Adorable Consort – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Being wrongly accused for no reason makes one aggrieved

Concubine Yue Niang Niang (1)?

Chu Qing-Yan subconciously looked to Xiao Xu, wasn’t this Xiao Ran, that guy’s mother? How come she would suddenly summon them?

“Did Concubine Yue say anything else?” Xiao Xu slightly couldn’t conceal his mood and raised an eyebrow.

“My family’s Niang Niang heard that Your Highness had brought Chu family’s Miss to enter the imperial palace. So she wants to have a look.” That eunuch respectfully replied.

Xiao Xu’s eyes were a bit ice-cold. “Lead the way.”

“Yes, the two please come this way.” That eunuch immediately stepped aside. Then he bent at the waist with his hand pointed to the wide road behind him.

Chu Qing-Yan followed Xiao Xu to slowly walk in the opposite direction from the way they came.

The bad premonition in her heart became more and more intense. She couldn’t help but suspect that her sixth sense intuition was pointing to that Concubine Yue she hadn’t met. Iit wasn’t coming from that Empress Liang who locked them outside her doors and refused to see them.

“If you are hungry, then endure it first. When we return, I’ll let Huang Yi make your favorite dishes.” Xiao Xu noticed the person’s face by his side was somewhat ugly. In his heart, he knew she was already impatient to leave the palace, so he couldn’t help but utter words to appease her.

Xiao Xu’s words made the back of the eunuch leading up ahead tremble. He hadn’t heard wrong right? That tender tone actually came from the mouth of the coldest and most ruthless Highness in Western Xuan? Was what he heard a fantasy?

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head, just now Big Block of Ice had already pledged to protect her well. She had always doubted people she didn’t trust and never doubted the people she trusted. Big Block of Ice’s body gave off a very strong sense of security, making her firmly believe in him without a doubt.

“When I go back, I can eat many bowls of rice. I want Huang Yi to make many stir-fried or simmered dishes like Lion head meatball, hot numbing chicken wing, jade finger like lotus soup, swallow nest thread…not good, if I continue talking about this, I’ll be even more hungry!” Chu Qing-Yan smacked her lips, this really was searching for hardship for herself to suffer.

Xiao Xu’s original ice-cold eyes, because of her soliloquy was dyed with a slightly warm light. “Okay, everything according to your wishes.”

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her head and smiled fully at him.

By this time, the two people had walked through several palaces until they arrived at a sparkling and bright palace. Compared to the glorious, dazzling, powerful and rather domineering Morning Sun Palace they just saw, this Moon Palace seemed like a pretty daughter from a humble family. However, every structure was built in a very elaborate manner.

The palace maids waiting at the door seemed to have already received instructions. When they arrived at the gate, the maids had already opened the gate, and they welcomed the two people to go in.

At an earlier time outside, Chu Qing-Yan had already released Xiao Xu’s hand. She followed behind Xiao Xu as if blindly following suit. She was cautious as she curiously observed her surroundings.

She had no choice but to admit, this concubine Yue really knew how to live. All along the way, tree peonies were planted on both side of the pathway. Up ahead, laurel trees provided cover until you walked past the trees before the palace could be seen, in the shade behind them. The glazed tiled roof flashed with bright yellow light under the setting sun, sparkling, clear and translucent. It was an exquisitely detailed, elaborate and lofty palace.

She couldn’t help but say if she hadn’t seen Morning Sun Palace, she would certainly have thought this was the palace of the master of the imperial concubines.

“Xiao Xu pay respects to Concubine Yue Niang Niang.”

Big Block of Ice’s even and ripplesless tone sounded by her ear, before Chu Qing-Yan saw the person sitting on the senior concubine chair up front.

Both eyes bent like the moon, delicate and gorgeous nature. Skin smooth and white as amber, her thick beautiful hair was swept up in a bun. Fine tree peony shaped jade hairpins were inserted into the bun. Although she was over thirty years old, she looked like she was only twenty years old. No wonder this woman had the reputation of being the most beautiful woman in the world.

Fu You-Yue, the concubine Yue that was extremely dotted on by the emperor.

Chu Qing-Yan curtsied. “Auspicious wishes for Concubine Yue Niang Niang.”

“Xu’er is too polite. Is this Chu family’s Miss? Indeed, she really looks lustrous and full of life.” When Chu Qing-Yan entered the door, Concubine Yue had already noticed her. Clear and limpid eyes, although young she already had the first signs of having a stunningly beautiful face. This gave birth to jealousy in Concubine Yue’s heart. If she was younger by ten years her skin would be much more moist, glossy and whiter than now.

Maybe it was because women understood other women better. When Concubine said these words, Chu Qing-Yan could clearly feel something that made her shudder.

“Concubine Yue Niang Niang, this humble daughter is Chu family’s Qing-Yan. Niang Niang is worthy of being the number one beauty in the world, Chu Qing-Yan doesn’t even dare to lift up her head, as that may profane your looks.” Chu Qing-Yan naturally and unrestrainedly stood out and made the self-introduction. Since Big Block of Ice already said he will protect her, then there wasn’t anything she should be afraid of. She may as well be generous to avoid landing in other people’s word traps.

Concubine Yue hearing Chu Qing-Yan saying it like this, her heart became a lot more cheerful. Who doesn’t like to hear people praise their beauty. Moreover, it came from the mouth of a ten year old child. Young kid’s words weren’t considered lies. This was proof that was more true than something coming from those people fluent in flattery. As a result, Concubine Yue’s brows smoothed out. “This little imp is very quick and clever, with such a sweet mouth. Quickly sit down and have a taste of this red bayberry sent from outside the palace. See if it’s sweet or not.”

While Concubine was speaking, she motioned the two to sit down. After that, the palace maid very quickly delivered tea.

“Xu’er, this palace heard you brought Qing-Yan to enter the imperial palace, so I thought if I missed this opportunity, it will be a very long time before I can see Qing-Yan. So I summoned you guys to come over, hopefully I didn’t inconvenience you guys!” Concubine Yue smilingly said to Xiao Xu.

“Not at all.” Xiao Xu took a sip of the tea and said indifferently.

Perhaps because Xiao Xu in front of them was always this cold and cheerless, so Concubine Yue wasn’t discontent because of this. She switched to say to Chu Qing-Yan. “Qing-Yan, your age is still young, and don’t understand a lot of things. It may be assumed you haven’t heard of the customs in the palace, in the future if you have any questions, you could enter and come find this palace.”

Chu Qing-Yan felt this was somewhat laughable. Although Empress Liang doesn’t like her, as for guidance in this kind of matter, it still wouldn’t be her turn to do so ah. But Chu Qing-Yan still agreed on the surface. “Many thanks to Concubine Yue Niang Niang, Qing-Yan has recorded this down.”

“Really lovable and clever. Several days ago, this palace had the internal affairs department prepare several sets of clothes that should suit you. Originally, I thought to have it sent to Prince Ying’s Manor, but it just so happens you came today, so you can try the clothes. If they don’t fit, I can have internal affairs department alter it immediately.”

While saying this Concubine Yue stood up, pulled Chu Qing-Yan by the hand, smiling wholeheartedly as she turned her head to say to Xiao Xu. “Xu’er, I’m borrowing your little consort. In a while, I’ll return her to you.”

Xiao Xu took a glance at Chu Qing-Yan. Chu Qing-Yan bit her lower lips and nodded her head towards him. Although Xiao Xu didn’t feel reassured, he still nodded his head towards Concubine Yue.

Consequently, Concubine Yue pulled her into the inner palace, and Chu Qing-Yan obediently followed.

Chu Qing-Yan thought that inside the inner palace, this Concubine Yue shouldn’t be able to brazenly play some cheap trick ah!

But when the palace maids delivered the clothes, Chu Qing-Yan clearly saw that smiling expression at the corner of Concubine Yue’s mouth that was not a smile. Her brows couldn’t help but pucker up.

“This is the legendary bright jade this palace picked for you, really suits your skin color. Consider this a gift from this palace for meeting you for the first time.” Concubine Yue choose an item from the jewelry box handed over by the palace maid and in passing handed it to her.

Chu Qing-Yan subconciously wanted to refuse but she couldn’t decline gifts bestowed by one’s elders. She could only force herself to accept it and say her thanks. However, when that bright jade landed in her hand, she suddenly felt her hand go numb and watched helplessly as it fell to the ground and broke into two pieces.

“This was bestowed by his Majesty to master ah, you actually dared to ruin it!” A fiend like Nanny at Concubine Yue’s side started to shout strangely.

The alarm bells in Chu Qing-Yan’s head suddenly sounded. She immediately turned to explain to Concubine Yue. “Concubine Yue Niang Niang, Qing-Yan didn’t do it on purpose.”

“My family’s Niang Niang out of kindness prepared some clothes for you, yet you actually are so greedy as to steal Niang Niang’s jewelry. As expected of someone coming from a minor family, really too inferior to bring out in public.” Concubine Yue’s trusted palace maid, Yu Tu at her side angrily glared with her two eyes as she started to ridicule Chu Qing-Yan. Her ability to lie through her teeth was simply to the point of perfection.

“Qing-Yan, you really disappointed this palace.”

Concubine Yue’s pair of eyes were tainted with a trace of disappointment, everything seemed as if it was all her fault.


1) Niang Niang- Basically, all wives and concubines of the emperor are called Niang Niang, which translates to mother because the wife of the emperor is the mother of the world. So when a higher ranked concubine or the empress arrives, they will be announced as ‘Niang Niang has arrived’. I’m going to leave it in Chinese because it will get too complicated if I use different English words when referring to Niang Niang for the empress and concubine Yue.

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