Adorable Consort – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 – Mental struggle with Earth Spirit ‘ding, ding, ding’

She had no choice but to say that although Earth Spirit’s training methods were somewhat harsh, undoubtedly the desired effect was achieved very quickly.

Chu Qing-Yan who from the begining was swaying after only maintaining the horse stance for one stick of incense, was now as steady as Mt Tai after three sticks of incense worth of time. Moreover, nowadays she wasn’t panting for breath with her stomach hurting after running twenty laps around the courtyard. Now she could complete it easily.

With regards to Chu Qing-Yan’s progress, even Earth Spirit was astonished. For him, it was as if the completely useless waste of a material could now be used as a pillar to rely on.

But Earth Spirit didn’t relax her training just because of this, rather he increased the amount of training.

Although Chu Qing-Yan mouthed her complaints that he was too strict, however, no matter what he said, she would follow his instructions and to do it without a complaint in her heart.

She knew that to obtain something, she was required to put in a lot of effort.

Only that the training became incredibly difficult because Earth Spirit increased the amount.

Both legs wrapped with sandbags to run around the courtyard. Compared to running without weights, it was much more strenuous.

This day Chu Qing-Yan had just tied sandbags weighing 2.5 kg on each leg and was just taking a strenuous step when at Prince Ying Manor’s gates came the lively footsteps of Daddy Chu.

“Hey, watering the flowers?” Daddy Chu waved his hand towards servant A.

When that servant A saw it was him, he immediately spread out both hands to protect those rare flowers and plants. He said trembling. “Chu, Great Lord Chu.”

Daddy Chu’s lips twitched. Was it just because he picked several of his flowers last time? Really stingy!

“Hello, wiping the windows ah?” Daddy Chu greeted servant B.

When that servant B said it was him, he immediately covered his pockets with his jacket and stood there precariously. Trembling, he said. “Chu, Great Lord Chu, this slave doesn’t have any candy!”

Daddy Chu’s lips twitched. Wasn’t it just because he snatched several pieces of candy from him last time? Really stingy!

Daddy Chu continued to walk forward, and when those servants saw it was him, all of them hid. Those that couldn’t hide stood there properly trembling, everyone of them had received a greeting from Daddy Chu.

If you are curious why the servants in Prince Ying’s manor were so afraid of Daddy Chu, just casually grab a servant and ask. He may respond like this. “Don’t just assume based on his foolish appearance that Great Lord Chu is easy to bully. In fact, when he really becomes foolish, he is like a super strong typhoon full of destructive power!”

Look at those servants’ frenetic appearance, Fire Spirit guessed, afraid that typhoon level Daddy Chu has come again.

As expected.

“Hey, white ghost!”

Speaking of the devil, he appears.

Fire Spirit’s body stiffened as he slowly turned around, he suddenly saw a long strip of something fall down in front of his eyes. He cried out loud and quickly fled up the tall tree closest to him.

Daddy Chu rubbed his nose, somewhat puzzled as he waved the straw rope in his hand. He said in puzzlement to Fire Spirit who held onto the tree. “Why did you run? This is merely a string ah!”

Fire Spirit lowered his head to look, sure enough it was a rope. He wanted to cry but lacked the tears as he looked at that seemingly innocent Daddy Chu under the tree. A burst of dejection came from his heart. “Honorable father in law, could you please stop scaring people all the time okay? This subordinate’s heart is small and can’t handle being scared!”

“Kiss? Family’s master (1)?” Daddy Chu’s brows puckered, he took several steps back, while Fire Spirit’s head was full of fog and water, he deadly earnestly said. “No need for you to kiss me. Only Mother Dan and Cai Cai can kiss me!”

“——” Fire Spirit fell down from on top of the tree.

The hole in Daddy Chu’s head was very big, Fire Spirit’s heart was already tired from being tossed around!

With regards to Fire Spirit that had fallen, Daddy Chu rubbed the back of his head. After thinking for a while, he handed Fire Spirit the straw rope in his hand that he was reluctant to part with. “Cai Cai said, a dynasty that is bitten by a snake for ten years is afraid of straw rope. This is for you. If often faced with the thing one is afraid of, then later you won’t be afraid of it. One must use courage to face fearful things. White Ghost, I believe you really can do it!”

Daddy Chu was afraid he won’t be able to part with the straw rope, so he turned his head and walked away. Then, he still didn’t forget to turn his head back to encourage Fire Spirit. “Good Luck, muah!”

Fire Spirit glanced at the straw rope in his hand, he had an expression of wanting to cry but can’t appearance. With regards to Daddy Chu, he had already given up and stopped bothering with it.

And at this time, the two servants at the side of the well rubbed their heads, they had been searching for awhile and still couldn’t find that well rope that vanished all of a sudden. Really strange, clearly it was still there a moment ago!

Daddy Chu took a stroll around the study, before finding out inserted-in-backwards scallion had gone out to handle some matters. So he went to the main courtyard to look for his own daughter, where he was told she was practicing martial arts in a side courtyard.

Daddy Chu walked along the path and a lot of flowers and plants met with his ‘poisonous hand’.

He walked until he reached the courtyard and saw his own daughter. He really wanted to run over happily when he saw that there was a person with a wooden stick that would whip her from time to time. Daddy Chu immediately opened his eyes wide, so angry his tooth ached.

He and Mother Dan were always unwilling to hit even a single finger of Cai Cai’s. This bad person actually dared to hit Cai Cai, he must humiliate him!

As a result, Daddy Chu walked over in a rage, blocked in front of his own daughter, and viciously said. “Hey, Black Ghost, do you still resent that last time I didn’t give you face in the study? That’s the reason you transferred the anger onto Cai Cai’s body am I right? If it is like that, then you are too repulsive! You are more repulsive than the mud in the pond! A hundred times, no a thousand times worse than the eagle that catches little chicks!”

Earth Spirit was just focused on teaching Chu Qing-Yan and didn’t expect such a fiend like Daddy Chu would come over. His brows shook as if he was about to get angry.

At this moment, Chu Qing-Yan had a bucket of water on her head. Seeing her own daddy, her heart was very happy. However, she never expected that daddy would start to curse Earth Spirit. Although it sounded funny, she felt now was not the right time to offend this teacher of hers. She immediately opened her mouth to stop her own daddy.

“Dad, Earth Spirit is teaching this daughter martial arts, not bullying daughter. You should feel assured!”

“Feel assured? Daddy doesn’t feel assured! It’s such a hot day, why lift up a bucket of water? It isn’t even raining, it’s not like you can catch some water!” Daddy Chu once again flattened his mouth, miserably feeling sad on his daughter’s behalf.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but smile. “Daddy, this is not used to catch water. It’s used to practice the horse stance. It’s nothing, daddy you play on the side, wait for daughter to finish practicing, then I’ll go look for you to play!”

Daddy Chu thought about it and reluctantly nodded his head.

And just at this time Earth Spirit darkly said. “Today’s practice is extended by one stick of incense time!”

Suddenly the character ten appeared above Chu Qing-Yan’s head, and Daddy Chu turned his head back to glare at Earth Spirit. Following which, he immediately walked away extremely angry. He must listen to his daughter, but it does not mean he would let Black Ghost off just like this!

Daddy Chu started to circle around this side courtyard, from time to time he would glare at Earth Spirit like a tiger watching its prey. Even if Earth Spirit’s determination was stronger, he still couldn’t stand it. When he turned to look, Daddy Chu had already nonchalantly shifted his gaze somewhere else. Earth Spirit was also angry!

Daddy Chu wandered to the gate of the side courtyard, and just by chance encountered the servants delivering tea to Earth Spirit. Daddy Chu’s eyeballs spun around, and he immediately moved close to her.

“Chu, Great Lord Chu.” That servant girl was so frightened that she took two steps back. The little consort’s father’s ‘good name’ had already spread wide inside the manor. The little servant girl made her salutations while trembling.

“Delivering water to Black Ghost ah?” Daddy Chu put on an amicable smiling expression. How could he have known he scared her to tremble much harder.

“Y-, yes, it’s for Honorable Earth Spirit.”

“Then give it to me! I’m very familiar with him!”

Very familiar? This justification? Little servant girl wanted to ask, but trembling, she handed over the tea under Daddy Chu’s smiling expression.

Holding the tea, Daddy Chu smiled sinisterly.

Little guy, just you wait!


1) Daddy Chu doesn’t understand the three characters making up the word for 親家公 Honorable father in law. The first word 親 means relatives and sound like the word kiss. 家公 means the head of the family. Together the three words means the father/male head from relatives by marriage. So I just loosely translated it as Honorable father in law.

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