Adorable Consort – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114 – Happily decided just like this

Earth Spirit originally wanted to wait for her to get angry, so he could have an excuse to make the request to his master to resign from this assignment. But when he saw her silently lift the tub of water over her head and persist on while gritting her teeth, he was slightly stunned. He didn’t think that after making it deliberately hard for her, she would actually be able to endure it. Earth Spirit’s impression of her changed slightly and then with hands behind his back, he slowly circled around her.

He ignored the slight tremble her legs were showing and ignored her pale face and tightly pursed lips.

He slowly waved his bamboo stick and corrected her once in a while, only that the force clearly wasn’t as strong as before.

When an entire incense stick was burnt, Xi Ning glared at Earth Spirit, full of hate before quickly running over to help her master take the tub of water down.

The breath that she choked back finally released at this moment, and her entire person fell limp to the floor. Xi Ning promptly went and supported her.

“Master, are you alright?” Xi Ning asked in concern.

“I’m fine!” Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at Earth Spirit who was standing with hands at his back and said through her gritted teeth. Although it felt like her whole body was no longer hers at this moment, she still had to maintain the unyielding character she ought to have. She didn’t want to be looked down on by anybody.

Earth Spirit merely glanced at her.”In the evening, you still need to run laps for training. Hope the Little Consort can show up on time!”

After saying this, Earth Spirit unhurriedly left.

Xi Ning made a face at Earth Spirit’s leaving figure as she indignantly said. “Too hateful, actually treating master like this. He simply doesn’t understand how to treat the fairer sex.”

“A strict teacher raises brilliant students ah! Come, help me up!” Chu Qing-Yan said to console her.

Xi Ning looked at her staggering master, and a slight bitterness welled in her heart. If there was ever an opportunity, she would definitely make Earth Spirit pay the price!

In the evening, she was ordered to run 20 laps around the entire courtyard. At first, Chu Qing-Yan refused, but when she saw the ‘I already knew this was going to happen’ expression on Earth Spirit’s face, Chu Qing-Yan steeled her will and started running. When she got back to her room, her whole body went limp on her own bed. Even her favorite dishes made by Huang Yi were not enough to arouse any energy in her.

Xiao Xu who had returned from outside received the servant’s reports. After a long time, he still didn’t see her come over to have dinner, so he got up and went to her room to look for her.

Entering the door, he saw her weakly and listlessly lying on the bed, her expression extremely weary.

“Very tired?” XIao Xu sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down to ask her.

Chu Qing-Yan who heard this didn’t even bother to glance at him. Although at that time, she held the mentality of wanting to become strong and accepted Earth Spirit’s method of training. She still didn’t want to face Big Block of Ice because subconsciously, she thought that Big Block of Ice was the one who designed her method of training. How could he be so inconsiderate of her needs, she really had a poor evaluation of him!

Facing the silent anger of the person on the bed, he didn’t explain that those training methods weren’t thought out by him. He lifted his hand wanting to tidy the hairs on her forehead but she moved her head, avoiding him. Towards this kind of childish behavior of hers, Xiao Xu smirked.

He stood up. He softly and clearly told the person playing dead on the bed.

“Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, these five big cavalry soldiers were all brought up by this king. At that time, after their first day of training, they couldn’t even walk. They had to do the horse stance for a day and night. Even when it came to running, they couldn’t stop until their entire bodies had no strength left.”

Chu Qing-Yan slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. “Isn’t that kind of training a little too cruel?”

“Cruel? At that time this king had also thought the same way. If you are not cruel to yourself, then you could only let others treat you cruelly. Comparing the both sides, which kind would you choose?” Xiao Xu’s eyes contained no ripples as he looked at the little girl in front of him. He could give her a carefree and worry free life. He could also give her a life of luxury, but he had no way to guarantee that he would be able to protect her fully when he wasn’t there.

In his life, there were no what ifs.

Were there only two choices?

“But….” She mumbled.

“There are no buts, Qing-Yan.” Xiao Xu’s gaze firmly locked on her.

You’ve already entered the game, so it won’t tolerate you to be weak.

At this king’s side, even if it meant going through extreme danger, as long as you don’t shed this identity, then you must endure with this king the trials and hardships that come with imperial power.

The person in front had deep pupils like a sea of stars. She seemed to understand a lot of things in his eyes, yet at the same time, she didn’t understand a lot of things. However, there was one thing she was certain of.

What Big Block of Ice said was right. If she didn’t put in the effort herself, nobody would get stronger on her behalf!

After taking a deep breath, Chu Qing-Yan unhurriedly gave a shallow smile. Actually, it was not that she didn’t want to learn martial arts. Rather, she had gotten used to Big Block of Ice’s spoiling her, so when he suddenly became strict towards her, she was merely not used to it.

“Big Block of Ice, I’m hungry but I can’t walk!” She pouted.

Seeing her admitting defeat, Xiao Xu’s brows smoothed out. In fact, he had already decided that if she had cried and said she didn’t want to continue to practice, he would have immediately ordered Earth Spirit to not teach her anymore. However, since she had tacitly agreed not to refuse to learn martial arts, he suddenly released a breath of relief. Actually, deep inside, he also hoped for her to have the ability to protect herself.

He turned around and ordered people to bring dinner into the room.

A small table was placed atop of her bed with all kinds of warm dishes.

Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes and softened her voice towards the person beside her laddling a bowl of soup. “Big Block of Ice, I can’t lift up my hands. Could you feed me, please?”

Xiao Xu looked at her for a moment, then held her bowl, picked up some vegetables with the rice and placed them by her mouth, mockingly saying. “Are you this delicate?”

Chu Qing-Yan opened her mouth to receive the food, then she inarticulately said. “This is not called being delicate, it’s called compensation! Who told your servant to abuse me! I can only seek some compensation from this master of his!”

Seeing her wolfing down her food, Xiao Xu decided not to incite her anymore.

In fact, it wasn’t that she was delicate. She had lifted a tub of water the whole morning so her hand had already turned sore. But if she were to say that she didn’t have the strength to lift even a spoon, then she’d been lying. Only, she missed the time when she was poisoned and Big Block of Ice had to feed her.

And needless to say, Xiao Xu’s feeding ability had greatly improved and he was not the same amateur he was in the beginning. Now just like his military tactics, he had become completely familiar with it.

After a whole bowl of rice was finished in an instant, and seeing the person before him smacking her lips looking like she wanted another bowl, Xiao Xu felt that it was right for her to learn martial arts. At least, her small physique could become more sturdy.

After eating, Chu Qing-Yan started to get sleepy. Xiao Xu saw this and frowned. “Sleeping after eating is not good for the body!

Chu Qing-Yan yawned and hearing this, her mischievous spirit was aroused. She shifted her legs and placed both on top of his. “Then help this Miss massage it oh?”

The meaning of ‘If you don’t massage it, I’ll go to sleep,’ was abundant.

This was the first time someone had so brazenly made him wait upon them!

Xiao Xu originally wanted to chide her, but in the end he lost to her tired expression.

He had never waited upon someone before. However as a practitioner of martial arts, he had a clear understanding of the acupuncture points by heart. So he lifted his hands and massaged her pressure points, helping her unblock her blood vessels.

Chu Qing-Yan originally just had a mischievous heart wanting to tease him, unexpectedly Big Block of Ice really did it. She wanted to tease him with a few sentences but in the end, she lost to the God of Dreams.

When Xiao Xu stopped, the person beside him had already fallen asleep leaning on his shoulder.

Softly and quietly, Xiao Xu carefully placed her down and tucked her into the covers before leaving.

“Master.” Earth Spirit appeared in the doorway.

“Add a hundred laps!”

“Yes sir.”

Nobody knew why Earth Spirit was punished on that day.

And when Fire Spirit who was nibbling on an ear of corn saw Earth Spirit running, he was so curious that he tossed this question out to Earth Spirit.

Earth Spirit said a paragraph of tongue-twister like words that baffled Fire Spirit.

“Maybe master felt I was making things difficult for the Little Consort but also felt that this difficulty was beneficial to the Little Consort. However, his heart felt distressed for Little Consort but he also couldn’t stop this training method, so he could only punish me.”

After Fire Spirit had mulled it over and finally understood it, the corn cob in his mouth fell on the ground.

What the hell! He will have to stay a little farther away from the Little Consort in the future, a little farther!

He happily decided just like this!

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