Adorable Consort – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Being denied entrance really leaves a bad taste

“Eldest Royal Brother, Qing-Yan.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s train of thought was cut off by this call. She turned her head to look and saw Xiao Ran standing in the hallway, looking at her with a pair of glittering eyes.

“Fourth Prince.” Chu Qing-Yan bowed towards him. Originally the two of them did not have to salute each other in the prince’s manor, but because she had just been scolded by Western Xuan’s Emperor today not to lead his precious son astray, she had become more clever in dealing with this topic. After all, here was still the imperial palace, the Western Xuan Emperor had eyes everywhere.

At the time the two people exited the palace doors, Xiao Ran had already seen them but the two of them seem to be immersed in their own world, a third person wasn’t able to insert in. And now, Chu Qing-Yan had a distant, courteous appearance, it made him feel as if she was even farther away from him. It left his heart even more upset.

“Eldest Royal Brother, you guys probably haven’t eaten yet right? How about going to this younger brother’s courtyard to eat together?” Xiao Ran approached the two, wanting to use this to shrink the distance between them.

Xiao Xu said indifferently. “No need, Father Emperor had just finished examining you on your homework. You should go back and rest earlier, we still need to make a trip to The Morning Sun Palace.”

Xiao Ran took a glance at Chu Qing-Yan who smiled at him and nodded, only that her smile still seemed distant, and Xiao Ran felt somewhat disappointed, in the end, he reluctantly agreed. “Then this younger brother will go back first. If there’s anything you else, you can summon the place maid to come look for this younger brother.”

Xiao Xu nodded and soon after, brought Chu Qing-Yan with him as they turned around and left.

Xiao Ran looked at the backs of the two figures, there seemed to be something melting in the depths of his heart, it felt a bit sour.

“Xiang Yu.”

“This subordinate is here.”

“I think I’m sick.”

“This subordinate will immediately report this to Consort Yue Niang Niang and send people to request an imperial physician.”

“No need. Perhaps it’s a heart disease. I also don’t understand it but it’s not an ailment of the body.”

Xiang Yu looked doubtfully at his family’s Highness. He always had a face full of confidence, don’t know why today it was dyed with a touch of melancholy.

The twelve year old Xiao Ran, who still didn’t know the taste of love was already starting to worry about love.

And the two people that walked away, the shadows their figures casted on the ground seemed to be snuggled up to each other, incomparably close.

Hearing Big Block of Ice’s words, Chu Qing-Yan’s heart was even more uncertain. After walking half of the route, she suddenly tugged at the sleeves that was hanging down of the person beside her. “Big Block of Ice, it’s so late, how about we go back first? How about next time we find a better time to come again to pay a visit to your mother the empress?”

“You can escape for a short while but you can’t escape for a entire lifetime.” Xiao Xu saw through to her thought and directly exposed it. “This king never knew you were such a coward.”

Ouch, actually used this passive aggressive way to attack!

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but look down on this in her heart, he really took her as a ten year old child. However, she had no choice but to admit that what he said wasn’t wrong. An ugly daughter-in-law will eventually meet the parent-in-law. If it’s not today then it’s tomorrow, really not much difference!

But now she was just somewhat opposed to it. She had been having a feeling something was going to happen tonight in this palace. She wanted to quickly escape this place with no right or wrong.

“But I’m hungry!” Chu Qing-Yan said pitifully.

“Endure it.” Xiao Xu’s reply floated down, light as a feather.

“I’m still cold!” Chu Qing-Yan said in a huff.

“Endure it.” Still the same neither hot nor cold reply.

“I don’t have the strength to walk anymore!” May as well throw down the jar that was already broken!

Tonight she was determined not to go! Clearly knew it was dangerous, so why should she still walk into this trap! Her sixth sense had always been very accurate! Moreover, she hadn’t eaten anything all afternoon, and she didn’t wear a lot of clothing. She really was both cold and hungry, didn’t have any strength.

“Endure it.” This time Xiao Xu’s tone had an additional helplessness and a faint smiling expression in it.

Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes, did she hear it incorrectly? She was just about to lift her head to look at him, when one hand moved to grab her hand. In an instant, her little hand was wrapped inside his. A familiar warmth came from the contact of their skin and transmitted to her blood. She knew Big Block of Ice once again used his inner force to warm her up.

“Don’t need to be worried, this king here will definitely guarantee you to be safe and sound.”

On this slightly cool night, the palace was still. Ice-cold armor traveled back and forth in front of them, so strict and tight. The broad road paved with tiles extended on endlessly. The moonlight fell, giving off a faint shiny aura. The light reflected off the ground releasing a slight green light. The entire royal palace was in Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes; unfamiliar and terrifying.

However, when she raised her head and looked into eyes that were more dazzling than the stars, she felt all the dark places in her entire body were being illuminated.

Guarantee I’ll be safe and sound?

Then, can I believe in you?

“Okay.” Chu Qing-Yan seriously nodded.

She had never trusted anyone easily. The self protective wall in her heart was too firm, she rarely opened it to other people. However, it seemed to have been bewitched by this cold, hard and alluring tone from this person. She wanted to choose to believe in him.

Xiao Xu didn’t know what this okay represented. He only saw her reply so seriously and prudently, and couldn’t help but lift a hand and rub her hair. Then he led her by the hand to walk toward The Morning Sun Palace’s main hall.

Chu Qing-Yan almost blew her top. She really wasn’t a pet cat ah, ah ahhhh! Don’t always rub her head ah!

Depressed and frustrated!

When the two people walked to the gate of the Morning Sun Palace, Chu Qing-Yan lifted her eyes to look at that glorious dazzling gate to the palace hall. She had a feeling of being blinded by that light. Was this the gold of a nouveau rich person? It’s no wonder this was the place where the mistress of the imperial concubines lived.

The palace maids standing at attention at the gate welcomed the two people inside.

When they arrived at the door to the inner palace hall, Luo Yun was already standing there. Her body inclined slightly, saluting towards Xiao Xu. “Pays respects to His Highness Prince Ying.”

“You may dispense with the curtseying.” Xiao Xu lifted a hand, then asked. “Has my mother the empress gone to bed?”

Luo Yun cast a glance at Chu Qing-Yan who was standing at her family Highness’s side, then said. “The Empress Niang Niang (1) knew your Highness will come over. Originally her mood was very happy, but when she heard you brought….” Luo Yun paused, then as if they had tacit mutual understanding continued. “As a result, Empress Niang Niang asked that you return. She doesn’t want to see people at the level of having no fixed duties.”

Chu Qing-Yan having heard what was said, wanted to burst out laughing. She felt power, status and wealth were really very important sometimes, important to the degree that they could immediately let a person determine the length a person they haven’t met would go to curry favor.

Very unfortunately, in the first moments she was slapped dead into the sandy shore. Moreover, she was also deliberately ignored by the palace maid!

However, the slight strength that gripped her hand made her smile knowingly.

Xiao Xu frowned, this empress mother of his never left room for maneuver when she spoke. As a result, he didn’t hesitate to say. “Then another day, this king will bring Chu Qing-Yan to come and pay her respects.”

Luo Yun stared blankly, she thought Empress Niang Niang’s meaning was already clear enough. She never expected Xiao Xu to continue the way he wanted to go, to change to another day to bring Chu Qing-Yan to see Niang Niang.

Also just at this moment of emptiness, Xiao Xu had already waded in the muddy water to lead Chu Qing-Yan out of the Morning Sun Palace.

All along the journey it was quiet. Xiao Xu was somewhat unaccustomed to her being quiet.


Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan pulled herself out of her train of thought and somewhat mischievously said. “If I said I am angry, what will you do? If I said I’m not angry, then what will you do?”

“Have anger, as long as the receiving person doesn’t show anger, then its good.”

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but feel happy. She pretended to be angry and said. “Hey, like this I really suffered huge losses! You don’t know a bit on how to comfort people!”

“This king is at your side, isn’t this the best comfort?” He said in a tone that dared her to say no.

Chu Qing-Yan laughed in spite of herself. It seemed Big Block of Ice, being brought along by her had been stained with human flavor.

And just when she wanted to say something, a eunuch walked over.

“Pays respect to His Highness Prince Ying, Concubine Yue Niang Niang requests the pleasure of meeting.”


1) Niang Niang- Basically, all wives and concubines of the emperor are called Niang Niang, which translates to mother because the wife of the emperor is the mother of the world. So when a higher ranked concubine or the empress arrives, they will be announced as ‘Niang Niang has arrived’. I’m going to leave it in Chinese because it will get too complicated if I use different English words when referring to Niang Niang for the empress and concubine Yue.

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