GDBBM – Chapter 837

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Chapter 837 : “The Fourth Prince (4)”

“It’s like this, I have just started to learn how to cultivate spirit power and there are many parts that I do not fully understand. So, I was wondering….. if you can teach me a thing or two? My Father had not been able to find a suitable studying partner for me and when I heard my Royal Brother mentioning you and since we are of a similar age, if you do not mind, would you be willing to be my studying partner?” Lei Fan asked looking at Jun Xie earnestly and he immediately added after:

“Don’t worry, although you will be my studying partner, the treatment you receive will not be inferior in anyone.”

The prince’s studying partner had always been chosen from the sons and younger siblings of the officials in the Palace and commoners had never been presented with such an opportunity. Although it was just being a studying partner, but having wedged a foot into the Imperial Family, endless riches and a bright future was almost assured and although the Four Prince was not the heir in line, but the Yan Country’s Emperor doted on him heavily which surpassed the favours that was shown to the Crown Prince Lei Chen, hence, to be able to be the studying partner of Lei Fan was an opportunity that everyone would fight tooth and nail for but still not be given the chance.

Lei Fan’s voice had not been soft and when his words reached the others, the youths in the arena gave a gasp of shock!

As the Prince’s studying partner, it was in reality a position where one developed to become the Prince’s most trusted aide. Once the young Prince came of age and was bestowed the kingly title of a full fledged Prince, the studying partner’s status would naturally rise in tandem and to attain a high ranking position in the Yan Country then, would be effortlessly easy.

In addition to that, Lei Fan was the most favoured among the princes and becoming his studying partner would be as good as becoming one for the Crown Prince!

That was an once in a lifetime opportunity that must not be missed!

All the youths were deeply envious of Jun Xie as they stared with green eyed envy, their hearts feeling like a cat scratching its itch, wishing they could take Jun Xie’s place and agree to the offer immediately!

Lei Fan was looking expectantly at Jun Xie on the surface, but in his heart, he was already secretly laughing. He had not felt in the slightest that Jun Xie would reject his invitation and no matter how close Jun Xie was with the Crown Prince, that was just a private affair. Once Jun Xie agreed to be his studying partner, that was as good as having gained the approval of the Yan Country’s Emperor himself. Comparing an Emperor to a Crown Prince, everyone knew who held greater power in his hands.

Jun Wu Xie did not give Lei Fan a response immediately and she only looked at Lei Fan as if deep in thought, her cold eyes undecipherable, making it impossible to guess what was going through her mind.

“How? I am really sincere in coming here to extend the invitation to you.” Lei Fan said.

Jun Wu Xie however turned her eyes away as her name had suddenly been called out from the battle stage.

“Fourth Prince, your humble subject is needed on the battle stage.” She did not give any reply to Lei Fan and Jun Wu Xie had immediately turned to walk towards the battle stage after saying just a few short words.

Highly expectant that Jun Xie would agree, Lei Fan was suddenly shocked, never expecting that it would result in such a situation.

[Jun Xie had not only not groveled at his feet in gratitude but had instead….. completely disregarded his invitation?] [How can that be possible! ?]

Lei Fan’s smiling face suddenly froze a moment and the bright eyes flashed with a tinge of malice.

Due to the indulgence the Emperor showered upon him, as long as he opened his mouth to ask, there was nothing he could not get. Although Jun Xie had not properly rejected his invitation, but his blatant indifference and complete disregard was already seen to be a disguised form of rejection.

“You have guts.” Lei Fan cursed below his breath through gritted teeth. Having been humiliated by Jun Xie in front of everybody, no matter how well Lei Fan could act, the expression on his face was becoming slightly dark.

The gazes that all the other youths were giving Lei Fan was making him even more furious.

He had never ever thought that Jun Xie would snub him so blatantly.

His eyes stared at Jun Xie as he stepped up onto the stage and he already could not remain sitting there. He stood up suddenly and without even looking back once, he left the first battle district. This was the first time in his life that he had suffered rejection and the bitter taste left in his mouth was not something he wanted to experience ever again.


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