GDBBM – Chapter 505

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Chapter 505:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (5)”

Fan Jin nodded, and he turned to look at Lu Wei Jie, whose face had turned completely white from fear. Lu Wei Jie did not dare hesitate a single moment and he retrieved his distress signal flare at his hip and released it immediately. The bright flare lit up the skies at the moment it exploded, and it gave out a shrill screech that reverberated among the trees in the Battle Spirits Forest!

At the same moment that the distress signal flare exploded, all the Zephyr Academy disciples gave out a sigh of relief. The youths that had formed the team that had been acknowledged as the strongest team assembled for this Spirit Hunt were now all watching with anticipation as the signal flare that announced their withdrawal from the event lit up the skies in a bright glow.

They thought no more of being number one, no more of being the strongest!

Nothing was more important than keeping themselves alive!

“The few of you remain here and watch them. If any of them attempts to escape, kill them.” Long Qi was not going to wait there without anything to do. He made the soldier who was more seriously injured and another two of his men to watch over Lu Wei Jie and the rest as he left with Jun Wu Xie and the rest, making their way towards the Spirit Moon Lake, to pick the Aqua Spirit Grass that they needed.

Around the perimeter of the Spirit Moon Lake, everything seemed to be a picture of peace and tranquility. Within the dense forest that was highly fraught with untold dangers, a scene of perfect peace like this could very suddenly turn into one of blood and carnage right out from the depths of Hell.

Fan Jin and the rest watched and surveyed the surroundings on one side, to prevent any sudden attacks from Spirit Beasts while Jun Wu Xie led the three disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak to go find and pick Aqua Spirit Grass.

Mu Chen’s memory had served him right. Around the edges of the Spirit Moon Lake, the grounds were covered with wide swaths of light green Aqua Spirit Grass. Budding on the small leafed blades of the Aqua Spirit Grass, pristinely clear water droplet like crystals hung from on the ends of their leaves. While they picked the grass, they must be very careful not to squash and break those crystalline droplets.

In matters such as this, the others did not dare to recklessly offer to help as they feared damaging these highly fragile and precious herbs.

Qiao Chu turned his head everywhere for awhile, but finally grew slightly impatient and strode to come closer to Jun Wu Xie to ask in a whisper: “Little Xie, hurry up and tell me, why would you want to leave those people alive?”

Anybody would have realised even when they thought through their toes. After those useless bums plotted against the men from the Rui Lin Army, they were as good as dead. But Jun Wu Xie had surprisingly spared their lives.

Jun Wu Xie looked up at Qiao Chu. She had not intended to waste extra effort in explaining herself but when she recalled what Hua Yao had just said to her earlier, her heart softened a little and she said patiently: “With them around, Ning Xin would not have an easy life.”

Lu Wei Jie and the others more than deserved to die but she had her eye on the two people, Ning Xin and Yin Yan, that this vicious scheme had originated from.

Ning Xin was an only child, the daughter of the Vice Headmaster. The fact that she had escaped back to the Zephyr Academy showed that she went back to seek shelter and asylum. All this while, Ning Xin had enjoyed an impeccable reputation in the Zephyr Academy and she had always been consciously trying to maintain an outstanding image.

And Jun Wu Xie did not have much hobbies, but she liked nothing more than to crush and utter crumble the one thing that her enemies held most dear, right before their eyes.

This wicked streak, had somehow wormed itself into her, and it was not known when it had started.

Qiao Chu blinked his eyes. Jun Wu Xie’s extremely short and concise explanation had not given Qiao Chu much information, but based on Qiao Chu’s understanding on Jun Wu Xie’s way of doing things, he gained an sudden insight into her underlying intentions!

“You intend to use the mouths of Lu Wei Jie and his gang to attack and completely destroy Ning Xin’s flawless reputation she had so painstakingly built up all these years?”

As the daughter of the Vice Headmaster, who committed the nefarious crime of setting up a scheme to rob by murder, and framing her own fellow disciples for the deed. If news of the deed were to get out, Jun Wu Xie would not need to lift a finger and Ning Xin’s impeccable reputation in the Zephyr Academy would ultimately be destroyed.

“I’m only giving her a taste of her own medicine.” Jun Wu Xie’s lips curled up at the corners. Whatever Ning Xin had done to her then, Jun Wu Xie wanted to be sure that she returned Ning Xin everything, in its entirety.

She still had time, and she would slowly savour the sweet taste of revenge in the days to come.

Ning Xin had better not die on her too quickly!

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      i dont think its spontaneous lol

    • Leyira says:

      If you’re talking about the loving to crush and crumble what her enemies hold dear as a new thing, then you must not read very carefully. It has said it at least three other times since near the beginning. If you meant something else, then sorry for the misunderstanding.

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