GDBBM – Chapter 504

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Chapter 504:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (4)”

In order to save himself and to exact his revenge on Ning Xin, Lu Wei Jie was anxious to spill the beans and tell them everything he knew.

“Why would she want to do that?” Long Qi was still frowning deeply. He did not understand how an agreement to cooperate could possibly turn out to like this. And why did that unlikeable young lady seek their deaths?

Lu Wei Jie saw an opportunity to exploit and said hurriedly: “For someone like Ning Xin, who had been so pampered and used to having everything her way all her life, thinks that the whole world must succumb to her seductive charms. Only she was allowed to lose her temper and throw her tantrums but no one can go against her wishes. She saw that you and your men possessed great power and were even able to take down a high grade Spirit Beast easily. That was when she intended to win your favour and rope you over her side. However….. you repeatedly ignored her advances and she felt extremely humiliated. When she decided that it was impossible to win you over, she plotted….. plotted…..”

“Plotted what?”

“Plotted to lure a Guardian grade Spirit Beast to kill all of you. That would on one hand, quell her anger and after the Guardian grade Spirit Beast left, the team would be able to loot your bodies. She had said that mysterious men who were so highly skilled and powerful would definitely carry fine and precious items on them….. She knew that Guardian grade Spirit Beasts possesses a high level of consciousness and do not eat humans and she pulled us into this malicious scheme of hers.” Lu Wei Jie observed Long Qi’s expression as his heart pounded loudly. He was deeply fearful that one wrong word here would ultimately bring doom upon him.

Long Qi did nor reply but turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and her eyes glanced at the deathly pale Fan Jin.

Every word that Lu Wei Jie said peeled off at the layers of pretense that Ning Xin put up before everybody. The mask that Ning Xin wore, the facade that she was not involved in any conflicts had shattered and crumbled before Lu Wei Jie’s shocking revelations. The ugly undeniable truth now stood clearly revealed before Fan Jin.

No matter how much he refused to believe it, the truth stood before him like a sore thumb.

“Did you hear that clearly?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

Fan Jin shivered at that question and he raised his head. The was no colour in his face and he stood there frozen for a long while before he nodded his head helplessly.

Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes back. It might be good to force Fan Jin to realise that Ning Xin was no longer the same obedient and sensible little sister he knew in his heart when they were younger. That would save her the trouble of having to deal with Fan Jin’s soft hearted nature which might make her revenge difficult when they got back to the Zephyr Academy.

Jun Wu Xie did not wish to see a situation similar to what happened to Mo Qian Yuan to fall onto Fan Jin, due to their tenancy for clemency.

Fan Jin might also be righteous, but he was more resolute.

“General Long, since these are the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, maybe you should leave it to the Zephyr Academy to deal with them. I believe that the Zephyr Academy would give you a satisfactory answer in regards to this matter.” Jun Wu Xie changed her tune, and said to Long Qi in all seriousness.

Long Qi was surprised. He saw the looks that the disciples from the Zephyr Academy were giving him from the corner of his eye and he suddenly realised Jun Wu Xie’s intentions.

It seemed that the Young Miss still did not intend to reveal her identity here.

“If that is the case, it is decided to be thus. But the matter cannot be carelessly handled and muddled over. We expect the Zephyr Academy to give us a fully satisfactory answer.” Having served under Jun Wu Xie for a period, Long Qi was able to easily pick up from Jun Wu Xie’s words, the unspoken intentions of his Young Miss.

The Young Miss must still have some use for these people and sparing their lives now did not mean they were letting the disciples off scot free. Their punishment when due, would be unavoidable!

“It will be done.” Fan Jin heaved a big sigh of relief, giving his guarantee.

“Then, right at this spot, summon your teachers here. I know that all of you are disciples of the Zephyr Academy taking part in the Spirit Hunt and all of you carry distress signal flares with you.” Long Qi’s said, his face dark.

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