GDBBM – Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: “A Stubborn Fool (6)”

When Fan Jin got back to the bamboo grove, Fan Zhuo was still sound asleep. He sat down for a long while outside the hut in the yard until Jun Xie came out from his room. He hurried over to catch up with Jun Xie and told him that Fan Qi had agreed to allow him to treat Fan Zhuo condition.
Those same words, were coincidentally overheard by Ah Jing who was just returning from the academy as well. At that moment, Ah Jing suddenly fell into dejection.
Having officially taken over Fan Zhuo’s treatment, Jun Wu Xie no longer kept mum on Fan Zhuo’s daily welfare. The first thing she changed was Fan Zhuo’s daily meals. She changed the meals from normal food to medicinal cuisine. Then, she went to Fan Zhuo’s room, and in one big sweep, she gathered up all the medicines and elixirs in there and threw them all out.
Her outrageously bold actions drove a twitch into the corner of Fan Jin’s eye and he secretly retrieved all the thrown all medicines and elixirs, which by the way, were all rare and incredibly expensive, in preparation for any unexpected situations.
Fan Zhuo’s body was not able to withstand any traumatic stimulations, in both the method of treatment employed for his illness, and the tonics given to fortify his body. Moreover, in the severely weakened state his body was in at that moment, any tonic in his body might adversely become a burden on Fan Zhuo.
One other thing bothered Jun Wu Xie about Fan Zhuo’s condition, and that was the circumstances surrounding Fan Zhuo’s relapse this time round.
Based on past experience, she felt that it was not simply just a relapse this time. From what she had observed on the condition of Fan Zhuo’s body and the kind of nursing he had received previously, which would not cure him, but she was nevertheless certain that it was enough to allow Fan Zhuo to maintain the condition of his health without any surprises for a long period. But Fan Zhuo’s sudden and violent relapse made her feel there was more to it than meets the eye.
Jun Wu Xie had checked Fan Zhuo’s daily menu and went through the medicines, elixirs, and tonics that Fan Zhuo consumed on a daily basis, but had not found anything that would pose to be a problem.
To gain a deeper insight, Jun Wu Xie summoned Ah Jing. Fan Jin followed closely behind, and warned Ah Jing with his eyes glaring, to cooperate.
Ah Jing had no choice but to relate in detail what Fan Zhuo had eaten and consumed recently and even brought Jun Wu Xie and Fan Jin to the kitchen to check on the food stored there. What Fan Zhuo had been served the past two days were no different from normal.
Jun Wu Xie asked how often did Fan Zhuo suffer from his relapses and the answers told her nothing out of the ordinary.
There wasn’t a pattern to Fan Zhuo’s relapses. Sometimes it happened once a month, sometimes it happened once a week, there was no sequence to it.
Seeing all the leads were all about broken, Jun Wu Xie did not inquire further, and started to prepare things she needed to nurse Fan Zhuo back to health.
Specifically targeting Fan Zhuo’s condition, Jun Wu Xie intended to use a two pronged approach. Medicinal cuisine would be used to nurse his body from internally, and externally, medicinal baths would be used to boost the effects coupled with daily acupuncture on Fan Zhuo.
Fan Zhuo was initially rather puzzled by Fan Jin’s arrangements and was finding it a little to come to terms with having Jun Xie treat his illness. But after hearing Fan Jin’s explanation, Fan Zhuo understood Fan Jin’s rationale, turned to thank Jun Xie for saving him, and was extremely receptive of the arrangements Jun Xie had planned for him.
Time flew and five days passed quickly. These five days to Fan Zhuo, had him feeling it was the most comfortable time he had spent in a long time. The usual pain felt in his body had gradually disappeared and some colour had returned to his face. His complexion might not be as pink as a normal youth, but Fan Zhuo looked more energized than before.
Ah Jing would frequently urge Fan Zhuo to beware of this and that time and time again, but Fan Zhuo ignored Ah Jing’s urgings completely.
When he saw that Fan Zhuo and Jun Xie were getting closer and closer by the day, Ah Jing’s fists suddenly clenched tightly, as he sent out his ring spirit, carrying a little note with it.
In the other end of the academy, Yin Yan was standing by the window in his room within the dormitory, reading a little note he had just received. The corners of his mouth curled up into a chilling smile and he took quick steps as he walked out of the dormitory building. He secretly gathered several disciples of the Zephyr Academy together in a dark corner, and whispered schemingly to all of them.
A storm was brewing in the Zephyr Academy and the peaceful and tranquil little bamboo grove, was about to lose its peace and quiet.


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