Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Running on the count of three

Xiao Ru looked forward with a puzzled look and saw that there was a bunch of people gathered together in front of her.  She remembered that there clearly wasn’t this many people last time.

“Xiao Ru, on the count of three, turn around and run!”

Chen Ning did not say anything else and just pulled Xiao Ru as she ran away.

But they didn’t make it in time since someone in the crowd had already noticed them.  They pointed at the girls and said, “It’s them!”

Then those people were just like a large black cloud as they rushed over to the girls.

Chen Ning and Xiao Ru did not make run far before the crowd caught up to them and surrounded them.

It’s over, we can’t run.

Chen Ning stopped moving and decided to face everything head on.

She slowly turned around and cupped her hands at a panting old man.  She smiled and gave a greeting.

“Old uncle, we haven’t seen each other in two days.  You seem to be in high spirits and seem much healthier.”

This old man was the man carrying the basket of eggs from two days ago that had been stopped by her.  After listening to her eloquent words, he was so satisfied that he had given her ten silver coins as thanks.

So when she saw this old man in the distance surrounded by all these people, her heart skipped a beat.  Her intuition told her that this was bad and she tried to run, but she never thought that she would be unable to escape.

Her first reaction was that something had happened the old man’s son, so he brought all these people to take his revenge on her.

But since she could not escape, she could only move forward one step at a time and try to delay as long as possible.

The old man was winded after running and once he caught his breath, he put his hands on his hip and looked at Chen Ning with a fierce expression.

“Hey, I say young miss, why are you running?  Do you think we’re tigers and lions coming to eat you!”

Chen Ning giggled and said, “Old uncle you’ve misunderstood.  I saw that you had come, so I wanted to go woodwork shop next door to get a bench for you to sit on.”

She lied without even blinking an eye.

But that old man was not fooled and he gave a loud snort.

Chen Ning continued to smile as her eyes swept across the crowd in front of her, “Are these all your relatives old uncle?”

“They’re not.”  The old man shook his head and said, “They’re all here for you!”

“For me?”  Chen Ning was surprised.  She gave a bitter smile and said, “I have never met them before, so why are they looking for me?”

Her heart whispered.

If these people were truly the old man’s relatives that came for revenge, even if everybody hit her once, she would still be in for a lot of trouble.

“Divine fortune telling girl, we’re here to get our fortunes calculated!”

A large man sticking out his chest said in a rough and loud voice.  If he was a bell, his sound would ring out very clearly.

“That’s right.  Divine fortune telling girl, old man He tells us that your fortune telling is very effective.  Can you calculate my fortune for me?”  A thin monkey like middle aged man said.

“We have already waited her for two days and have finally met the divine fortune telling girl.”

“That’s right.  Divine fortune telling girl, help us calculate our fortunes!”

The crowd surrounded Chen Ning as the all rushed forward, all of them saying something.


Chen Ning’s eyes couldn’t help rolling back in her head as she gave a bitter smile in her heart.

When she saw the way the crowd acted earlier, she could not tell that they were here to get their fortunes read.  They clearly looked like they wanted her life.  She was so scared that her legs almost went numb.

“You guys, wait a minute.  Let this old man talk with the divine fortune telling girl for a bit.”

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