Adorable Consort – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 – Wood Spirit’s doomsday arrives

Having trained Chu Qing-Yan for half a day, Earth Spirit felt somewhat thirsty. Just by chance, a pot of tea had been placed on the stone table. He didn’t suspect it and poured a cup for himself.

Daddy Chu was watching his action at a distance far away, his heart was incomparably nervous watching this scene, while also full of expectations.

Just at this moment, a figure walked to his side.

“What are you looking at?” A clear and cold voice sounded.

“Watching Black Ghost drink water.” Daddy Chu didn’t even think before replying.

“What’s so interesting that you need to watch?” The clear and cold voice was mixed with a thread of disapproval.

“Because.” Daddy Chu “hehe” with mischievous laugher. “I put hot chilli powder in it!”

When he finished speaking, the person by the stone table suddenly sprayed out a fiery roar. “Ahhh——”

Then with a whoosh sound, he ran out of the courtyard to look for water!

Daddy Chu pushed back his hair that was blown by the wind from when Earth Spirit ran past, and with a sigh of regret said. “Really gives the feeling of flying ah!”

“Making trouble!” The cold and clear voice had a trace of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

And only at this time did Daddy Chu finally come back to his senses, he turned around and looked towards the person at his side. He called out, pleasantly surprised. “Son-in-law, son-in-law, you have returned!”

“En.” Xiao Xu was already used to the things he does that shocks people.

Xiao Xu walked over to Chu Qing-Yan doing the horse stance, lifted his hand to help her raise her hand a bit higher.

“Big Block of Ice, when will I really be able to start learning martial arts moves?” This was a question she had always wanted to ask.

“First start from the fundamentals, don’t try to run before you can walk.” In fact, Earth Spirit had already told him that based on Chu Qing-Yan’s learning speed, a few more days and she could start learning archery and sword skills.

Chu Qing-Yan gave a response in agreement. “En, I want to learn faster.”

“No need to rush.” Xiao Xu turned around and sat down on the stone chair.

Daddy Chu also strolled around him, as if he had something he wanted to say.

“Say it, what’s the matter?” Xiao Xu said.

Daddy Chu scratched his head. “Son-in-law, Cai Cai is so young, and you want her to learn martial arts, wouldn’t she be unable to grow tall?”

“Can’t grow tall?” Xiao Xu frowned.

“You see the sandbags tied to her leg, she also has a bucket of water on her head, how can she possibly grow tall! She is pressed down so much that she won’t be able to grow up!” Daddy Chu said seriously.

Xiao Xu’s lips twitched. “Not likely. This way, she could grow up even faster and better!”

With regards to inserted-in-backward scallion’s words, Daddy Chu had always believed him without a doubt.

“So it’s like this ah. I have always thought little black is too short ah, when I return, I’ll give it a try!” Daddy Chu decided on this plan.

Little black was a dog raised in Chu family.

Little black who was squating at a corner suddenly sneezed. Immediately, it vigilantly looked all around, seeing no one around it, it then felt assured enough to lay down and go back to sleep. It thought Daddy Chu had come again, scared it to death.

But how could it have known, cruel training was imminent!

With regards to Daddy Chu talking to himself, Xiao Xu never took it to heart.

The second day, when Chu Qing-Yan saw Earth’s spirits swollen sausage sized lips, she really had to work hard to restrain herself from laughing.

Earth Spirit had a stomach full of gas, this morning Fire Spirit had laughed at him all morning. On the way here, he was pointed at by the servants, so his anger was about to reach the boiling point. Now, seeing Chu Qing-Yan’s choking back laughter appearance was like adding oil to the fire. If it was not for her father, how could he be reduced to this stage?

“Add 2.5kg more to the sandbags!”

Chu Qing-Yan’s hand trembled, then wanting to cry but lacking the tears, changed the sandbag to 5kg. Now she was carrying 10kg when running ah!

Watching Chu Qing-Yan running painfully, Earth Spirit felt his anger vanish by half!

Then when he saw Daddy Chu taking large strides to come visit again, Earth Spirit felt his lips start to hurt again!

The servants at this time delivered tea and refreshments.

This time Earth Spirit prudently didn’t touch the water, only ate several piece of pastries.

Daddy Chu unhurriedly wandered over to the front of his own daughter, then happily accompanied her to run.

“Daddy, you should go and sit under the shade of the tree. The sun is very harsh!” Chu Qing-Yan advised.

“No, I want to experience the feeling of running!”

Seeing her daddy was very determined, Chu Qing-Yan allowed him to do as he wished.

“Running care-freely, full of freedom is the path to follow. Chasing after the strength of thunder and lighting, stuffing the endless ocean into my chest. Even the smallest sailing boat could travel far…”

Over there Daddy Chu sang loudly, over here Earth Spirit was just about to mock his out of tune singing style when suddenly, a burst of rumbling came from his stomach. Immediately followed by pain, his face went deathly pale as he looked at those pastries. Afterwards with flying speed, he rushed to the bathroom.

“Daddy, what did you do this time?” Chu Qing-Yan looked at that figure leaving like the wind and couldn’t help but click her tongue.

Daddy Chu had a face full of satisfaction as he said. “Croton powder, I sprinkled a packet on top of the pastries!”

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes twitched. That, oh Earth Spirit was the good fortune you sought!

Daddy Chu smiled sinisterly. Little guy, am I so foolish as to mess around with the tea again! Really stupid!

In fact, inside Prince Ying’s Manor, it wasn’t only Earth Spirit who wanted to cry but lacked the tears. Even Wood Spirit was also like this.

Wood Spirit was far away on the bank of Huai Liu river when he received the letter from the capitol, although he was suspicious of his family master’s purpose, he still rushed back without rest.

Originally, he thought something big had happened somewhere, he rushed for three day and three nights tiring out two fine steeds. When he arrived at the manor, he didn’t even have time to change clothes before going to see his family’s master to inquire what was the important matter this time.

How was he to know the mission his master gave him was to make amusing play things for the little consort!

He rushed back from distant parts, just for this?

What the hell master!

Wood Spirit immediately wanted to create a meter long bloodbath!

As a result, on this day, Wood Spirit sat on the steps, one hand held a knife, another held a block of wood, slice, slice, slice!

Daddy Chu who had successfully teased Earth Spirit again, slowly walked over.

“Are you paring the wood?”

Wood Spirit lifted his head to take a glance at him. Don’t recognize him, never seen him before, so he lowered his head to continue, slice, slice, slice!

“Wow, really amazing, this flower looks real!”

Wood Spirit looked at the failed flower he made and in passing, tossed it aside.

“What a shame to waste it!”

Daddy Chu picked it up, gestured a bit then stuck it into Wood Spirit’s head.

The corner of Wood Spirit’s mouth twitched, when he designed the east and the west, he hated it the most when people chattered continuously at his side. Moreover, this person actually started to move his hands and foot, if he wasn’t in a rush to design playthings for the little consort, he definitely wouldn’t spare this person!

Wood Spirit in one grab took out the wooden flower from his head, turned around and was just about to walk away!

Don’t know from where this person came from, if he couldn’t offend, he didn’t believe he couldn’t avoid him, okay?


“You really are awesome. Oh that’s right, besides carving flowers, do you know how to carve other things?” Following slavishly.

“…..” Ignore.

“Is it because you can only carve flowers?” Following slavishly.

“……” Ignore.

“Why won’t you talk, are you mute?” Following slavishly.

“No.” At the end of his patience.

“Turns out you know how to speak ah! Then besides carving flowers, what else can you carve?” Following slavishly.

“……” Ignored again.

“So it turns out you can only carve flowers ah, don’t be shy about admitting it oh!” Following slavishly.

“No.” At the end of his patience.

“So it’s like this ah. Then besides carving flowers, what else do you know how to carve?” Following slavishly.

At the end of his patience. In the end, where did this person who chatted continuously come from!

Wood Spirit could not restrain his anger, the dagger in his hand waved towards the large stone at his side. Immediately, the stone broke into pieces!

Originally, he thought the person at his side would be afraid and won’t keep nagging him.

“Wow, it turns out you can even carve rocks! Then do you know how to carve animals?” Following slavishly with star like eyes.

Wood Spirit tried to release some anger. “Knows.”

“Tiger, little black, little white you also know how?” Following slavishly with star like eyes.

“Knows.” Dispiritedly.



Fire Spirit who was hanging upside down on the tree poked the person at his side. “Looks like Daddy Chu has already shifted his target. We shouldn’t be on the receiving end of his attention ah!”

Earth Spirit had his eyes closed, his face was the color of ash grey. Don’t talk to him. Having squatted over a toilet for a day, he didn’t have the strength!

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