Prince was just born, Big Block of Ice was only a half grown child. And when he started to wear the mask, he had just escaped from the ocean of fire and was reborn. His mind and body was hurt and Western Xuan emperor really could do that to him at that time!

Western Xuan Emperor was really too much, he had a twisted conduct as a father.

Some matters clearly were not intentional, but in his eyes, Fourth Prince was the treasure in his heart. No matter who tapped or knocked on the Fourth Prince, he would not spare them.

In fact, Western Xuan Emperor’s heart must have grown askew!

Big Block of Ice wasn’t this cold from childhood, it ought to be because during childhood, he was harmed time and time again. Only then would the cold ice have accumulated, successfully molding him into the current ice cold person that could freeze people.

The so called Rome wasn’t built in a day must be talking about this ah!

But she didn’t want to think too much, she only wanted Big Block of Ice to return earlier. Such a cold night, such icy rain, he was kneeling in an imperial palace that didn’t have any human warmth. Whenever she recalled this scene, her heart would hurt.

That tall, strong person, as if nothing could defeat him, the war god of this generation.

That normally cold and icy His Highness Prince Ying whose heart was softer than anyone else’s’.

That Big Block of ice who always sternly instructed her but would always soften his tone whenever she acted spoiled under his eyes.

She wasn’t willing to let him remain by himself in that ice-cold world.

She regretted it. If at that time she insisted on going with him, he wouldn’t face be alone the night of family union for Mid-Autumn festival.

If she persisted then, acting spoiled, maybe his heart would soften.

But the heavens won’t let people regret, there was also no if.

The night slowly passed.

The rain slowly became lighter.

The sky slowly got brighter.

Chu Qing-Yan who had sat on the couch for a long time raised her head to look at that dark cloud that had scattered. The morning sun slowly shone through the haze to show bright lights.

Another day started again.

Normally, she would always greet the new day with a beautiful frame of mind. But at this moment, she was full of hope that the sky would brighten a bit later. That the new day would arrive a little bit later.

When the white marbled colors of dawn had just appeared in the horizon, Earth Spirit walked in with a grave expression.

“Just now, news came from the imperial palace. Master is locked up in prison.”

The cup in her hand slipped and landed on the ground. A crip breaking sound could be heard.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the wet ground with scattered tea leaves, as well as Xi Ning crying out in alarm rushing to clean up the scattered pieces, staring at all of this blankly.

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