GDBBM – Chapter 1027

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Chapter 1027: “Birthday Banquet (2)”

Among those people, were the Clan Chiefs and their respective Deputies from the two other clans that Jun Wu Xie had not seen before. They saw Xiong Ba walking over and they nodded their heads at him as a form of greeting.

Lin Que and Lin Feng were there too and besides that father and son pair, Shangguan Yan had also followed them here. But the expressions on the faces of those three men did not look the least bit friendly. Since Jun Xie appeared there, Lin Feng’s eyes had been staring viciously and they had not moved away from Jun Xie once.

Jun Wu Xie was not bothered in the least by Lin Feng’s “watchful” eyes and it could even be said….. that Jun Xie did not even pay any heed to whether Lin Feng was even there.

“We will still need to wait a little while, nothing we can do but to wait.” Qing Yu said, staring at the tightly shut doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, like he was already used to such situations.

Xiong Ba then whispered to Jun Xie in a low voice: “That old hag does this every time. Everyone must have all arrived first and waited for a while outside these doors before they will be opened up for us to enter.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

As everyone continued to wait, Qu Wen Hao and Qu Ling Yue walked in, coming to the front of everyone there and everyone immediately knelt down and greeted: “Grand Chieftain! Young Grand Chief!”

“All rise please. Everyone arrived here early today making me the last one.” Qu Wen Hao’s face was filled with a gentle smile and his features looked rather similar to Qu Ling Yue’s, just with a more steely resolve. Qu Wen Hao was just barely forty years of age but the hair on both sides of his temple were already streaked with white. Although the smile on his face was gentle, it did not remove the wrinkles of worry at the corners of his eyes.”

Qu Ling Yue stood just behind her father and she nodded in greeting to the various uncles there before her gaze invariably fell onto the figure of Jun Xie standing just beside Xiong Ba. When she saw the figure that would be considered to be not tall, her clear and white face immediately showed a suspicious pink tinge involuntarily. She suddenly felt highly flustered and she immediately lowered her head, her hands tugging at her sleeves self consciously.

Lin Feng’s gaze had immediately upon Qu Ling Yue’s arrival, shifted from Jun Xie onto the figure of Qu Ling Yue. Since Qu Ling Yue came back to the Thousand Beast City, he had only seen her once when she just just entered through the city gates and due to the incident with the Devious Wyvern, he had been grounded at home to reflect on his actions, only having been allowed out of the house just today. Having not had any chances to see Qu Ling Yue for such a long time, Lin Feng had been anticipating to have a good chat with Qu Ling Yue here today but now, the situation had instead turned out like this.

After Qu Ling Yue arrived here, she had not even spared him a single glance, not even from out of the corner of her eyes. Her gaze had been fixed onto Jun Xie all this time and they had even showed the innocent bashfulness of a little girl.

When that shy and bashful gaze was seen by Lin Feng’s eyes, it cut him like a sharp blade had been sliced deeply across his heart.

If it was said that Lin Feng had initially just suspected whether Qu Ling Yue held other intentions towards Jun Xie previously, and he had only just been making a wild guess, then after having seen the kind of gaze that Qu Ling Yue was looking at Jun Xie with today, he was almost totally convinced that Qu Ling Yue’s heart held affections for Jun Xie!

That was a situation that Lin Feng found absolutely intolerable.

He stared viciously at Jun Xie, wishing to skin Jun Xie alive and break his bones. He really could not understand, just what Qu Ling Yue saw in a boy that was so skinny and ordinary looking.

Jun Xie was obviously inferior to him in every aspect but why had Qu Ling Yue totally disregarded him and instead become fond of that brat?

Unwilling to accept it, a strong jealousy burned up in Lin Feng’s chest. His hands clenched into fists and he clenched his jaw, slicing and slashing Jun Xie a thousand times in his mind.

Qu Wen Hao shared a few more polite lines with the various Clan Chiefs and then walked over to stand right before Xiong Ba. He pretended to have his gaze sweep past Xiong Ba unconsciously to fall upon the figure of Jun Xie, like he had suddenly just discovered the youth and said: “This, should be our Little Brother Jun right?”

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