GDBBM – Chapter 450

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Chapter 450: “Is That The Weakest or Strongest Team (3)”

Fan Jin was greatly relieved but Qiao Chu and gang did not believe it for a moment.

Jun Xie had learnt to kid?

That was what’s more unbelievable instead!

That kid fully meant every word of that came out of the mouth and when he said he came here to kill, he meant he came here to kill and nothing else!

Qiao Chu and Hua Yao were had witnessed Jun Xie in action before and they were certain, without the slightest doubt, that Jun Xie had meant every single word he said.

She took part in the Spirit Hunt and came here today….. to kill people.

But Hua Yao and Qiao Chu kept their thoughts on Jun Xie’s revelation to themselves so as not to further startle Fan Jin, and just exchanged a knowing glance between themselves.

Hua Yao shot Rong Ruo a meaningful glance and Rong Ruo quickly caught on. She walked to come before Fan Jin and said: “Big brother Fan, we still have some things we left behind in the branch division encampment. Can I trouble you to accompany me to go retrieve them? When I see the eyes of the disciples from the main division…..” Rong Ruo’s handsome face was suddenly tinged with worry, as she swept her gaze around at the obviously unfriendly eyes staring at the group.

Fan Jin immediately slapped his own chest confidently and led Rong Ruo back towards the branch division’s encampment to retrieve their belongings.

The moment after Fan Jin stepped away, Qiao Chu jumped immediately to stand before Jun Xie to ask: “Little Xie, who do you want to kill?”

Qiao Chu’s eyes were bright, lit up with excitement. After the massive massacre of the Qing Yun Clan with Jun Xie the last time, Qiao Chu fell in love with that thrill and excitement that came with being with Jun Xie.

With Fan Jin around earlier, they could not be candid with Jun Xie, as Fan Jin obviously saw Jun Xie as a timid and harmless little bunny. But little did he know that the little bunny in his eyes was one that swallowed people whole without even spitting out the bones. Countless people had fallen prey to that inconspicuous tiny face, and found themselves dead and their bodies already cold before they realised what had happened.

“Don’t know.” Jun Xie replied.

“Huh?” Don’t know….. What did that mean?

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and toyed with her little finger. “Whoever that comes, will be whoever that dies.”

It was not convenient for her to make her move within the academy, but after they entered the Battle Spirits Forest was a different ballpark altogether. She need not consider those misgivings as she had in the academy anymore and the murder in her eyes flashed chillingly. She had said, whoever it was that tried so hard to incite her to come, had better not regret it later.

She had not put in much thought to try to guess who was the one behind all that goading and incitement, she only knew one thing, and that was it did not matter who it was, what mattered was whoever dared to go against her, must be ready to face her merciless wrath!

Qiao Chu’s and Hua Yao’s faces were all smiles when they saw the same devilish face they had seen the day the whole Qing Yun Clan had been obliterated, appear before them once again.

“Not a problem. Whoever dares comes seeking their death, will have their wish granted.” Qiao Chu rubbed his hands in glee.

The intelligence that Fei Yan had gathered lit a fire in the chests of Jun Xie’s companions as they listened. They knew Jun Xie, and with hisr ability, not many things under the skies could catch his fancy. Those brats were accusing Jun Xie of trying to steal a lousy spot in the Spirit Healer faculty through despicable means? That’s got to be a joke!

But if so many people were seeking the deaths, they would never dream of denying them their well deserved “wishes”.

Jun Xie was all set to kill, a few more would not make much of a difference.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Qiao Chu and the gang, and nodded slightly to them.

When Fan Jin and Rong Ruo came back, Qiao Chu and the others had reverted back to their normal selves and after exchanging a few more words, the deafening sounds of drums sounded and the Zephyr Academy disciples readied themselves to enter the Battle Spirits Forest.

The teams gathered their members together as they listened to the war drums rumble, and the flags of the Zephyr Academy were raised, fluttering in the wind.

The disciples of the main division stood confidently, heads held high, chest puffed up, in high contrast to those disciples from the branch division, whose shoulders were all slumped in defeat, their almost crouching figures filled with dread.

As the last beat of the drums sounded, all the teams started their rush into the Battle Spirits Forest.

They held their torches high, the figures soon swallowed by the dark dense forest.

Many of them rushed in excited and exuberant, but who knew how many of them would end up buried within the deep dense forest this time round.   

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