Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Stealing money and stealing one’s body

Xiao Ru’s face suddenly turned white with fear and she clinged to Chen Ning’s sleeves.  She said in a trembling voice, “Young, young, young miss, who, who, who are they?”

Chen Ning already had an idea in her mind and couldn’t help giving a silent sigh.

It really is what one fears will happen.

The so called highest tree attracting the wind was not false at all.

She had just shown herself and she had already been marked by a gang of ruffians.

They probably wanted to cause trouble for her for a while, but there were too many people earlier.  So, they waited until the two of them were alone to suddenly show up and trap them here.

“Don’t be scared Xiao Ru, they are just here to rob us.  As long as we give them our money, we will be fine.”

Chen Ning patted the back of Xiao Ru’s hand to calm her down.

She considered her options.  There were many people here and they were all men.  Although she knew a bit of martial arts, there were too many people here.  She could not take down all these ruffians by herself.

She originally wanted to go with her fallback plan which was to first capture the king.  If she captured the pockmarked face leader, then the rest of the little lackeys would all scatter away.

But the pockmarked man was very smart, he was standing high up commanding his subordinates.  He let her see him, but he stayed out of her reach.

Weighing the pros and cons, Chen Ning finally decided to avoid the bad situation.

Because for trouble that could be solved with money, it wasn’t called trouble at all.

When the pockmarked face man heard what Chen Ning said, he laughed and said, “Seems like this little girl is quite smart.  Since you know what this master wants, then just obediently take out your money.”

But Xiao Ru tightly held onto her purse and used an angry gaze to stare at the ruffians who slowly moved forward.

This was the money that the young miss worked hard to make.  If she let it be taken away like this, she would feel quite unsatisfied.

A ruffian grabbed the purse and forcefully began to pull.  He then snapped, “Give it to me!”

Xiao Ru gritted her teeth and did not let go.

Chen Ning said, “Xiao Ru, give them the money.”

“No, young miss, this is the money you worked hard to make, we can’t give it to them!”  Xiao Ru’s eyes turned red as if she was about to cry.

“Aiyo, this little girl looks quite beautiful, why don’t you come and play with these masters!”

The ruffians looked at Xiao Ru’s cute face and revealed an enchanted expression.  They all circled around Xiao Ru and completely ignored Chen Ning on the side.

Xiao Ru couldn’t help trembling from her fright.

Two ruffians reached out and rubbed Xiao Ru’s face and waist.  Xiao Ru gave a scream and retreated into a corner.  She had no choice but to let go of the purse.

But the two ruffians did not take back their hands and grabbed Xiao Ru’s wrist, pulling her in.

“Hey, you already got your money, so let her go.  Are you actually not only stealing money, but also stealing other people’s bodies!”

Chen Ning knit her brows and stretched out her right hand to push them away.  She pushed away the ruffian grabbing Xiao Ru’s wrist and then stood in front of Xiao Ru.

Xiao Ru was so scared that her face turned green and her lips went white.  She wasn’t even able to cry.

“That’s right, we masters aren’t just here for money, we’re also here to take your bodies!  But you’re too ugly for us masters and the girl behind you is quite beautiful.  If you leave the little girl behind, you can leave right now!”

The pockmarked man was also staring at Xiao Ru’s body.

Although Xiao Ru’s body still had not developed yet, with her beautiful face and crystal like skin, she was just like a blooming flower.  She was already very seductive.

Chen Ning’s face turned sinister like it was covered in a layer of frost.

These ruffians were going too far.

Even if she couldn’t beat them, she still would not let them bully Xiao Ru!

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