Adorable Consort – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 – Hundreds of flavors rose up in one’s heart

Hearing these words from Concubine Yue, Chu Qing-Yan suddenly had an urge to laugh coldly.

So it turned out that trying clothes was fake, and framing her was the real intent.

She was still too naive, entering the fighting world inside the royal palace really wasn’t suited to her taste.

“Concubine Yue Niang Niang, don’t know how Qing-Yan has offended you. Still ask you to state it clearly.” Chu Qing-Yan lifted up her head, her expression was not as naive as just now. Since the otherside had already so brazenly framed her, what more was there to talk about surreptitiously.

Concubine Yue’s hand that was stroking the long hair in front of her chest paused. Her pair of eyes full of mockery looked toward her. “You this girl, what kind of words are you saying? How could this palace lightly accuse someone? When all is said and done, you and Ran’er played so well together, which made him repeatedly sneak out of the royal palace to go to Prince Ying’s Manor to search for you. Taking him into consideration, no matter what, this palace must treat you properly.”

Saying up to here, Concubine Yue used a somewhat melancholic expression to look at her, but the bottom of her eyes were still malicious. “A pity that you are, alas, really too disappointing. Even if you don’t like the bright jade this palace gifted you, you absolutely shouldn’t break it into pieces. If this was to spread out, this palace doesn’t care about losing face but you implicated Xu’er. If others were to know he had a consort like you who can’t grasp the bigger picture, where would he place his face ah?”

Chu Qing-Yan’s lips twitched, what a poisonous scorpion-like beauty. What high-sounding justification! Wasn’t this because she couldn’t control her own son? So she would use this pretext and opportunity to beat her. She suddenly realized who Xiao Yao said that person was. It seemed that she and Big Block of Ice could enter the palace were based on the good fortune of the person in front of her.

“Niang Niang, how should we dispose of this girl?” That fiend-like Nanny asked for instructions.

Concubine Yue somewhat regretfully said. “What she broke was a treasure bestowed by the emperor. If his majesty were to know, serious punishment could not be avoided. If this palace was to take care of it however, then it may be assumed his majesty won’t look deeper into this matter. Just let this palace act as the evil person. Nanny Rong, drag her down and flog her fifty times!”

Soon after, Concubine Yue turned her head to look at Chu Qing-Yan and insincerely said. “Don’t blame this palace for being heartless. If I don’t properly teach you the rules in the royal palace, the chances of you making a mistake will be even more later. This palace is also doing it for your own good.”

Her words had just finished when Nanny Rong directed two palace maids to hold down Chu Qing-Yan, saying in a sinister tone. “Miss Chu this slave offended, take her down.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s hand was firmly held down by two people on either side. Her gaze was cold and clear as she looked at Concubine Yue. A cold sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth.

If you want to condemn someone, why worry about the pretext?

She knew now that it was useless for her to say more. So she gave up the useless struggle. She knew Big Block of Ice was outside, and as long as she got outside, she would have a lifeline to live. Otherwise, this fifty boards may just send her to play chess with Yama, the king of Hell.

Concubine Yue met her gaze and was slightly startled. On her body, it seemed as if she saw Xiao Xu’s pair of eyes that could freeze a person’s heart. Her heart become somewhat frenetic but very quickly, her expression turned strict again. “Drag her down for this palace.”

They went out of the inner palace and arrived at the outside palace hall.

However, besides the two cups of tea that was already cold, there was nothing else and no one.

Seeing that Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze landed on the place where Xiao Xu was sitting, Concubine Yue clearly understood and laughed. “You are waiting for Xu’er to come rescue you right? A great pity that just now, he was summoned away by His Majesty temporarily. Therefore, you should just obediently receive your punishment!”

Chu Qing-Yan bit her lower lip, the last thread of hope shattered in her heart.

She ought to have thought of this earlier, in order to punish her, Concubine Yue certainly would send Big Block of Ice away!

Her hand slowly folded into fists, her eyes held a dark and gloomy expression.

She didn’t have superb achievement in martial arts to struggle free from these people.

She didn’t have supreme power that was above everyone to deter these people by force.

In time travel TV series, those female masters having golden finger would always find ways out of dangerous predicaments, they were omnipotent. A pity she was not like them.

The long bench was already placed in front of her.

The court eunuch with a board that was about to execute the punishment pressed closer.

Now, how was she supposed to save herself?

Outside of Moon Palace, a figure unhurriedly walked over. This was precisely Xiao Ran who learned that Elder Royal Brother and Chu Qing-Yan were invited over to Moon Palace, so he also followed over.

“Fourth Prince, why aren’t you studying in your own palace? Looking for Concubine Yue Niang Niang at this time, Concubine Yue Niang Niang would punish you ah.”

The palace maid Liu Li-Yue who followed by his side long-windedly said to Xiao Ran.

Because he could see Chu Qing-Yan, Xiao Ran’s mood was pretty good. He didn’t mind and said to Liu Li-Yue. “No matter, Mother Concubine loves me so much that she wouldn’t punish me because of such a trivial matter.”

“But today, Concubine Yue Niang Niang particularly told you to properly stay in your palace, If you…” Xiao Ran’s personal imperial bodyguard Mo Wang hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Xiao Ran.

“Stop talking, don’t say anything more. If you guys still have so much words to say, then you guys should just go back to my palace hall by yourself.” Xiao Ran became somewhat impatient. He was most annoyed at being told ‘this wasn’t allowed, that wasn’t allowed’. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have brought them. Xiang Yu was still better because he spoke fewer words and was quiet.

Being ignored by their family’s Highness, Liu Li-Yue and Mo Wang exchanged glances and immediately stopped speaking.

Although Concubine Yue sent them to take care of Fourth Prince, still their direct master now was Fourth Prince. If they angered him, it was very likely they wouldn’t be working anymore.

After the noise by his ears stopped, Xiao Ran took large strides and walked to the gate of Moon Palace.

In the wake of getting closer, his mood slowly became nervous and also somewhat expectant. Today, he still hadn’t talked properly with Chu Qing-Yan. After returning, he was somewhat regretful. Now that he was about to see her again, his heart started to plot what he would to say when he saw her.

Mo Wang and Liu Li-Yue had never seen this expression of being hesitant and excited at once on their family’s Highness. Suddenly, they were somewhat unable to make sense of this. Everytime His Highness went to Moon Palace, he was always extremely serious. How come this time he seemed somewhat unusual?

When Xiao Ran arrived at Moon Palace and the maids and eunuchs on duty at the gate saw him, their expressions suddenly changed. Nobody expected that Fourth Prince would suddenly come.

“Quickly go and announce that this Highness has arrived.” After Xiao Ran finished speaking, he was unable to wait. “Forget it, this Highness will go in himself.”

While speaking, Xiao Ran started to walk into the palace.

Those palace maids and eunuchs on duty immediately blocked him with urgent expressions, saying. “Fourth Prince, Niang Niang is in the middle of receiving honorable guests. You should first return, wait until the honorable guests leave, then you can come again. What do you say?”

“Honorable guests?” Xiao Ran suddenly understood and smiled. “How could Elder Royal Brother and Chu Qing-Yan be considered honorable guests? This Highness often searches them out to play. Step aside, let this Highness go in.”

“This is Niang Niang’s instruction. Fourth Prince, don’t make it difficult for us slaves.” The palace people blocked the gate. They said this in a low voice without strength, but the tone was very firm.

Xiao Ran narrowed his eyes from his sharp senses. “Normally, Mother Concubine would never restrict this Highness from entering and exiting Moon Palace. Unless something has happened inside?”

“This…” The palace people suddenly couldn’t continue speaking. Fourth Prince had always been smart, didn’t expect that he would see through this so quickly.

Xiao Ran originally used these words to probe, but the palace people’s reaction immediately made his face sink down. Sure enough, he had guessed right.

“Get out of the way, otherwise don’t blame this Highness for being impolite.” Xiao Ran’s face was coldly strict as he ordered.

The palace people trembled from head to toe as they silently stepped aside. Afterwards, Xiao Ran took large strikes and walked past them toward the palace hall up front.

A palace person immediately said to the person on the side. “Quickly go and inform Niang Niang that Fourth Prince has entered the palace hall.”

Xiao Xu who was in the imperial study, a thread of unease in his heart appeared for an unknown reason. He narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of Moon Palace.

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