GDBBM – Chapter 503

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Chapter 503:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (3)”

Those two had been quick in their escape and had left the rest of their team in the lurch. They must have intended to make these people their scapegoats and hoped that Long Qi’s merciless blade’s thirst for vengeance would be adequately quenched when it fell down on the heads of the rest of the team here and not pursue the matter any further.

That was a rather smart move, to use others to take the blame while they escape the wrath of the Rui Lin Army’s men.

But rather vicious if one might say. To have abandoned a whole team of comrades so easily, to save their own necks.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, and did not give any reaction at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie’s silence made Fan Jin extremely nervous and made the hearts of the disciples awaiting their fate stuck in their throats in fearful anticipation.

When they heard Fan Jin address Long Qi as “General Long”, those youths knew they were in for it big time. They were not a merchant’s convoy as they claimed but were people who held extraordinary identities.


The was the form of address reserved for the commander of an army!

Lu Wei Jie who was suffering under the agony from the kick that Long Qi had given him, stared with fear filled eyes at Long Qi.

He had known that the identities of Long Qi and his men were more than what they presented themselves to be, but he had not thought that they were men from a military background. No matter which country these military men belonged to, a commander from any of the armies would have more than enough reason to takes their lives there and then. Having plotted to kill a commander from a country, that was a crime that not even the prestigious Zephyr Academy would dare to try to cover up!

At that terrifying moment, Lu Wei Jie wished for nothing more than to capture Ning Xin and drag her back here and give her two tight slaps. If Ning Xin had not been constantly tempting and coaxing him all this time, he would not have fallen prey to her alluring suggestions and gotten himself into this big mess. And when things took a bad turn, she had just quietly run away on her own, leaving him in the lurch to be captured by these merciless men!

As he stared at the brightly gleaming swords before him, an urge to kill Ning Xin started to blossom in the heart of Lu Wei Jie.

Fortunately Fan Jin had intervened in time but looking at General Long’s look of disapproval on his face, Lu Wei Jie did not dare hold much hope. But then, he noticed that General Long had suddenly turned his head to look at an inconspicuous little youth, his eyes seemingly asking for approval, to seek the opinion of the youth.

Lu Wei Jie turned his head to follow Long Qi’s line of sight and he was totally shocked by what he saw.

He had seen the youth once before. It was just before they entered the Battle Spirits Forest when Ning Xin had secretly pointed the tiny youth out to him, telling him that that was the youth that had attracted all kinds of curses and utter contempt from all the disciples in the Zephyr Academy.

As the second in rank in the last Spirit Battle Tournament, Lu Wei Jie had considered the insignificant disciple’s miniscule presence to be beneath his notice. As for the curses directed at Jun Xie, he had heard a little about it, but he had brushed it off, not wanting to be bothered with it. But Ning Xin’s persistence in making a big issue out of it had finally drawn out a sense of contempt and hatred in him for Jun Xie, a person he had never even met, for his rumoured despicable deeds in the Zephyr Academy.

And Lu Wei Jie would never ever have expected that his fate, whether he would live or die, would finally fall into the hands of that very same inconspicuous youth that he had grown to despise.

As he watched Long Qi’s eyes, he realised that it would only take a slight nod from Jun Xie, and his head would immediately be separated from his body!

Lu Wei Jie could not fathom the reason why such a powerful and resolute man addressed as “General Long”, would seek the opinion of such a tiny and inconspicuous looking youth.

But he saw vividly, that his life lay in the hands of Jun Xie at that moment.

He had lost all his arrogance and his usual sense of entitlement and he could not afford to care about the pain and agony that wrecked at his body. He pushed himself to sit upright and his eyes were filled with terror and anxiety as he looked at Jun Wu Xie to plead: “Jun Xie! You are Jun Xie, aren’t you!? I beg you! Let them spare us this one time. I guarantee that I will make up for all of this! This incident….. This incident was not what we wanted. It was Ning Xin! It really was Ning Xin, that slut! She planned all of it! She gave instructions for Yin Yan to lure that Guardian grade Spirit Beast here! Only she had the map of these regions. We couldn’t possibly have known where the Guardian grade Spirit Beasts roam!”

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