GDBBM – Chapter 839

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Chapter 839 : “The Fourth Prince (5)”

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded his head in earnest agreement.

Lei Chen’s face turned ashen.

Qiao Chu who was watching them almost laughed out loud. The little lass was always so straightforward she made people so exasperated they cough out blood. He saw the Crown Prince’s face turn a shade of green almost the same colour as the dish of vegetables on the table.

“But, now that Lei Fan has appeared before you, that shows that my Father will continue to make moves towards you. Do you need me to do anything at this moment?” Lei Chen asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

Lei Chen did not continue to ask and just went on to chat a little with Qiao Chu and the others a little while before he left.

After Lei Chen left, Jun Wu Xie and the others continued on with their meal like nothing had happened. While the people on the Immortals’ Loft were calm, someone within the Imperial Palace was however not in that calm a state.

“Father! Just who does that Jun Xie think he is? Your son here had politely and courteously invited him to be my studying partner but he had not only refused to agree, he had completely shown me utter disregard! Could he have heard some untrue rumours about me and have developed dislike for me as the Fourth Prince?” Lei Fan stood looking well aggrieved within the Imperial Study, his exquisite face showing the young boy to be on the verge of tears.

When the Emperor saw the little Prince looking so aggrieved, his heart immediately wrenched. Looking at that face which was so much like his most beloved woman, he hastily tried to comfort him in saying: “It’s just that that kid did not deserve you. Even when Little Fan lowered himself with such modest humility, that kid did not know what was good for him. Don’t be sad anymore, since he missed the chance that was given to him, Father will find you an outstanding studying partner another day.”

A very minute change came into Lei Fan’s eyes. Although he was angry with Jun Xie’s impertinence, Jun Xie’s outstanding powers had still moved him. He had already ordered men to look into the Zephyr Academy and he knew that the Zephyr Academy only had six disciples taking part in the tournament and every single one of them were rare and highly extraordinary geniuses!

And among them, Jun Xie held the most potential. Besides his current spirit power level having reached the an astounding green, Lei Fan had come to realise Jun Xie was also a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty. Just by the single fact that Jun Xie knew the Spirit Healing Technique, had made Lei Fan unwilling to so easily give up on winning over Jun Xie.

“Father, he must have heard some slanderous lies and had misunderstood me. Although I am sad and hurt in my heart, but I know for a fact that he is still a rare talent that is hard to come by, and such prodigious talent must be kept within the Yan Country. We should work for the good of the Yan Country. People with outstanding talent would always hold some pride and to suffer this small bit of wrong, Your Majesty’s son is still able to handle it. It’s just that I am lost just what else I should do to make him realise I am really sincere.” Lei Fan said, looking highly distressed and lost at the Emperor. He did not want all those guys from the Zephyr Academy to end up in Lei Chen’s hands.

“Little Fan is really sensible, looking at the big picture.” The Emperor said, highly moved as he looked at Lei Fan. “Rest assured, my son. Since you have your eyes set on Jun Xie, Father will definitely see to it that your wish is granted.”

These few people from the Zephyr Academy, the Emperor himself had already intended not to let them go so easily. Such rare talents were hard to find and keeping them in the Yan Country would definitely be a great help to them.

Lei Fan smirked in his heart in glee but on the surface, he was however nodding his head in strict obedience.

After another round of soft and gentle comforting whereby Lei Fan was bestowed with a heap of treasures, the Emperor finally arranged for Lei Fan to leave. Immediately after Lei Fan left, the benign smile on the Emperor’s face quickly faded and he called out. A blank robed man appeared suddenly in the Imperial Study.

“What instructions does Your Majesty have for your loyal subject?” The black robed man asked, kneeling upon the ground.

“With your failure in regards to the matter with the Crown Prince, I am now giving you an opportunity to make amends.” The Emperor said.

“I await Your Majesty’s orders!”

“Little Fan had his eyes set on Jun Xie from the Zephyr Academy but that impertinent kid did not know what’s good for him. Such arrogance and pride in a youth needs his ego to be deflated a bit.” The Emperor said, his eyes narrowing dangerously, his eyes suddenly turning vicious.

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