Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Revealing one’s hand

That old uncle surnamed He raised both hands to quiet everyone down.  Then he turned around and looked at Chen Ning with a smile on his face, while he was stroking his beard.

“Divine fortune telling girl, it’s like this.  When you helped me calculate Quan Zi’s fortune, this old man was honestly doubtful about what you said and did not believe you.”

Chen Ning nodded and just smiled without saying anything.  She continued to listen to him.

“But, for things like fortune telling, one should try to believe.  So when this old man got home, I changed my son’s name.  I use the “earth” character as young miss suggested and added the name into the genealogy records.  Then in the middle of the night, my son began to cry again, making so this old man could not sleep.  Then I thought of the method young miss suggested and added a little yellow dirt into some water for him to drink.  I never would have thought that after he drank the water, he would sleep all the way until dawn and he slept so peacefully.  This was something that had never happened before.”

Old uncle He spoke up to here and then began to laugh.  Then he continued saying.

“This old man was pleasantly surprised and told this matter to all my neighbours and relatives.  None of them would believe me and they all said that this old man had met a swindler.  This old man would not back down, so he brought all of them to find divine fortune telling young miss, so that young miss could show them your skills.  I never would have thought even after waiting a whole day, young miss would not show up.  They all said that they did not believe this old man and all said that young miss was a swindler.”

Chen Ning nodded and said, “And then what happened?”  Her eyes swept over the crowd around her.

She saw that some had looks of shame, some had mocking smiles, and some just raised their eyebrows.  She had an idea of how things were.

“This old man did not want to argue with them.  They didn’t believe in divine fortune telling girl’s skills, but this old man believed.  So, this old man brought them here early in the morning and have finally caught you, divine fortune telling girl.  Miss, if you don’t show your skills soon, this old man will be treated as an old fool by everyone here!”

After he finished talking, old uncle He’s eyes swept across the crowd and he gave a deep snort.

So the situation was like this.

Chen Ning gave a gentle exhale and then she turned, smiling as she looked at the crowd.

“It seems like you’re all here to get your fortunes told?”


Everyone nodded.

“But with this many people here, who should I start with?”  Chen Ning knit her brows and revealed an awkward expression.

Once the crowd heard this, they exploded like a heated pot.

“Start with me, start with me!”

“I came first, so let me go first!”

“I’m the one that came first!”

They all argued until their faces turned red and they seemed like they were about to start fighting.

Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile and then said in a loud voice, “Everyone please calm down, listen to me first.”

Once she spoke, everyone immediately closed their mouths.  The noisy crowd suddenly became quiet.

Countless eyes stared at her, waiting for her to talk.

At this moment, other than the people here to get their fortunes told, there were many people standing off on the side watching them.  The crowd had completely blocked up the road and several stand owners began to complain.

While everyone watched she calm spoke in a voice as gentle as water.

“Everyone, this is the downtown business street and us staying here is blocking the road.  It’s not good for us to disturb other people’s businesses, so why don’t we move to somewhere less crowded.  Then everyone can line up and I’ll tell your fortunes one by one, alright?”

She pointed at a corner to the side.

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