GDBBM – Chapter 1031

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Chapter 1031: “Birthday Banquet (6)”

“Our respects to the Great Aunt.” Under the chorus of greetings from the group of men, Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving from her spot, and Qu Xin Rui’s gaze fell upon the youth.

The devilish looking pair of eyes swept over the figure of Jun Xie standing conspicuously in front, and Qu Xin Rui’s eyes narrowed slightly, her lips curling up into a faint smile.

She had sent people to investigate into Jun Xie’s background prior to this and had seen a portrait of the youth. She had thought that the figure in the portrait could at most be seen as delicately attractive looking and Qu Xin Rui had been rather disappointed. But when she saw Jun Xie in the flesh now, she was suddenly pleasantly surprised.

The face that still did not yet show full maturity was though not exactly outstanding, but upon that not too exceptional looking face, it was graced with a pair of eyes that captured your soul!

Like the icy waters of winter lakes, chilling and deep.

Having been used to seeing good looking young men around her, Qu Xin Rui was in that instant immediately attracted by Jun Xie’s eyes.

Qu Xin Rui completely ignored all the others who were kneeling upon the ground and just stared  at Jun Xie standing upright before her and said: “Will this Young Master here, be the one that the others here address as Jun Xie?”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Qu Xin Rui. Qu Xin Rui was gorgeous looking and her skin was smooth and firm. She could not find a single sign of aging no matter where she looked. However you looked at her, she would be at most just slightly over twenty years old. But the age she looked like, was not even a fraction of her actual real age.

Jun Wu Xie knew that upon attaining the Purple Spirit, a person’s looks would recover some of the aging slightly, but that slight change would not be enough to let a saggy old woman regain their youth completely, to turn into a twenty year old young lady in her prime.

When Qu Xin Rui attained her Purple Spirit, her hair had already turned completely white and she was an old granny close to a hundred years old. But when she came back to the Thousand Beast City, she had transformed into an gorgeous looking young lady of twenty something, her looks no different from how she looked when she was younger. But that drastic change, had instead seemed very strange.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes slightly, and said in an unaffected tone: “The humble Jun Xie, wishes Miss Qu good health.”

To make Jun Wu Xie address Qu Xin Rui as a Great Aunt, you might as well kill her then.

Jun Xie’s address of Miss Qu, almost caused Qu Wen Hao and the rest kneeling upon the ground to suffer a heart attack. In the entire Thousand Beast City, no one had dared address Qu Xin Rui in that manner!

Lin Feng was secretly sniggering in his heart, waiting to see Qu Xin Rui show her rage against Jun Xie for that disrespect.

However, Qu Xin Rui had after a brief pause of surprise, suddenly laughed out loud. That sound had not exhibited the slightest tinge of rage but had instead been filled with delight.

“Young Master Jun is really good with his words. At my age, how can I be addressed as a Miss? The term, Miss, has not been heard by me for over a hundred years.” The corners of Qu Xin Rui’s mouth were curled up in a smile, the ends of her eyes lifted slightly, seemingly in a rather good mood.

Under the Heavens, not a single female would be pleased to be addressed to be older than they were. Even Qu Xin Rui who was already an old woman over a hundred years old but had changed her appearance to look like this, removing all signs of age and the passage of time from her body, would be deemed a person highly concerned about her looks and age.

And Jun Wu Xie’s address of her as a Miss, had made Qu Xin Rui highly pleased, instead of anger.

Although Jun Wu Xie did not know much about interaction between people, but she had heard that women usually had such a preference from someone.

“When I heard that Wen Hao had praised you as being young and highly talented, and that you cured the lass Ling Yue’s injuries, as their senior, I had naturally wanted to thank you. If Young Master Jun does not mind, then come sit here beside me.” Qu Xin Rui raised up a hand slightly, pointing at a low table nearest to her.

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