GDBBM – Chapter 834

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Chapter 834 : “The Fourth Prince (1)”

In the next few rounds of the tournament, Jun Wu Xie dominated over her opponents with her overwhelming powers. Not a single one among all the youths who battled her were able to last past her first attack and basically everyone who stepped up were thrown off the battle stage within a single breath’s time.

In the face of Jun Xie’s incessantly maniacal one shot one kill tournament battles, everyone began to feel that the several matches which had resulted in forfeiture in the earlier rounds would not have made any difference anyway, as they would all be over in a blink.

At that point in time, nobody dared to harbour mockery or ridicule in their gazes when they looked at Jun Xie. All those youths who had said quite a bit of nasty things about Jun Xie previously would now immediately lower their heads guiltily in shame when they saw Jun Xie and not dare raise their heads to meet his eyes, deeply terrified that Jun Xie might just decide to kill them on the spot.

There were three more rounds left in the tournament before the winner for each battle district would be born. Round after round of battles have wiped out greatly numbers of contestants from the tournament and there were only a greatly diminished number of participants left. Although there were a lot less contestants still in the tournament, every district battle arena was still filled with countless people. The youths who had been eliminated from the competition had not left and remained behind. Although they had lost, that did not stop them from continuing to stay on to observe others slug it out in battle, to acquire more experience in various battles techniques, in preparation for next year’s tournament!

The competition continued on as normal on that day and it was only in the first battle district that a special guest appeared.

The youths were preparing for their upcoming battle when they suddenly saw a troop of guards dressed in the livery of the Imperial Family marching into the battle arena in uniform precision.

At that moment,  all the youths in the battle arena turned their eyes to look nervously at the Imperial Guards who had suddenly run in. Judging from the light armour on the guards, they were able to ascertain that the troop of soldiers were from the contingent that guarded the Yan Country’s Imperial Palace.

[But what was a troop of Imperial Guards doing here? Why have they appeared so suddenly?]

Just as everyone was still puzzled and confused, a joyful and clear voice suddenly sounded.

“This is the first battle district? I had thought that with the tournament nearing its end, there would have been a lot less people.” A voice still slightly tinged with that of a boy’s rang out from outside the arena’s entrance. Accompanying that voice that reached the ears of everyone inside, a handsome young youth dressed in creamy yellow brocade suit slowly walked into the arena.

The youth’s face was like white jade, his eyes filled with endless smiles, his exquisite tiny face graced with outstanding features. From his hip dangled a piece of white jade, and the jade pendant swung lightly with every step he took.

Upon seeing the young youth walk in, everyone in the crowd froze.

Standing in a corner, Jun Wu Xie’s gaze discreetly observed the young youth, her mind registering every single piece of information she noticed about the youth in that instant.

Lei Fan, the Fourth Prince of the Yan Country. On the surface, he was known as the child borne by the Emperor and his most beloved concubine and was raised by the Empress, but in actual fact, was a illegitimate child borne by the Empress and her lover. Lei Fan’s age was slightly younger than all the other three princes and he possessed exquisite looks, born with a face filled with smiles looking highly adorable. On top of that, he was still very young and he had won the favour of the Emperor.

Among the four princes of the Yan Country, only this prince was still living within the Imperial Palace. Compared to the other three princes, Lei Fan had enjoyed much better treatment since his birth. The Emperor had not only personally carefully selected a teacher to meticulously tutor him, but the Emperor would even involve himself in many other everyday aspects like Lei Fan’s food, clothes, residence and the places he went.

Compared to Lei Fan, the Yan Country’s Third Prince was almost seen to be treated as a child the Emperor had picked up from the streets.

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