GDBBM – Chapter 840

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Chapter 840 : “Trumped Up Charges (1)”

The tournament in all the various battle districts had reached the final round, and in the first battle district, the final two contestants had been whittled down to Jun Wu Xie and Qu Ling Yue.

Although Qu Ling Yue possessed significant power, but Jun Xie’s spirit power level completely surpassed hers. The result of this final match had become the focus of many people as with one more victory, the winner would win a position among the top ten ranks of the Spirit Battle Tournament as well. And the things that the top ten ranks of the Spirit Battle Tournament received every year at the end of the tournament, always made people can’t help themselves but drool.

On this day, all the previous contestants of the first battle district had come to the arena. They were all highly excited to witness the battle in this final match up.

Of course, they were more keen on seeing the process of that battle rather than the result. With Jun Xie with his green spirit standing before them, they knew he would dominate over everyone, and even Qu Ling Yue would not be his match.


With every single opponent that battled Jun Xie, not a single one among them had been able to last through his first strike. Qu Ling Yue’s power in the first battle district was inferior only to Jun Xie and everyone was highly anticipating to see whether Qu Ling Yue would be able to last a little longer under Jun Xie’s hands…..

Just a little bit longer….. at least…..

The match not yet begun, and the arena was packed to the brim. Jun Xie and Qu Ling Yue had both arrived and were currently walking onto the stage, to strange facing each other.

The pretty and adorable Qu Ling Yue was looking at the young youth standing before her but her eyes did not dare look into her opponent’s face, seemingly just by staring hard enough at a spot bedside Jun Xie, a duplicate image would appear there.

Jun Wu Xie stood calmly on the battle stage and she no longer found Qu Ling Yue’s reaction as strange. The pretty little girl was always hiding and dodging whenever they met but Jun Wu Xie was able to see that Qu Ling Yue meant her no harm.

Very soon after, the bell rang signalling the start of the match. All eyes were widely peeled and unwaveringly fixed upon the battle stage.

Jun Wu Xie pushed her spirit power to go flare out brightly and at the same time, Qu Ling Yue accumulated her spirit powers into her hands.


The figure of Jun Wu Xie disappeared from the stage. The speed that she was moving at was just like the last few battles she fought.

Qu Ling Yue was shocked, as she tried to spot for the figure of Jun Xie but it was futile. The difference between their spirit power levels made her feel so weak and helpless at that moment!

And just as that brilliant green flash had reached Qu Ling Yue’s side, the nervously defending Qu Ling Yue suddenly showed agony on her face and in a blink, Qu Ling Yue suddenly vomited out a mouthful of blood and her slender body slumped down limply before everyone’s eyes!

Jun Wu Xie quickly retracted the spirit powers in her hands and quickly appeared beside Qu Ling Yue.

“What happened! ?” Everyone was in a state of shock. The announcer rushed up onto the stage in a fluster to check on Qu Ling Yue’s condition. Qu Ling Yue was pale in the face and she was continuing to vomit blood out from her mouth. The bright red stains at the scene were highly glaring to the eyes and the stench of blood began to spread thickly throughout the arena.

“Jun Xie! The tournament only requires you to subdue your opponents! Don’t you know that!” The announcer hurriedly helped Qu Ling Yue up, his face twisted up in rage as he stared at Jun Xie. Qu Ling Yue’s identity was unique and if anything happened to her in this Spirit Battle Tournament, the people from the Thousand Beast City would not let them off easily.

Jun Wu Xie remained standing on one side with a deep frown on her face as she looked at Qu Ling Yue’s face that was growing paler by the minute.

No one knew that she had not even had time to yet strike Qu Ling Yue when Qu Ling Yue had suddenly collapsed. All the way from the start to the end, she had not touched a hair on Qu Ling Yue at all.

The battle arena erupted into chaos and Qu Ling Yue was sent for treatment immediately, while everyone else left in the battle arena were staring at Jun Wu Xie with horror.

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