GDBBM – Chapter 1029

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Chapter 1029: “Birthday Banquet (4)”

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Qu Ling Yue’s mind was in a whirl and it was a while before she managed to regain her senses. And when she opened her eyes to look, she nearly fainted away in shock once more.

[She….. She….. She was actually….. In Jun Xie’s….. arms!]

In that instant, Qu Ling Yue’s mind went completely blank. She was in a hapless fluster as she struggled to “escape” out of Jun Xie’s embrace, her face flushed a bright red, her expression almost tearing up, so embarrassed she almost sobbed on the spot.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie looked at Qu Ling Yue, feeling greatly puzzled, as she was confronted by such a reaction like she had not seen before.

She had just reached out reflexively, and because both her and Qu Ling Yue were girls, she thought that there wasn’t anything to it.

However, Jun Wu Xie had forgotten that she was at that moment, dressed as a boy. Her actions earlier, had not just to Qu Ling Yue alone, but had also made Qu Wen Hao, Xiong Ba, and Qing Yu show strange looks on their faces.

Especially Xiong Ba, the look he was looking at Jun Wu Xie with was looking a little ambiguous.

“Cough, thank you Young Master Jun.” Qu Wen Hao said, glancing at Qu Ling Yue who had run to hide behind him with a swoosh. Although he had just met Jun Xie, but he highly admired Jun Xie’s steady and calm demeanor. When he saw the bumbling bashfulness his own daughter was exhibiting at that moment, as one who had been through it himself, how could Qu Wen Hao not know what kind of thoughts Qu Ling Yue was hiding?


Jun Xie’s cold and indifferent personality made it very hard for people to tell whether he felt the same way towards Qu Ling Yue.

But if they really had similar feelings for each other, Qu Wen Hao would be glad if that was the case. Having heard both Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue both praising Jun Xie to the skies, and after having seen the youth in the flesh, Qu Wen Hao was highly satisfied with what he saw.

Besides being just a little small in size, they was nothing else not to like about the boy.

But youths like them were still not fully grown up and the boy would require another round of review sooner or later.

Jun Wu Xie would never in her dreams have thought, her earlier simple act of assistance, would stir up such a big issue, that would cause Qu Wen Hao to start seeing her as a “prospective son-in-law”. If she knew Qu Wen Hao’s thoughts then, it would have driven Jun Wu Xie completely speechless.

Qu Ling Yue was feeling so highly embarrassed that she was not able to even look at Jun Xie at all. She stood panting slightly behind Qu Wen Hao, her mouth slightly parted, her limpid eyes covered over with a shimmering sheen of tears.

[What had she just done?] [Why must she do something so embarrassing in front of Jun Xie?] [Young Master Jun would surely despise her now!]

The heart of the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City was almost on the verge of breaking down.

Lin Feng discreetly observed Qu Ling Yue’s reaction, hating Jun Xie right down to the bones. His eyes were red and bloodshot with suppressed rage, holding it down with every single ounce of his willpower, that was stopping him from charging straight at the youth.

Just at that moment, the doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers opened slowly. A good looking young man dressed in red clothes stood inside with his chin slightly lifted as his gaze swept over the crowd of people waiting outside.

“The Great Aunt has ordered that all of you can go in now.” Immediately after saying that, he turned and went inside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers without saying another word, like he was oblivious to the identities of all the men standing outside.

In regards to the favoured man’s arrogance and impudence, the group of men reacted like they were already used to such treatment, and none of them said a word about it.

Qu Wen Hao nudged Qu Ling Yue and Qu Ling Yue went red faced, taking one step towards the doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. She lowered her head as she slowly came before the doors and knelt down. “Ling Yue sends her greetings to the Great Grand Aunt and I wish Great Grandaunt happiness as great as the East Sea, longevity like the Southern Mountains.”

There wasn’t a single sign of anyone behind those open doors, and there wasn’t a single sound that came back.

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