GDBBM – Chapter 438-439

Ta Daaaa~

Chapter 438 Regular Happy Dose

Chapter 439 brought to you by Kathy Grimes

Let’s get ready sparklers in hand, ready, get set, go! Let’s write air words really quickly and take a pic! *Thank you Kathy Grimes* in golden letters…

Let’s thank our wonderful supporter Kathy Grimes for bringing you this extra dose of happiness!

*humming Christmas carols*

Time passes so quickly… hope you got all your gifts… or else, happy squeezing with the crowd for all the last minute shopping! (*shifty eyes… erm..yup, that’s me..hee..managed to grab a couple presents more.. just forgot the most important thing…tape.. ugh..)


*jingle bells*

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  1. Zeth says:

    Thank you very much!!

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