Adorable Consort – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – A little fairy came from the Ninth layer of heaven

With regards to Daddy Chu’s deeds and conduct for the past few days Xiao Xu knew, but he never had the free time to go and manage these matters. Therefore when Earth Spirit, Wood Spirit and Fire spirit all with dejected and depressed expressions walked in front of him, trying to evoke his pity, he chose to turn a blind eye to them.

He also felt that his trusted aides were too idle, finding something for them to do was correct.

A short several days after Chu Qing-Yan had gone through Earth Spirit’s training, her progress had advanced by leaps and bounds.

She wore the sandbags when she walked and ate. Afterwards when she took off the sandbags to practice airy martial arts, she was as lithe as a swallow.

This day, Chu Qing-Yan stepped on the tree branch, quickly running up it step by step until she ran up to the highest branch on the tree. Both feet tapped on the finger thick branch, and with her legs slightly bent, she turned around and flew down.

The sleeves of her robe floated in the breeze, and she looked like a little fairy descending from the ninth layer of heaven, mischievous, eccentric and also spirited.

Once she landed, she ran to the stone table, giggling as she said to Xiao Xu who had been examining her for the past few days. “How is it? Full marks?”

“Barely enough.” Xiao Xu drank a mouthful of tea, he didn’t want to encourage the flame of her being complacent so he unenthusiastically said this.

Chu Qing-Yan flattened her mouth, it really wasn’t easy to hear one word of praise coming out of Big Block of Ice’s mouth!

“The little consort’s progress is very fast, as expected, she is gifted and smart!” Fire Spirit standing on the side smilingly praised.

Earth Spirit slanted him a glance, glib-tongued! Also, he had no choice but to say, Chu Qing-Yan’s progress and great effort really made him have a whole new level of respect for her.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled at the two people, then said her greetings to Xiao Xu. Once again she flew up the tree, and flew up and down in the Prince’s manor. Before, she always envied the fact that birds could soar so freely, now she could do it too. Matters that she didn’t dare imagine before, she was actually now able to achieve it.

Sure enough, you still have to dream, just in case it works oh?

Xiao Xu watched Chu Qing-Yan who was happily taking off like a bird, and a smiling expression appeared in his eyes.

In the end she still was his people, strength was not bad ah!

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit could feel their master’s mood, the two exchanged a mutual glance. Then they took a look at Chu Qing-Yan flying randomly around, and by chance ridiculed him with several sentences at the same time. Clearly he felt little consort had progressed very quickly, but didn’t want to say a word of praise. Their master was really too proud!

Wait a minute, how could this word ‘proud’ appear in their heads?

Was it possible they were poisoned too deeply by Great Lord Chu’s tea?

After training for a day, Chu Qing-Yan changed the small sized exercise clothing Big Block of Ice had ordered Hong Yi to specially prepare for her. It was snug and made of good material, top-notch in quality. It wrapped around her whole body, making it nimble and strong. Afterwards, she changed into clothes Big Block of Ice had worn as a child. All of a sudden, she changed from a slender and elegant little girl to a pretty boy styled little young master.

She ran to the study to inform Big Block of Ice, then she was prepared to go out and play. This was something that Big Block of Ice had promised her, after passing the exam, she could go out to stroll among the colored lanterns.

Xiao Xu put down the document in his hand and looked at Chu Qing-Yan charmingly standing there in his clothes from his childhood. Suddenly he was stumped for words, as if he saw the him from many years ago. The him that still had energy and expectations in life. However, a blaze suddenly spread before his eyes, that him was buried in a sea of flames.

Chu Qing-Yan sensed that he was lost in thought, his eyes were a dull grey that she couldn’t understand. For no reason at all her heart felt worried, she walked forward and extended her hand to tug at his sleeves. “Accompany me to go out and play?”

Xiao Xu snapped back to his senses, lowered his head and stroked her head. “Can’t do, you bring some imperial bodyguards. Pay attention to safety, don’t make trouble.”

Did she look like the kind of person that could make trouble?

“Big Block of Ice, you have become more and more of a nagger!” Chu Qing-Yan pursed her lips and teased him.

Xiao Xu took back his hand and glanced at her. “Looks like it’s better you don’t go out!”

“Cough, cough, just now I didn’t say anything! I will go early and come back early!” The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth cracked open as she smilingly guaranteed!

“Then go!” Xiao Xu rubbed his eyebrows, this girl was becoming more and more like a little demon.

Chu Qing-Yan saw that the darkness between his eyes just now had disappeared, so she became relieved. She waved her hands at him, then brought Xi Ning and walked towards the manor’s gate.

Passing by the gate of a courtyard, she heard Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit’s conversation.

“That boy from Fu family, I had someone follow him for many days, today he finally left the manor. Water Spirit said everything is ready and prepared, Earth Spirit, do you want to go watch a good play?” Fire Spirit rubbed his hands and asked, full of interest.

Earth Spirit rolled his eyes at him. “Boring!” To teach a person a lesson, why would it need him, this grand master of the cavalry to personally go? What a joke!

Fire Spirit was just about to mock him as being too boring for wanting to stay in the manor when he didn’t have a mission, when all of a sudden a voice came from the side at this inopportune time.

“Bring me ah!”

Fire Spirit’s neck stiffened as he turned his head and saw that little devil with her hands behind her back, looking at him full of interest.

As a result——

In the dark night with high winds, two figures, one big and one small appeared on the most bustling street of the capital during the night. It was also the most lively street.

Fragrant Pavilion seemed to be fairy pavilion. Fragrant fog seemed to be fairy fog.

Orioles and swallows, red and green, fluttered among those carrying wine. Lovingly touching and flirting as they walked forward.

Fire Spirit looked at the women with revealing clothing in front of him calling out to customers, and he regretted his deeds for the 32nd time. He should not have agreed to bring little consort over to watch the play.

The innocent little consort would probably run away from seeing this! Later, how was he going to explain this to His Highness ah!

“Not bad, not bad, cherry is more tasteful, little willow tree has quite the waist, worthy of being called the most bustling place of the night in the capital, full of riches and lustfulness. Fire Spirit, why are you standing there foolishly? Aren’t we going to watch a good play? Let’s go!”

Fire Spirit opened his eyes wide and looked at the little consort waving a folding fan with both eyes full of excitement. All of a sudden, he want to poke himself in the eyes. This little lecher wasn’t the little consort he knew! Definitely wasn’t!

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t notice the self-hypotising Fire Spirit. She slowly strolled toward the number one brothel in the capital – ‘An Intoxicated Night’.

While calling for customers, the brothel keeper saw such a tender looking, jade like Chu Qing-Yan and thought she was a little kid that came from elsewhere to cause trouble. She was just about to wave her hand to drive her away when both of her eyes saw Chu Qing-Yan wearing subtle clothing made from top-grade material, and suddenly her expression changed. “Little brother you look really handsome. First time coming out to play right? What kind of girl do you want ah! A little fat or swallow like thin, heavy makeup or fresh, everything you can think of we have it here!”

People that walk around in prostitution area, were not good at other things, they just had a pair of sharp and astute eyes. From her clothes, they could tell her identity was wealthy and respectable. In their eyes, she was just a cash cow. Why would they care if she was young or not. One that has money is the grandpa!

“These words little grandpa likes to hear! Fire boy (1), hand out reward for this little grandpa!” Chu Qing-Yan lightly fanned her lips, mouth bent into a smile. Under the colored light of the lanterns, she looked dazzling.

Brothel keeper was just about a lament a sentence: such an attractive and intelligent little rich playboy, when a shining white silver was smashed into her bosom. The brothel keeper flusterly caught it, then lifted her head to see the fiend like Fire Spirit. Suddenly, she was scared to a stop. Originally she wanted to cheat this little rich playboy, but then she saw that her imperial bodyguard was not to be trifled with!

Fire Spirit right now was full of gas, when did he become Fire boy?

But the little consort was actually interested in the brothel, strutting along and going in with the brothel keeper. Since they had arrived at this step, he could only be resigned to his fate. At the worst, he would be punished by His Highness when he gets back! He only hoped little consort wouldn’t stir up some kind of mess in here!

At the end of the road, a youth dressed in purple curved his lips in an evildoer’s smile. It seemed he saw that little girl! He lifted his head and saw ‘An Intoxicated Night’, she was really too daring!


1) Fire boy: Technically the Chinese is 火子. 火 being Fire and 子 usually means son. But sometimes adding 子 to a name, it acts as a nickname or saying I. In this case, I chose to translate it as Fire boy rather than Fire son because the son isn’t close to the original meaning.

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