Adorable Consort – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – Fire Spirit’s chin dropped from being scared

Chu Qing-Yan fanned herself with a paper fan while she swaggered into ‘An Intoxicated Night’. When the women calling out to customers saw such a pure and handsome youth, it was as if they were hungry wolves seeing a bunny rabbit, rushing over one after another.

Having stayed very long in this kind of place, what kind of people haven’t they seen before? However, this was a young master from a rich family coming out to see the world. In front of them he was a walking little money bag, very easy to wait on and also very easy to take advantage of. So no one was willing to let this opportunity slip away.

“Little grandpa, first time here right! Let Fu Rong come and take care of you!”

“Yan Zhi is also very gentle, little grandpa, come with this servant ah!”

“Ying Ying knows how to sing songs, guarantee you would be satisfied.”


Suddenly, Chu Qing-Yan was surrounded by all kinds of birds of the night. Fire Spirit subconsciously wanted to rescue her but was stupefied by the scene he saw in front of him.

“Come, come, come, all of you lift up your heads and let this little grandpa have a look.” Chu Qing-Yan closed the folding fan as her smiling gaze flitted across the bodies of these women.

Many women cooperated by lifting their chins up, purposefully giving bashful and seductive appearances.

Chu Qing-Yan had a smile on her face like a favored guest that often came to such a flower show, as she evaluated. “Not bad, not bad, fragrant like the flowers, skin like jade, satiny and silky. Lips the color of cinnamon with a touch of cherry. Slender waist not too much to hold, all the young ladies are indeed stunning beauties.”

The young ladies being surveyed by her so brazenly, everyone of them pretended to blush and pushed at her shoulder, saying in annoyance. “Official is really annoying!”

Fire Spirit’s chin dropped from being stunned. This, this, was this still their family’s innocent and weak little consort ah? Looks remarkably like a little sex fiend ah! Should he knock her unconscious and stealthily take her away? Otherwise, he could already foresee what kind of punishment he would face when he returned!

However, in the instant that Fire Spirit hesitated, he had already lost the best opportunity. Chu Qing-Yan had two hickeys on her face as she turned her head around, smiled like a little kitten and said to him. “Fire boy, pick a room!”

Only now did Fire Spirit return to his senses and said a private room number to the brothel keeper. Then Chu Qing-Yan waved goodbye to those orioles and swallows and said to the brothel keeper. “First take us to the private room, then send up top-notch wine and delicious dishes!”

The brothel keeper was already moved by Chu Qing-Yan who seemed very familiar with everything. Her way of playing with the young ladies really astonished the brothel keeper. It seemed she made an error in judgement, don’t just look at her being young, she was already quite familiar in this area of dealing with prostitutes. As a result, the brothel keeper promptly said. “Then how many top-notch beautiful young women should I prepare for little grandpa?”

“If they could play the zither or sing a song, it would be even better!” Chu Qing-Yan’s folding fan covered her lips, concealing a careless smile.

“That’s for sure, your servant’s family’s young ladies are number one or two in the capital when it comes to the four arts. They are good at everything, guarantee you will be satisfied!” The brothel keeper immediately agreed.

“Good, Fire boy, reward them!” Chu Qing-Yan was very generous and magnanimous!

The brothel keeper took a silver leaf from Fire Spirit’s hand who had lost all his ability to think, then took a bite of it. After determining it was real, she immediately let people lead them up stairs eagerly.

Chu Qing-Yan unhurriedly followed the little servant up the stairs, from the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Fire Spirit who was completely shell shocked. The folding fan covered her lips as she smiled craftily.

She was so familiar with this merely because in college, she would often be defrauded by her roommate who was the person in charge of the art school students that usually performed in some shows or skits. In the second year of college, she once acted the role of a playboy, so she already knew these words by heart. She merely pretended she was on a big stage just now and acted out something that was a walk in the park for her.

After entering the room, Chu Qing-Yan revealed her true self and grabbed Fire Spirit to ask. “Where’s Fu An-Lai? Where is he?”

Fire Spirit’s gaze avoided the two bright red hickeys on her face. With great difficulty, he extended a finger to point at the room on the side. “People haven’t arrived yet, but it ought to be soon.”

And just at this moment, there was a knock on the window sill. Afterwards, a black clothed person drilled in.

“Honorable Fire Spirit, I have already bought the person over. After another quarter of an hour, the person will wake up.” The black clothed person bowed down to make his report.

“Did anyone discover you?” Fire Spirit straightened his body, lightly coughed, then smoothed the sleeves the little consort had grabbed and wrinkled. He restored his normally serious appearance in front of an underling.

“That person was knocked unciousous by this group of subordinates in an alley and brought over. Didn’t alarm other people.” The black clothed person said.

“En.” Fire Spirit nodded his head.

“How should we deal with that woman Fu An-Lai had caught?” The black clothed person continued to ask.

“Release her outside of the city and give her some money. Don’t let her return to the capital again.” Fire Spirit said without the slightest hesitation.

“Yes sir.” The black clothed person immediately dodged out the window.

On the way here, Chu Qing-Yan already knew how they were going to severely punish Fu An-Lai.

Don’t know why this period of time Fu An-Lai was well-behaved, dutifully staying in the manor. He also didn’t come out to frequent the brothels, to devastate the flowers and plants. Today, he finally couldn’t endure it. He ordered people to seize the honorable daughter of a landlord surnamed Wu that he had drooled over for a long time from before and bring her to ‘An Intoxicated Night’ to properly complete his desires. Thinking once he had his way with her, he would then send back the honorable Wu daughter that had been deflowered. Then at that time, he would dispatch people to propose marriage and use the title of concubine to marry the girl over. Women always valued chastity, moreover the other side also had a huge background. Even if before he had sent people to propose marriage and was rejected, now she wouldn’t dare not to marry him! Moreover, a citizen could not fight with an official because they could not win ah!

Fu An-Lai’s conduct was always like this, it was not because he couldn’t force the other side to marry him. Rather, he felt that the other side refusing to marry him embarrassed him. Therefore, he wanted to force landlord Wu to agree to a lower status, and let the whole family taste the result of offending him!

Leading to this matter happening today.

Fire Spirit and them also exploited this matter, to beat him at his own game, and set this trap.

Aside from seizing this opportunity to punish Fu An-Lai, in fact there was an additional layer of intent. Only that Fire Spirit felt the little consort was too unsophisticated so there was no need to explain that much to her.

“Oh, not bad ah. Really gave a good show oh!” Chu Qing-Yan clicked her tongue and said to Fire Spirit. Looking at his appearance just now, if she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she would hardly believe it. Just now, that dignified and imposing person was actually the silly but amusing Fire Spirit!

The corner of Fire Spirit’s eyes twitched. He was always this good okay? It was only that ever since she and her father entered Prince Ying’s manor, his entire person couldn’t get back that calm and confident self from back then.

“Little young master need not praise erroneously!”

Chu Qing-Yan took her own initiative to ignore Fire Spirit’s saying one thing meaning something different remark. She flapped the paper fan back and forth and asked in curiosity. “Those black clothed people that always follow by Big Block of Ice’s side and those black clothed people just now are all secret guards, right?”

“It could be said like this, but secret guards are only a part of the Xiao Lie Cavalry.” Outside, just in case the walls had ears, Fire Spirit lowered his voice to say.

Chu Qing-Yan also knew outside was not like the Prince’s manor, so she stopped her curiosity. She felt Xiao Lie Cavalry was a huge trusted reserve guard behind Big Block of Ice. It was better she knew less. After all the more she knew, the earlier she would die!

Guessing at the time, Chu Qing-Yan stuffed the folded fan in her belt. She sprang up and jumped to the window, turning back to say. “Hurry up, you said we’d watch a good play!”

Finished speaking, the person had already disappeared from the window.

Even if Fire Spirit wanted to block her, it was already too late. He could only immediately go and catch up to her. Otherwise if this little devil rushed into some disaster, he couldn’t shoulder the responsibility ah.

And across this room, a covered window pane just so happened to face Chu Qing-Yan’s room in the distance. The person inside the room had his shoulder leaning against the frame, and with upturned lips said to the person behind him. “Did you find out that little girl’s identity?”

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