Adorable Consort – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 – Returning to Prince Ying’s manor and taking charge of the situation

Chu Qing-Yan heard this, took several steps back and knocked into the table behind her. As expected, the premonition in her heart was correct after all. Tonight, Big Block of Ice won’t be able to come back.

Once the palace doors were locked, even a fly couldn’t get in.

The first thing Earth Spirit saw when he entered the doors was the Little Consort lifelessly leaning against the table and he couldn’t help but shoot a glare at Fire Spirit. “What’s the point of you telling this stuff to the Little Consort, aren’t you just adding more on to the Little Consort’s worries? Don’t you forget what master instructed us before he left. He instructed us to take good care of the Little Consort.”

At this moment Fire Spirit was also very worried, even Water Spirit couldn’t find any clues, it could be seen that the matter this time was very problematic. And Earth Spirit still took his anger out on him, so he couldn’t hold back his own anger. “Knowing it earlier or knowing about it later, isn’t it all the same? His Majesty has always favored the Fourth Prince and has always wanted to grab master’s mistakes to suppress him. Now he is like a piece of fat meat that was delivered to be taken advantage off!”

Earth Spirit knew what Fire Spirit said was also what he was worried about. But he saw the Little Consort hear this and her face become white in an instant.

Earth Spirit’s face immediately darkened and he grabbed Fire Spirit by the collar, wanting to throw him out. “You once again forgot to be careful with your words!”

Fire Spirit knew that he spoke wrongly the moment he opened his mouth, now seeing Earth Spirit enraged, he immediately couldn’t say anything else and lowered his head, letting himself be grabbed.

“What are you guys doing? Right now, we still don’t know what situation is and you guys have already started an internal strife. If His Highness were to know, once he comes back, he would punish both of you according to family rules!”

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit both were stumped for words, turned around to look at the figure standing with the light behind her. As if wrapped in dazzling yellow flames, her whole person burned with an impossible to ignore bright light.

With a strict tone and a solemn expression, that normally innocent smile she had was replaced by a serious expression. That soft and immature face radiated with an imposing aura that nobody dared to look at directly.

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit stopped and were somewhat stunned. Was this still the same naive Little Consort they saw everyday?

It was rare for her not be jesting and become very serious for once, this really scared them to death. Chu Qing-Yan lightly coughed, calling them back to their senses before she slowly said.

“Right now, we don’t know what’s happening inside the palace, we mustn’t panic and take the wrong step. Do we have people that are good at getting information in our hands?” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have time to deal with their amazement at her own sudden transformation. The matter of utmost importance was to handle Big Block of Ice’s matter.

Earth Spirit was the first to recover his senses and he nodded his head. “Have. Under Water Spirit’s command is the Ge Yu who are experts at gathering intelligence and probing for information, Fire Spirit has already passed on the news to her. Right now she has probably already mobilized them.”

When Chu Qing-Yan heard this, she nodded. Although she didn’t know what kind of character was this Water Spirit, but according to the elements in Chinese philosophy of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth since there was already Wood, Fire and Earth, then naturally it wouldn’t lack Gold and Water.

“Good, even if the palace was encircled that not a drop of water can get in, we still need to think of every possible methods to scout out the news. For instance, the condition of Fourth Prince’s injury. Moreover, didn’t the assassin escape? Devise a plan to capture him. Moreover, normally this kind of thing is definitely instigated by someone. If we can find the real instigator of this assassination attempt on the Fourth Prince, then it can’t be any better!” Chu Qing-Yan explained thoroughly.

Xiao Ran was a little prince raised in the palace, he normally wasn’t the type to bully others, so the probability of people taking revenge against him was very low. The only explanation was that someone wanted kill him and use it to achieve a goal, then there certainly was someone inciting everything behind the scenes.

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit nodded, what the Little Consort said was correct, both of their hearts were flustered and so confused that they hadn’t thought of this point.

“Now we have to be prepared for the best and worst result, if His Majesty washes off his suspicions then that couldn’t be better, but we still have to prepare for the worst.” She really didn’t want prepare for the worst.

“I reckon there will be some results by tomorrow.” Earth Spirit lowered his head and thought for a while, then said. “If they really wanted to use assassinating Fourth Prince to harm master, there are two possibilities. One is borrow someone else’s knife to kill, the other is to kill because they want to frame someone. Only, master isn’t the type to become enemies with other people, this servant can’t think of anyone who would want to harm master.”

Chu Qing-Yan coldly smiled, the expression in her eyes were deep. “There are only two reasons, if it’s not because of wealth, then it’s for power.”

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit exchanged a glance with each other, both noticing the astonishment in each other’s eyes. Was this still their Little Consort who wasn’t well versed with the affairs of the world? Such deep things and she was still able to see through.

“You guys start looking in two separate directions first: one is Concubine Yue and second is the matter of setting the Crown Prince.”

“Concubine Yue is the most doted on person in the rear palace, it’s impossible nobody is jealous of her. Moreover, in front of others she’s gentle but privately she’s vicious. There certainly will be many imperial concubines who were harmed by her. If someone were to take the opportunity to retaliate, it’s definitely possible.” From before when she saw Concubine Yue in the palace for the first time, she immediately knew this person wasn’t benevolent, rather she was a poisonous snake like beauty.

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit concealed the shock in their hearts and nodded in response.

“And the matter of setting the Crown Prince, hehe, the Crown Prince’s position involves imperial power. You guys should check whether there is someone who is resentful of His Majesty and the Fourth Prince. Maybe you’ll be able to find some clues, especially concerning Second Prince and Third Prince’s henchmen.” You can’t blame her for thinking too much, rather when it comes to things involving power, people’s hearts are hard to determine.

At the Chrysanthemum Viewing Banquet, not only did she hear people discussing the matter of setting the Crown Prince, there were also people who took the opportunity to toast Big Block of Ice to make insinuations. She had heard that Western Xuan Emperor had intended to set the Crown Prince at the Chrysanthemum Viewing Banquet.

So when this matter happened at the tip of a dagger, it would definitely arouse a person’s suspicions.

“This servant understands!” Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit responded in succession.

“You guys first go work on this, if there’s any news, immediately report it to me. Especially those matters relating to inside the palace.” Chu Qing-Yan coolly said.

“Yes.” The two people accepted their orders and left.

It was when they exited the door that Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit finally woke up, they actually listened to the Little Consort’s orders? And it was from the Little Consort they usually didn’t put in their eyes!

“Earth Spirit, am I dreaming? When did we, the stately heads of Xiao Lie Cavalry start listening to the directions of a girl?” Fire Spirit felt this was somewhat inconceivable.

Earth Spirit took a glance at the dark sky, an unclear light flashed from his eyes, “Did you notice that just now, the Little Consort’s tone and imposing manner were similar to master’s?”

Fire Spirit carefully thought back and felt there really was some degree of similarity.

“Don’t think too much and just do your job properly, the Xiao Lie Cavalry isn’t some garbage that you could use your own judgement to decide what’s good or bad. Just now, didn’t you also agree with what the Little Consort said? We only need to do the correct and advantageous things. Moreover, since ancient times, from young people come heroes, maybe the Little Consort can bring the master back safe and sound, who knows.” Earth Spirit patted his shoulder.


Master had always been their backbone, only with him would the Xiao Lie Cavalry exhibit their utmost potential. Now that master wasn’t here, could the skinny and weak shoulders of the Little Consort be able to prop up this situation?

Such a young and tender green scallion as the backbone, maybe will bring them something unexpected!

Xi Ning’s eyes gave off hearts and admiration for master’s intelligence. She looked on her master’s wittiness with admiration although she couldn’t understand one sentence, but after Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit left, she saw that her master’s body swayed slightly. She hurriedly rushed up to support her. “Master, are you alright?”

Chu Qing-Yan leaned on her and after she was able to stand firmly, she waved her hands. “It’s nothing, only that my heart panicked a bit.”

She slowly opened both hands and the surface was covered with sweat. Just now, she had used up all her mental strength to stabilize Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit. It’s not that her heart wasn’t worried about whether they would listen to her words, rather, they weren’t the type to be incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. They wouldn’t veto her idea just because she was young.

And at this moment, sudden lightning struck and thunder rumbled by.

She looked into the distance through the window, and she had a feeling of turbulent winds coming before the storm in the mountains.

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