GDBBM – Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030: “Birthday Banquet (5)”

There wasn’t a single sign of anyone behind those open doors, and there wasn’t a single sound that came back.

After Qu Ling Yue finished her greetings, she knelt there a moment longer before she got up and said to her father: “Father, I’ll head on home first.”

Qu Wen Hao nodded.

Qu Ling Yue then secretly stole a glance at Jun Xie before she departed from the place.

Jun Wu Xie’s brow lifted slightly and Qing Yu beside her said softly: “The Heavenly Cloud Chambers does not allow any females to come near as Qu Xin Rui detests girls. So, not even the Young Miss is allowed to enter. On her birthday every year, the Young Miss is made to kneel before the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and convey her well wishes like this.”

Having a junior pay respects and send their well wishes to a senior was nothing strange.

But when it was done like how Qu Ling Yue did it, when there was no sign of anyone before her and she was made to kneel at the doors, that was something completely unheard of.

Jun Wu Xie sneered in her heart, but did not let it show on her face.

“Gentlemen, please.” Qu Wen Hao turned around and said to everyone, as they all made their way into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

Inside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, lavish extravagance exuded from every single corner. After Qu Xin Rui revealed her true nature, she went completely unrestrained. She asked Qu Wen Hao to move all the treasures in the Thousand Beast City into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and even the account books of the Thousand Beast City were to be scrutinised by her every month. Every single precious item the people of the city received need to be declared and checked by her, and if it suited her, it would be confiscated and the people would not be compensated with a single copper.

Such extortion and unreasonable seizure, blatantly disregarded the feeling of the people. The citizens of the Thousand Beast City moaned and complained, but before Qu Xin Rui’s tyrannical powers, the people had no choice but to swallow back their grouses.

Ever since she had been reborn, this was the most vile person Jun Wu Xie had met, blatantly abusing the people, and not bothering to hide her actions in the slightest.

Such arrogance and impunity, relied only on the fact that Qu Xin Rui had attained her Purple Spirit many years ago, and that she had gone to the Middle Realm. In Qu Xin Rui’s eyes, people in the Lower Realm, were no longer fit to be called humans at all.

All the people from the Middle Realm’s Twelve Palaces whom she had encountered and seen before, gave Jun Wu Xie this same feeling. In the eyes of those people from the Middle Realm, the lives of people in the Lower Realm were as worthless as insects, where they could kill as they wanted, beat up as they wished, never once seeing the people here as human at all.

Although the Middle Realm was powerful, but that was not what made them behave so imperiously and act completely without any scrupules.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her gaze, where she took her eyes off the interior of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

The little black cat was snuggled inside Jun Wu Xie’s arms, the tip of its nose quivering slightly, its eyes suddenly flashed with a strange glint.

When everyone came to the top floor of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, they saw the entire room adorned with blood red sheer silk, the white fox skin rugs that covered the floor entirely were scattered with rose petals, and an alluring fragrance permeated the surrounding air. A group of good looking young men dressed in light and thin clothes were seated on one side playing music while another group of men with their clothes not covering their bodies completely were kneeling around the long lounge chair.

Upon the long lounge, Qu Xin Rui was dressed in a bright red dress, her long elegant shapely legs faintly discernable under the dress, one foot held in the hands of an effeminate looking man, kissing it gently.

Qu Xin Rui’s head was rested on one hand as she leaned back upon the lounge chair. When she saw the group of men walking in, she did not get up in the slightest. Her legs exposed to the sight of the men merely shifted slightly, further revealing more flesh, without showing the slightest sense of shame.

However, all the men in the group did not dare cast another glance her way, but fell down to their knees, to offer their greetings.

Only Jun Wu Xie alone, stood upright among them.

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